The two reunite under a tree after keeping their promise. Papa says that he was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but they have no choice. Papa and the Vice Chairman sit on Cosmos and Papa says that the Klaxosaur Princess chose to go down the path of annihilation. At Cosmos, the 9’s arrive and Alpha announces he has some interesting information. She asks him if he took her t Plantation 13 to reunite her with Hiro. They say that there exists a form of pleasure that is gentle and perpetual that they will experience. Papa says that, if they can't have it, then it can go down along with the planet and they will return to their original roles. 9'α coolly adds that humans have also cast away their tendency to be ruled by emotions like her since it serves no purpose. Alpha tells them that Papa said they were dangerous and need to be re-indoctrinated. Zero Two breaks Delphinium's helmet and Ichigo demands Zero Two get her act together as she headbutts her. Ikuno is just about to lash out at 9'α again but Goro and Ichigo restrain her as they fear she might get herself into trouble. The 9’s then announce they will be staying with the squad at Mistilteinn as instructed by Papa, much to the squad's dismay. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 9'γ says that it wasn't what Papa wanted and that Hachi and Nana should have told them about it. He has disdain towards humans and is openly confused of their behavior, such why they eat candy, sleep, and most of all why they kiss. An announcer says that a klaxosaur pack is headed towards Gran Crevasse. Alpha replies not all but only two and tells Hachi to sit back and watch like he always does before hanging up. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Smiling, she thanks him for creating her and helping her meet Hiro. They let Zero Two go alone with Ichigo and Goro. Dr. FRANXX says he'll go as well. He connects to her consciousness. For example, the triplets share the same long, waist-length hair with Zero Two, while 9'δ shares the same bangs as Zero Two. Alpha is deeply offended and tells her not to talk down on Papa. He demands an explanation from Kokoro since was the one who dropped it. Two of the Nines, Delta and Epsilon, are brutally murdered by VIRM beasts, sending Alpha into a paranoid rage. Nana added they still monitored them through that month and knew what Kokoro was trying to do with Mitsuru. Kanji Goro suddenly stops. 001 tells her child to awaken since they're nearly there. Episode 12: The Garden Where It All Began. Alpha praises 090 for doing great in human standards but the 9’s will take over so 090 can sit back and chill in the rear. Alpha says they don’t need food but need maintenance. Papa says that if the klaxosaur princess took over the implanting process, they programmed it to explode. Zero Two, with a devious grin, invites Hiro to "talk lots and lots". He was partnered with 9’ζ and piloted a FRANXX called 9 Model. Papa orders them to be eliminated due to their failure but Squad 13 rescues them and hides them in Mistilteinn. Kokoro shared that it made her happy learn so, but is interrupted by 9'α calling her disgusting for defying Papa. Alpha accompanies Dr. FRANXX to meet Hiro after Zero Two is officially enrolled into Squad 13. He states gender isn't just a pain that's tolerated to operate the FRANXX. When they reach Strelizia Apus, they are attacked by a massive VIRM soldier, and they are unable to land a direct blow on it. 's cells, though they did not inherit her, are female), they can take on both stamen and pistil roles when piloting the. Hiro watches Zero Two attack a klaxosaur. Darling in the Franxx Saison 1 streaming épisode 9 L'histoire se déroule dans un univers où la Terre n'est plus qu'un immense désert balayé par les vents. They kill more klaxosaurs, but are attacked and killed by VIRM. Hiro looks up to see Zero Two's ship. The FRANXX struggle against the klaxosaurs' large numbers. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Ikuno says it looks like a human. Dr. FRANXX finishes that the other form consumed that energy and evolved physically and stopped mingling with one another and lost their intelligence. Ichigo commands everyone to protect Strelizia since it's the only one that can kill the klaxosaur. She remembers him getting attacked and begins crying. Hiro sadly watches from the control room. The squad is thankful to Zero Two but are interrupted by a siren. He shows this side of him again when the subject of forbidden knowledge, such as emotion and reproduction, from the outside world is brought up. A large klaxosaur hand suddenly shoots up from the Gran Crevasse. He credits Hiro for teaching him what it means to be human but his home is the battlefield. Deceased (Anime)Alive (Manga) Zero Two is also guarded and prevented from leaving her room. Gorilla says that the magma energy is part of the planet's resources that saved humans from ruin. Zero Two's horns break and Hiro hugs her. Squad 13 bumps into the 9's at the garden when they return to take tests. Zero Two walks along looking for Hiro. However, after Zero Two consciously merges with Strelizia to fight VIRM, Alpha offers to help rescue her and, before his death, he asked Hiro to give his regards to her. She said watching Squad 13 go about their lives made her feel so irritated. Alpha then states he has taken a liking to Hiro. When 9'α marvels at how long Zero Two has coexisted for with a human squad, Ichigo retorts that the special forces 'have not been taught basic etiquette '. 9’ζHiro (Temporarily)9’δ (Manga) Hachi comes down the steps and watches. He compliments 090 saying he did well for human standards. Reject that, and they all have to go back to conforming to one gender. She says a long time ago, when they were attacked by invaders from the expanse of space, they fought and drove them off and then holed up in the earth to prepare. 