.. Deku ......what the fuck do you think you are doing! Warning! Summons Solo leveling is a wonderful webtoon that represents the 90% of my daily life and I want more people to read it, so I’m here making propaganda.. please give it love… PD. Pero por mas que han tratado de encontrar el dueño del nombre, no salia nada. Strength Typically consists of newly summoned Shadows that Sung Jin-Woo has captured. The mysterious System has allowed Jin-Woo to limitless level up and increases his strength, unlike all hunters, who are unable to increase their strength unless reawakened. This bonus helped him defeat all the monsters and survive much longer than the original time limit. Except this time the era had moved on from the medieval eras to a more modern one. All Rights Reserved. Top Weekly Stories So That You Are Up-To-Date. Copyright © 2020 Epic Media Labs. He sees the school as a boring place and casually defeats any bullies if they would ever come his way. Address Address Click here to enter the gate and view the Gallery. ↑ Solo Leveling Webtoon: Chapter 89 After his reawakening, he strives to become a stronger hunter than before. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Jin-Woo is also shown to be an intelligent person, being able to stay calm under pressure as he figured out the clues to fighting the boss of the Double Dungeon while most of the experienced hunters in their party panicked and were killed by the statues when they were trying to escape. that was the last thing Izuku Midoriyia heard before disappearing into a portal without a sound. Once he has finished up eliminating the boss, barely half an hour later since your entry, you immediately jumped into his arms and stole his lips in a heated kiss that you hoped would express your amazement at his skills. HP A strong Sung Jin-Woo. HD wallpapers and background images Pre-reawakened Bellion also withstood a direct attack to the head by Beru and continued fighting as if it was nothing. Only my character. References To say that Sung Jin-Woo is overly protective over you would be an understatement. Jin-Woo's reaction to Baek Yoon-Ho's request to let Min Byung-Gyu rest in peace Jin-Woo has displayed a substantial increase in confidence after receiving the mysterious 'Double Awakening'. Tons of awesome Sung Jin-Woo wallpapers to download for free. Shadow ExtractionSave ShadowReanimationShadow ExchangeMonarch's HandsRealm of the Shadow MonarchNaming He placed his hand on his chest to somehow calm his wildly beating heart.". After Sung Jin-Woo became the Shadow Monarch, the system vanished and no longer held back any power from him. Despite this, he rarely questions the System and its unknown origins, which are later explained in the story. Maaaaan, I know that there’s really no reason for me to ship them…. This also makes him slightly cautious as he hesitated to reveal his growing strength until he was sure he could protect his family. Ahjin Guild Jin-Woo's timid, weak and childlike appearance and personality prior to being reawakened. Ahjin Guild (Guild Master)Korean Hunters Association (Helper) (Helper) (Helper) (Helper) His whole demeanor also became more serious and intimidating. One year later; the Earth is having an apocalypse event where dimensional dungeon gates appear around the world, the living awakened with hunter attribute, and we're not in-contact again. STOPPPP!! Page created - November 4, 2019. 155.720 Statistics 320 Race And no this ain’t gonna go on a cliche route. All Content remains copyright of its original holder. The number of Shadow he had after becoming a monarch numbered 130,000+. Mobile and tablet. "[4] You thought you were already familiar with your boyfriend’s strength ever since you watched the Jeju Island raid, but watching Jin-Woo in action directly and not thorough a screen has another impact altogether. He has displayed less emotion, which may be caused by the use of the system as mentioned by Jin-Woo himself when he states, "One of my emotions died," referring to the possibility that the power of the System is affecting him in some way. They are roughly about as strong as a B-ranked monster or hunter. Sign the petition today! You Can Set Sung Jin-Woo 8K Solo Leveling Wallpaper in Windows 10 PC, Android Or Iphone And then there are those who are afraid and still want it. Vitality Weapons & Equipments Yoon-Ho: i’ll get you a jacket right away! The second Shadow Soldier to ever reach this Grade was Beru (the first being Bellion) after Jin-Woo and Beru cleared Gate after Gate in Japan as well as Beru’s previous battles. Members Ryuji hates that Jin-Woo is stronger than him and hates that he's weak to the fire that Jin-Woo ignites in him. guess ima have to be the loser who writes the first x reader for it. Jin-Woo does not lack strong Shadows who are more than willing to serve and fight alongside him. E-RankS-Rank National Level Hunters "(Unnoficial)" The Jeju Island Arc just began and already took three top hunters are dead. GRAB MY HAND!!!! Widescreen 4K 5K 8K 124 "Jin-Woo’s heart pounded powerfully right at that moment when the ant’s shadow swore his eternal loyalty. Sung Jin-Woo as a boyfriend HCs: To say that Sung Jin-Woo is overly protective over you would be an understatement. The mysterious System has allowed Jin-Woo to limitless level up and increases his strength, unlike all hunters, who are unable to increase their strength unless reawakened.

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