Since a round's 6 seconds, it's not unreasonable to say it has time to look at everyone at least once. Those lucky enough to survive an umber hulk attack often remember precious little of the incident, thanks to the umber hulk’s mind-scrambling gaze. Any creature can bring grappled creatures with them during movement.

Remove white line in painted multirow tabular, Why does the VIC-II duplicate its registers? Once the cleric, the monk and the lock were down, the wizard and I (swashbuckler Rogue who’d almost killed 1 by myself) just threw our hands in the air and gave up.

The only thing that makes the umber hulk unique from a combat perspective is its Confusing Gaze. When a creature starts its turn within 30 feet of the umber hulk and is able to see the umber hulk's eyes, the umber hulk can magically force it to make a DC 15 Charisma saving throw, unless the umber hulk is incapacitated. Just to be clear, every single of my players (including paladin) dumped charisma, so they had it coming. Based on its ability contour, the umber hulk is a straightforward brute: extraordinary Strength, very high Constitution, comparatively lower (though still above-average) Dexterity; its mental abilities are unremarkable. Making a return to the classic monster that everyone knows and loves, this Hulk has all the usual claw/claw/bites that have made him famous over the years, but also features a slightly more powerful Confusing gaze that an leave foes unsure of what has happened after a match.

But there’s no decision to be made there. Since then, he has moved his home multiple times around, but never leaving elven territory. Umber hulks have huge mandibles, with small, sharp spiked poking out of them. On a 5 or 6, the creature takes no action but uses all of its movement to move in a random direction. Any goods that have no use are discarded, and even the bodies of allies can serve as something useful. Is the nucleus smaller than the electron? Their eyes are usually, yellow, although some umber hulks exist with green or red eyes. On a 5 or 6, the creature takes no action but uses all its movement to move in a random direction.
Unless surprised, a creature can avert its eyes to avoid the saving throw at the start of its turn. Umber hulks tend to be very self-reliant. Confusing Caze. On a failed saving throw, the creature can't take reactions until the start of its next turn and rolls a d8 to determine what it does during that turn. Whatever the cause, umber hulks are determined to prove themselves in any fitting society. On a 1 to 4, the creature does nothing. The grappler and grappled creature are no longer within reach. On a failed saving throw, the creature can't take reactions until the start of its next turn and rolls a d8 to determine what it does during that turn.

Minor point – the Hulk is only described as bursting out of (through) the wall, not the floor like you mention. According to early writings, they are recorded as one o the oldest creatures in the cosmos, meaning they were likely made by one of the creator god races as an early life form. If a simpler method works, they will not get more complicated. The sound is guttural if it has a at rr the end, such is the only sound they can make from their throat, or if the sound is tk, it means that the umber hulk was clicking with its mandibles. The save DC is Charisma-based. Lead prey into dead-end tunnels and collapse it behind them, that sort of thing. This solemn realization weakens them, when acting in society they are meek, sullen, and quiet, having lost all of their fierce nature and many of their special traits, such as having a magically confusing gaze. Small alters are carved by the weapons for devotion to each umber hulk's insect gods. Orcs remark that a strange creature aims to foil their invasions into the elven cities, and it itself is not an elf, but rather some large, hulking form.

Claw. Multiattack.
This does not mean they are always submissive, however, as many hulks can turn on masters on a dime. This language includes a huge dialect of clicks and guttural noises.

To be a member of a race that favors the fighter, barbarian or warden classes. The wall caved in.

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