4. Vice Chairman announces that it is VIRM's will for star energy, which is a mass of life that could disturb the universe's peace. In the hallway, the 9’s mock the squad for erroneously thinking they are special. The three fall to the ground. When his carefree exterior is shredded, Alpha is shown to be sarcastic and has a smug attitude, considering Parasites who are not of the elite level to be good-for-nothings. 9'α notes that it covers things that Papa hadn't taught anyone. Goro tells him not to be sad because they'll be fine. Miku cries while eating, and 9'δ asks why. 8. 9'α leans in and kisses Ichigo's hand without warning, causing her to blush and getting himself a ticking from Goro. The next day during duties, Hiro and Mitsuru have a chat at the lake. When he first meets Hiro, he exhibits an easygoing attitude and is shown to be highly intelligent. 090 whispers that they're counting on Squad 13 before he and his squad self-destruct. Ichigo scolds Zero Two and asks if she wants to lie to him again. When Zorome questions them, he is hit with a gun. Upon being freed from the Klaxosaur Princess’ control, Delta and Alpha join Squad 13 in the siege of the Gran Crevasse to help Hiro rescue Zero Two. Alpha ultimately turns against Papa and joins the fight against the VIRM. At Cerasus's internal briefing room, Hachi explains that their objective is to take control of Gran Crevasse. They kiss and the bomb disintegrates. It breaks their program and begins attacking VIRM. Ichigo is amazed at the 9’s battle strategies and comments it’s like a lot of Strelizias. He is about to go after Zero Two, but Ichigo stops him, saying he'll turn into a monster. That evening, 9'δ wanders around the boarding house and runs into Kokoro. Luckily for her, 9'δ breaks her fall and explains she was exploring the place, telling Kokoro not to tell the other 9's about it. As it comes from underground the super Lehmann-class pushes Plantation 26 on its side and it begins to break. Ikuno coolly says that she's not surprised. She happily explains that their purpose in life isn't just to ride the FRANXX into battle but to carry new lives and leave them for the future too. He jokes he hopes Nana go back to doing their actual job instead of getting up to 'mischief with the doctor'. Squad 26 struggles against the klaxosaurs and Alpha saves one of them from getting killed. Zero Two leaves the plantation as Squad 13 watches her leave silently. After Nana's introduction, 9'α explains the 9's were at the garden for maintenance and guesses that Zero Two is too since she is a former Nine. On D-Day, at Bird Nest, Vice Chairman says that APE has always desired peace and prosperity for mankind. This was demonstrated when he flew into a rage after Delta and Epilson were killed by the Klaxosaur Princess. Although the Nines have genders (9'α, 9'β, 9'γ and 9'ε are male, while 9'δ, 9'ζ, 9'η, and 9'θ are female), they can take on both stamen and pistil roles when piloting the FRANXX. As Zero Two walks towards the ship she meets her former squadmates, the 9's. During his time with Squad 13, Alpha demonstrates that he is not completely incapable of having emotions; Ikuno notes that even the 9’s can feel compassion when he worried for Delta after she went missing. They are then accosted and killed by VIRM. Alpha has a mischievous side. Hiro returns to the hospital to find all his teammates unconscious and Zero Two attacking Ichigo. 665 116. The 6th united FRANXX company begins marching together. Alpha is loyal to his fellow 9’s comrades, and they seem to be the only people he sincerely cares about. Ichigo is amazed, saying it's like having a bunch of Strelizias. Merci de changer de langue pour tout visionner. They are unbound by any restrictions, including Plantation 13: Cerasus. That being said, he knows how to talk to the authoritarian Papa, and is able to listen to him and offer his own advice, handling all of the APE’s highly classified missions without complaint. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ec2cce8495228e6 Hachi explains that taking over Gran Crevasse is Papa's long-standing wish and would be a turning point in humanity's history. Japanese He wears a special Parasite uniform emblazoned with white and gold, instead of the typical gray uniforms that other Parasite squads use. In the manga, they seem more amiable; Kokoro puts herself in harms way to save Alpha from being pruned by hiding him in Mistlilteinn. Dr. FRANXX is disgusted with their choice. He openly admits how much he enjoys killing klaxosaurs and finds it to be exhilarating. Dr. FRANXX asks if Hiro finds Zero Two more beautiful than any human, pure, proud, and more alone than anyone like a klaxosaur. While Kokoro wonders who they are, Miku suggests 9'α looks 'hot'. For example, he was visibly angry at Kokoro for having a baby book in her possession and hearing her openly question the ideals the parasites grew accustomed to. 1x7 - Trêve sous les étoiles filantes. The 9’s each pierce through the dome and open the door to Gran Crevasse. Strelizia kills it, saving the FRANXX, and 9'α appears to take out more of them. Hiro apologizes and Ichigo cuts her thumb, so Hiro bandages it for her. 9'α comments it's strange she has it since it wouldn't have been provided in the library, and it definitely doesn't belong to her. At some point, the 9’s were created through Dr. FRANXX’s cloning research by using Zero Two’s blood and cell material. Hachi asks when the painful flashbacks started and Nana says a week ago. They confess their love for each other. When Ichigo suggests they go inside, she finds that Hiro is crying. This confuses the other parasites. Nana shows them a video where a large amount of klaxosaurs are. Eventually, Alpha credits Hiro for teaching him what it means to be human and doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself to save Hiro.

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