edit: a dev on the steam forums said she's far over performing and will be addressed. This is a false premise. Nerf ideas- Remove prayer beads-I'm not going to lie I use them sometimes mostly for gen protector build and grab people. How would you like her reworked? like most of times, cause they listen to the complaining low hour/skill community members, since there are more of them. It's like if they don't get 3+ escapees, they immediately starts flaming in post lobby.

/r/deadbydaylight is a subreddit dedicated to Dead by Daylight, an asymmetrical multiplayer action-horror game developed and published by Behaviour Interactive. I said 3 second stun after Phase Walk and I'm absolutely confident they would actually consider such a nerf for Spirit. so take that assholes. Something stupid like standing still shouldn’t be a legitimate mind game imo. if you use quick and quiet you can run to the next loop without her knowing or hide if you have iron will.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But tbh it's kinda broken it has no drawback to it. Nerfing spirit and nurse is blatant catering to the lowest common denominator casuals don't even play DBD for 4k hours but in short spurts so they cater to them on nerfs?

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Warith Main/Eating Pallets because Im hongry. TheBeardJuice.

But yeah, I don’t think Spirit is OP, I think she’s badly designed. Stridor makes it harder to track survivors because you don't know how close the survivors are to you which screws you over more than it does the survivors. I don;t know how they can balance Freddy without making him worse than Wraith.

Close. people hate on everything that manages to kill them. Based on your response I can see you did not read the whole post because toward the end of the post I answer exactly what you said I’m not paying attention to. Now with nurse nerfed, y’all know Spirit is next. Unfortunately I can't agree with you but i respect your opinion nevertheless. I have never played Spirit but I have played against her quite a bit. What Spirit does is give literally no information to Survivors so their SKILL DOESN'T MATTER.

You need to really defend this more if you want to base your argument on it.

I don't think changing the rarity of the add-on will change anything but removing collision could be a drawback of prayer beads. She doesn’t need nerfs, she needs her power reworked. The rest of the nerfs I'm willing to play and see how they pan out. More posts from the deadbydaylight community. I want to know what your guy's opinion on this do you think a nerf would be appropriate or she is fine as she is. Yeah the problem is most mind games in this game are 50/50 (or close to it). Vanilla Forums Inc. Discussion.

I noticed a lot of threads about nerfing Spirit on dbd forums. She simply isn’t fun to play against. She will be back to phasing in around 3 seconds so even when she gets "mindgamed" your rewarded with maybe 5 seconds of extra chase time before she is phasing onto you again. Honestly, I find playing against Nurse more fun than playing against Spirit. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Her power also ignores every defense the survivors have and can be spammed if used properly. All decisions you make can only be based on the killer’s actions that you have accurately read. She’s easy to pick up, has little-to-no learning curve and most of her counterplay relies on guess-work. She may even choose to completely remove her own weakness with something as easy to obtain as a purple add-on.

Spirit’s “mind games” are almost always in her favor. And both sides are rewarded for big balls mind games like leaving the loop erratically or moonwalking into a lunge, or they are punished by them.

Also that fucking hit at the end. If it’s a genuine nerf there’s about to be a mighty shit storm... oh boy. Hit boxes are fine though. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It wouldn't be a PTB without a crippling spirit bug. Spirit doesn’t feed any information. A killer job isn't to make sure you have fun. DBD Mind games involve educated guesses. All rights reserved. I find it very hard to play against her even when she is a potato rank killer because image is so hard to predict. I imagine the devs think Bloodborne isn't fun because its too hard for casuals :( A hard to beat killer is a good thing when most of them in DBD … They’re gone. The devs should either rework prayer beads or remove it all together. Beads actually is unfair, removing a balance mechanic with no downside, and her vault animation being missing is essentially a bug. I wish this were an actual buff. This process is automatic. Also please don't be rude in the comments no need for drama. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. The killer only knows where the survivor was before they lost LoS. Who would in their right mind choose nurse who has such a dangerous power with such a hard skill level, when spirit does everything she does better? Killers and survivors can objectively agree on that. Almost all killers have something that requires you to play differently. spirit can't spam her power like nurse does so it's too much i'd say Pretty unfair on the surface. While it isn’t luck-based on wether you win a chase, things like physical detection and Stridor shift the tone of a chase completely in her favour. Even top killers like OhTofu admit once you lose line of sight it’s a guess whether or not the survivor is there which is why learning their play styles is amazing. All the players complaining about nurse will be satisfied for a bit, then the flood of, “Now Nerf *This*”, will come flowing in. Especially effective against a gen-grabbing Spirit with prayer beads. The Spirit is doing a lot to gather information to find me, while I'm just waiting to see if she does, or maybe taking a 50-50 guess on a window or pallet.

Archived. You can't treat Spirit like any another killer looping works on most killers but with Spirit your most likely to lose the chase so losing her in an chase or being stealthy increases the likely hood of you surviving. Spirit should have a debuff for using her power. If they nerf remember me any bit I think people will stop using it all together. You GUESS, if she's phasing, there is no skill in that. This is not a huge nerf for Spirit unless you depended on the so called mindgame of "standing still". You have a better chance of surviving again a spirit with iron will because it keeps the Spirit guessing where you are because they can't hear you. The release dates are from the PC version only. Discussion. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the deadbydaylight community. Dedicated server improvements on the ptb btw. And like I said before once you’re injured any counterplay that you can possibly think of goes out the window unless. I believe how good a killer can is based on the players skill and how they play the killer to get a advantage in the game. As it stands, a good Spirit is unbeatable. People are definitely overreacting to Spirit because she's the only viable high-rank Killer and everyone up there is tired of seeing her, but she needs a few adjustments. BUT the bug will probably make it into live and take a while to fix. Weapon. 1. No offense, but if you don’t understand risks with mind games, you’re not going to understand how to counter Spirit. Also they're mostly all insignificant tweaks and won't affect freddy's mid tier placement. Players need to work on their skills on both sides of the game to become better players and make appropriate decisions.

/r/deadbydaylight is a subreddit dedicated to Dead by Daylight, an asymmetrical multiplayer action-horror game developed and published by Behaviour Interactive. Help This is the bases of your argument, your pretending like spirit has this same punishment as other killers when thats simply wrong.

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