Power output sees a little difference, as you’d expect. Good idea? Depending on the generation the frame is steel where on the normal FZ it is aluminum and the suspension is far more budget on the R. The horsepower is also a pretty big difference. I want to be sure i am not getting the lower rated engine. © Copyright TopSpeed. You can either buy the FZ6 (14k redline, about 90+ hp and small fairing) or you can buy a FZ6R (12K redline, about 72 hp and full plastic). The XJ6-F was sold in the US as the FZ6R, with some fairing differences. Would be for frequent street riding/commuting. It's still able to be ridden hard and is a lot of fun in the twisties.

Very comfortable bike to ride with great ergonomics.

I have a buddy who's looking at these bikes. Not much of a difference, and on the public roads you’re only going to be able to get away with so much speed in the first place, so the only difference is in how quickly you get to that speed.
Can't speak to the R but I love the Fz! Let’s dive in and see what the factory has in store for us. Perfect thanks alot man i know it was a newbie question but there is so much confusing info out there. FZ is a retuned engine to provide more torque at lower RPM's which makes it a good street bike, while R6 is tuned for max torque in high RPM's for the track. So if you go for the FZ6 because it has more horsepower, make sure you get a model year that isn't nerfed. That's really why I'm considering an fz6 honestly, there aren't a ton of aftermarket bikes, of either model, reasonably close, I don't want to be forced to compromise due to lack of options. In 2010, the FZ6 was replaced by the fully faired FZ6R in North America, and the XJ6 … Is the fz6r lacking in a center stand? Loudness isn't that big of a dealbreaker for me, honestly, I'm coming up from a 30 year old 250 so I'm used to having to deal with a quiet bike. The only noticable difference between the 2 that I can find is that the R has a fairing and the regular FZ6 does not. Das N darf in diesem Zusammenhang wohl als Abkürzung für naked verstanden werden.
Its powerband doesn't manifest until 12k+ rpms, so your going to be going up & down the gears alot on the street. Jump to: navigation, search. I wonder why they decided to downgrade to steel from aluminum for the FZ6r? Cast rims mount the 17-inch hoops with a 120/70 up front and 160/60 in back; almost part of the uniform for the sport sector. All that said, I know they pull slightly less power than the FZ6 used to, and looking at craigslist postings in the area I could easily snag and FZ6 for about the same or even less than then FZ6r. whenever I mention wanting an FZ, people often say "naw man you want the R6!" I'd give a vote in favor of the 6R, but I'm slightly biased :) (see flair). To my mind the FZ6 is a better built bike with better components (Alloy frame vs Steel tubing, 4 pot front calipers vs 2 pot, more comfortable seat, larger rear tire, better swing arm). I don't care if people look at it like a poser bike. Dual overhead cams time the 16-valve head, and the oversquare engine math delivers predictable power figures that emphasize horsepower over torque. While FZ6 power comes up top and is a bit snatchy whereas FZ6R is silk smooth right from 1500rpm. This bike comes with Yamaha’s one-year conditional warranty.

At 8,400 rpm, the water-cooled mill cranks out around 39 pounds of grunt (depending on the dyno), but wind it up a little more to 9,800 rpm and you get the full 65 ponies. Press J to jump to the feed. I don't know if it's true in your region, but where I live, the earlier model years of the FZ6 had more HP than the later model years (where they nerfed the HP a decent amount). The only noticable difference between the 2 that I can find is that the R has a fairing and the regular FZ6 does not. It's also not a great thing when you pull up to another bike and you want to show off how awesome it sounds cus it doesnt, I know that's trivial but when you're next to a car it's less likely they'll hear you coming. Aluminium beam frame, 4 piston rather than sliding calipers for a start. I'm having a little trouble searching this - from what I can tell, there was an S2 model that pulled 96 or so horsepower which was the standard US model, and then some other model that had like.. 78 or so that was additionally available in Europe and elsewhere? Put about 5k miles on it in half a riding season! I wanted a more touring oriented bike due to long rides is the only reason that I got rid of it. Best of all, the six-speed gearbox comes with a very short first gear, so takeoffs come with less risk of stalling out for the novice, and greater holeshot potential for more experienced riders.

Yamaha FZ6 (FZ6-N, FZ6-S, FZ6-S2, FZ6-R): review, history, specs. I have a buddy who's looking at these bikes. all i need to know is i live in the us and im buying a 2008 FZ6 naked bike it should be a nicer bike with more power and less plastic. Cheaper, little more performance, and cheaper. I want a upright ergo's which both of these bikes have and they can be found in my price range. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It has a much more upright seating position which is much more comfortable for commuting/sitting in traffic, and handlebars instead of clip-ons which gives a better low speed control & a tighter turning radius.

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