I live in an small economically depressed town about an hour out of Kansas City. Hogg: Walmart Must Stop Selling Guns and Ammo, Walmart Caves, Stops Selling Handgun and…, World Traveler Reports on Wisconsin Open Carry and…, CVA's Paramount Pro - Long Range Muzzleloader - SHOT…, Budget Rifle Showdown: Savage vs. Mossberg vs. Howa vs. CVA, Busting the Magnum Myth!

Equipped with a 28” barrel, the OPTIMA V2 is easy to maneuvers in the treestand and comfortable to carry in the
mountains. The fact that you used one powder at magnum levels, one primer, and only two different bullets shows your testing was not the most accurate of testing between the two guns. Just know if you do use BH 209, the 209 primers developed specifically for muzzeloaders will not be powerful enough, and that you should use standard magnum shotgun 209 primers such as CCI 209M as they will ensure a reliable ignition. Couple all of that with the fact that you can have a muzzleloader shipped to your door from online in most states, and you get a muzzleloader market that is something of a mess. Ease of loading is one of the marketing claims on the Powerbelts, and this one is true. You have to watch every penny when you’re on The Omega comes with a regular, blued barrel and plain black polymer stock. But they definately are easier to seat. Man and his special rifle. Article was great .. Most people consider 100 yards a long shot with a muzzleloader, but both of these guns performed at levels that exceed many cartridge guns. This article isn’t meant to be a head to head, winner takes all type of comparison, so though I am from New Hampshire, where TC got its start, please keep in mind that both of these guns performed very well and would be great choices for your deer season this fall. powder pellets, and primer for the muzzleloader, and for the snake gaiters that I bought from another outdoor Refuse to adapt & lower prices…. Add in CVA’s Quick-Release Breech Plug (which is finger removable), 100% ambidextrous stock, and a CrushZone® recoil pad, and you’ve got a gun with more quality features than any other muzzleloading rifle in its price range. I for one believe that you are better off dealing with the one you know and trust, and treat them with honesty and respect. Large, small, or inbetween they all provide for a certain shopper. Fast Shipping, Best Prices, Expert Advice! I personally would never exceed a manufacturer’s maximum load by 50 percent. yep… I agree, if you buy it at Wal-Mart, then come to me for advice on how to use it… I’ll probably send you back to Wal-Mart, and have them explain the gun to you… Don’t buy from them and “USE” me!!! I would be willing to bet that none of you have the same hate for Wal-Greens and yet it can be considered the precursor to the ‘big box store’ that you all despise so profoundly. Manufacturers, PARAMOUNT PRO Cerakote/Nitride - .45 Cal. Many times on long afternoons shooting my muzzleloaders I have forgotten to put the powder down the barrel before the bullet , requiring either a bullet puller or a removal of the breechplug to drive the round out. Your local gun dealer can also get you these guns, but because muzzleloaders can be bought online without a transfer dealer in most states, a lot of gun shops shy away from stocking brand new guns. My dad always said that a hundred great deeds makes a leader of men, but it only take one “oh s@$t” to wipe the slate clean again. I wont buy 1.. To make returning an item easy, contact our friendly customer service representatives toll free 1-855-236-5000. they are defiantly coming for your jobs!! 26" Threaded Barrel with Williams Peep Sight, PARAMOUNT Nitride/Green - .45 Cal. I’ll take care of my loyal customers, I don’t need a penny pincher for a customer. Sadly, I live in the gun banner’s paradise known as the The Franchise Tax Board, formerly known as People’s Republik of Kahlifornia, and the Walmarts here don’t sell guns. All OPTIMA V2 barrels are constructed of stainless steel, and are offered in either the standard stainless or with our state-of-the-art Nitride rust-proofing process. The local gun shop, or hardware store that buys 200 items a year from a source can not get the same bottom line price that someone like Wal-Mart, or Home Depot that buys in the thousands of items a year. Why do you use or even mention three pellet 150 grain loads? Just bring your credit card buddy… it’ll cost what it costs. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, you can return it to us for a refund or exchange within 30 days of delivery. Either way, your niggling quibbles and your silly, small-minded assertions are not going to save the world from the evil deeds of the oversized department store. The trigger guard unclips and the breechface cover drops down. - KonusPro 3-10x44 IR Scope and Case Outfit, ACCURA™ V2/LR TH SS NITRIDE/Realtree® MAX-1 HD® - .50 Cal. I don’t care what screw or what store.I have to shop where the price is nice or buying buying isn’t an option.I can get advice from books and online.Just like our Government Big money rules and will always steal what they want until everyone wakes up at the same time.Don’t think it will happen soon we have a obamanation. More than that won’t burn inside the barrel, because black powder burns so slow. How anyone can even think of supporting Walmart and their predatory business practices is beyond me.By the way, for the 1st time in history, Walmart is facing strikes from it’s own workforce.

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