Anyone know of what's out there for anyone wanting to leave IT audit? Despite the lucrative bonus packages, on an hourly basis junior M&A Analysts are often making just £10 an hour … hardly worth writing home about. To help, we have plenty of tried-and-tested CV/Resume and application tips for newly-qualified accountants … and we’re trying our best to share many more on here for you guys as soon as possible [where we can find time in between our other jobs ]. FAQ – When to transfer from Audit to Transaction Services (TS)? If you apply for, Those high-performing peers of yours at the, The whole reason we started TheSwiftExit was because there was a. how to escape. Corporates within industry (e.g. Click here to Get Coached. And you know what traditional market theory says about lack of supply, but high demand, right? Any accounting roles that are comparable in salary require direct accounting experience. i love my job so far and i feel like i'm advancing and growing much faster than i was in public. “Risk something or forever sit with your dreams” – Herb Brooks. We’ve talked previously how recruiters have their own opposing agenda and might try to package finance roles as “strategic”, “commercial” or “close to the front office” when in fact they are just vanilla accounting roles. Archived. Audit Exit Opportunities – Case Study: How to move from Accounting to a tech start-up. But for now, I wanted to give you a flavour of a few of the, Straight out of Accounting, you could be acting as a, You could be helping develop, launch and review, New proposal & plan development including pitching to the, Managing crisis such as a recession and the, Corporates within industry (e.g. Articles in this mini-series include: In this article, we’re covering Big 4 Financial Due Diligence (FDD) – a subset of the Transaction Services (TS) department. Work life reality & client/senior exposure. What industry are you in?Are there no internal opportunities? i cannot take another screenshot or i will die. I moved to a different industry as a financial analyst, pay is comparable. I like the work itself in TS, but I really do not want to go back to audit. Get access to Spice up your CV/Resume | A Guide for Accounting & Audit Professionals; a 50+ page digital guide devoted to helping you execute the best moves of your career! No one tells you this stuff!”. Advisory careers with a company like KPMG can be extremely fruitful. I am currently a Senior Internal Auditor and am thinking about pivoting to a more Accounting focused role sooner than later. We’re confident that we can open your mind to so much more than where your peers are applying and give you the intel, confidence & tools to fast-track beyond accounting & audit. Has anyone here made a move out of Internal Audit? At some point in their career, almost every Accountant has a desire to move into something more strategic and/or commercialTransaction Services roles are idolized, and recruiters often mis-sell you vanilla accounting roles often playing on the goal of getting into Private Equity and/or becoming a C-Suite Executive. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. Yes, there may be exceptions to the rule. Instead, and as a young professional with an Accountancy qualification in your back pocket, it’s the perfect moment to bag your financial foundations and make a move to build up a more strategic & commercial skill set. move from Audit to Transaction Services / Transaction Advisory Services (TS). Like most of us who chose the Accountancy profession, you were probably told the myth of becoming CEO via the Accountancy route. Exit Options | Mapping the post-accounting & audit landscape. PE firms) on purely the financial aspects of the deal in question i.e. “You won’t find a more relevant impactful source of advice anywhere for getting out of accounting and audit. We’ve created a digital guide specifically to help those of you applying for more commercial & strategic roles. I landed an M&A role in a completely new sector to my previous experience and have literally doubled my salary. That’s exactly the type of roll I’m looking for, although I don’t expect I’d be able to go directly to a Controller position without actual accounting experience. In audit, your exit opportunities are a bit more diverse. FAQ – Should I decline interview opportunities for traditional Accounting & Reporting roles. Find out more about the Exit Options | A Guide to the Landscape. It was relatively simple to get the job offer and in my two years there I: Make no mistake, it was tough when I’d hear friends bragging about the big-named corporations they were working for. I'm in the consulting world having escaped IT audit, so more than happy to answer any questions or concerns. Knowing the full extent of exit opportunities available to you, how you are positioned relative to them, and the hurdles you might need to jump over, is the most effective way to plan your route in. Want personalised advice from one of our Co-Founders? In fact, some of these roles may have just as many people applying to them, but the dynamics of your competition will be different (and relatively easier to handle). FAQ – Should you leave Audit and Accounting before finishing your qualification? Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 | Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions, Break out of Accounting & Audit | Advice, Articles & Community | TheSwiftExit. With schools, colleges & universities up and down the country, there’s no shortage of need for Bursars. your strategic specialism would be in the accountancy world. Simply use the code “exit-options-loyalty-20%” at checkout. Nor are TAS, M&A and PE a sure-fire route to success. What firm are you at/what firms are the big players in that space? FMCG, Education, Oil & Gas, etc. 85% Upvoted. Did they teach you not to capitalize the first word of a sentence? Leave your comments below: Cancel reply. 1:1 Call or Coaching Packages from $65 “You won’t find a more relevant impactful source of advice anywhere for getting out of accounting and audit. You just have to step away from the herd and look in places your peers aren’t. I am currently a Senior Internal Auditor and am thinking about pivoting to a more Accounting focused role sooner than later. McKinsey, Bain, etc.) But generally, as you wouldn’t be involved in the entire deal lifecycle or strategy build, it will be hard to convince future employers of your project management / leadership skills and ability to build a detailed business case for acquisitions. And you can earn far better money for a unit of your time elsewhere at this stage of your career. hide. The in-house team leading the charge on an M&A “deal” or transaction has to deal with large deal teams comprising internal functions (HR, Legal, Compliance, Finance) and external advisors (Investment Banks, Law Firms, Accountants, etc.). A lot of the clients we coach ask about moving into more strategic & commercial roles after spending time in traditional accounting & audit, but don’t know where to start or even what opportunities exist …so-much-so that we’ve put together a map of the landscape of accounting exit opportunities, which I encourage you to check out! I work in Higher Ed. exit opportunities from accounting & audit, landscape of accounting exit opportunities, CV/Resume advice for Accountants/Auditors. But surely such roles are in high demand? And in the near term (and especially for those experiencing busy season at the Big 4!) Many of TheSwiftExit readers come to us convinced that they want to get into TS (and in fact we’ve helped many of them do so!). Moving divisions in the Big 4 ACA or AAT which ones better ? CV/Resume, Cover Letter, network outreach emails, your Linkedin profile) to dealing with recruiters, negotiating benefits packages, 1:1 coaching, interview prep and much more…, “After working with the Co-Founders through the Pro package, I’ve nailed a job I never thought I could get. In fact, the company will likely pay for Corporate Finance training of some kind when they get senior enough. Most auditors go into corporate accounting (senior accountants, (assistant) controllers, internal audit, or FP&A positions. I'm actually looking to get into that. Your email address will not be published. I was hoping to hear from folks who’ve made a similar transition and how they dealt with the experience issue. This particular post covered Big 4 Financial Due Diligence (FDD) – a subset of the Transaction Services (TS) department, with other roles coming soon! Any tips/advice would be appreciated. But, that’s IF you make it to Partner … You’ll need to be in the right team at the right time (and it’s hard relying on luck). someone with deep expertise in a specific industry area). I’ll be sure to cover each of these in detail at some point. Pwc graduate associate salary How hard do Partners work? With this guide, we’re confident we can put you ahead of the pack when it comes to strategic & commercial roles, open your mind to so much more than where your peers are applying, and give you the confidence and tools to fast-track beyond accounting & audit to a career that is more “you”. Yet there are more efficient and effective ways to get out of the finance weeds and up to the top…, Determine where you are on your career decision-making journey, Structure your approach at any stage of your career, Most people don’t spend enough time in Phase 1. And the employers seeking to fill these roles will be just the same. If you don’t know the full extent of commercial and strategic exit opportunities available to you, and where you are positioned relative to them, how can you plan your route into them? I’ll be sure to cover each of these in detail at some point. Similar to M&A (and the large majority of TS) FDD have nauseating and unpredictable work hours; when you have a project you could be, The Partners/Directors are the members of the team who ultimately. However, TS is not the silver bullet to achieving the “success” that you imagine. You could be helping develop, launch and review new products & services or deciding which clients to sell to and improving sales execution. What doors are they actually closing off? The 2 years spent at the consultancy were some of the best times I’ve ever had, and I look back on my time there fondly. Your email address will not be published. In fact, there are a range of highly-specific roles within TS that MAY NOT lead into more strategic career paths at all.

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