Hey I just ordered my first growing tent. Another reason is the LEDs they used in these designs are newer versions of diodes compared to grow lights that were designed years earlier but are still for sale today. Small Scale, Enormous Impacts: The World of Nanotechnology. Spider Farmer LED official website. They are very similar, but they do have a few key differences, which I’ll cover below. If those are your only 2 choices get the SF. Thread starter Exodus79; Start date Mar 7, 2020; Tags spider farmer; Exodus79 Member. Enjoy the ride bro-keep it in the road, good luck, I have the sf2000 I run it in a 2x4 and LOVE it. I'm … Spider Farmer SF1000 or MARS HYDRO TS1000.

Migro on youtube reviewed it and at 18" the par is around 700 so I think this par map from Amazon is more accurate. Thanks for your feedback buddy, did you do a full run with it yet? I have heard the Mars TSW units have too much blue for flowering, how is that with the SF units?

level 1. The SF uses Samsung LM301B diodes and a Meanwell ballast. You will receive a 50% longer lifespan than with other similar products. >> Zur TS Reihe springen >>Zur SP Reihe springen. If you somehow think that all lights will function in the same way, you are wrong. The Mars Hydro uses no-name brand LEDs and driver, as well as a slightly different color temperatures in the white spectrum, which isn’t a big deal. Overall, the plants will grow as long as your supplying photons in 400-700nm range. After doing a little bit of research I've narrowed my choices down to these 2 brands for my small tent (3x3). Spider Farmer is an Asia based LED grow light manufacturer currently offering four models of quantum board LED grow lights for use with indoor gardening. All SMD board/strip style fixtures you see on Amazon nowadays bare all thatvstupid 1:1 ratio. I noticed that the Mars LEDs looked more yellow while wearing the Vivosun glasses in the tent. Is Contact Tracing Apps the Solution to the Second Wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic? Mars Hydro finally jumped on the quantum board bandwagon and released several full-spectrum white LED grow lights. Since I am on a budged I wanted to get either of these lights for my plants. "We all have to vote like our lives and the world depends on it, because they do. Built in Samsung LM301B diodes, MeanWell driver. I’m growing grand daddy purple. DyersEve726 Well-Known Member. I already have a Mars Hydro TS1000 and well sure… seems ok. They supplement that white light with additional red and IR diodes. I don`t shit out money so I want to make sure the product is worth every dollar spent. I have TSW 2000, and its great, Hi, I looked at it from all angles. im currently using the spider farm sf 2000 yes im happy ish with it but honestly i think they run way too hot and should have fans mounted on them. The TS-1000 will be a bit more frustrating to dim, but I would say that’s the only downside. I averaged 1.5 g per watt with the fake ones on my grow, so IMO legit LEDs. This is a led grow light with Samsung Chips LM301B. The SF uses Samsung LM301B diodes and a Meanwell ballast. 2′ x 2′ (60cm x 60cm) during the flowering stage. The Mars I believe uses a magnetic ballasts (just based on weight and the fact there … These two models compare the closest in terms of price and performance. They are noticeably different from the SP series of lights, which some may appreciate. Take a minute to sign up so you can ask questions, discuss your grow, or brag about your plants with other real-life cannabis growers! I got the TSW 2000. they have no second thoughts about it.

I noticed that the Mars LEDs looked more yellow while wearing the Vivosun glasses in the tent. At 18" they say the par in the dead center is 709 but if you lower the light to 12" the par is 1334 in the center so if you add another TS1000 and hang it around 12" during flower you will be more then fine. 3x3 tent and I want to keep heat (and true wattage) down as much as possible. Ran them both Together. I got the basic kit with light and hanging kit, which was great as I already had the other things needed to get me growing. Since reading a bit more and having a chance to lift a Meanwell driver I'm pretty sure the Mars driver is not a magnetic ballast just a proprietary electronic driver.

It has large areas of solid aluminium heat sink. Zett66 said: And one more thing, even if they are fake, they should still be way better than my … Mars Hydro vs Spider Farmer light color while wearing Vivosun LED glasses 02-27-2020, 04:30 PM. Whilst there are most expensive options on the market, with more features, the value and efficiency provided by the TS 1000W and Spider Farm SF1000 is hard to beat.

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