The Benelli engineers seem to have thought of everything. Although he didn't shoot as well as he'd like, the. The light loads cycled flawlessly, and everyone commented on how easy the, The walking guinea shoot was just like pheasant hunting in South Dakota. Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. Benelli Ethos 20 Gauge Review Benelli’s Progressive Comfort Recoil System makes a full day of shooting a breeze. After all the smoke cleared, with a massive pile of spent hulls around my blind and a tiny pile of pigeons (can you even call less than a Baker's Dozen of pigeons a pile? For the multi-discipline wingshooter who wants a beautiful, ultra-modern semiautomatic shotgun that is low maintenance, handles quick as a wink, and never hiccups, the Ethos Sport is a good candidate. While not as fast and furious as dove shooting in Argentina, it was close, and the conditions were quite a bit tougher on the guns. A spring in the stock pushes the bolt forward, picking up and chambering a fresh shell, and locking the bolt head into the barrel extension. Instead of using a traditional blued-steel vent rib soldered on the barrel, the ETHOS incorporates an interchangeable carbon-fiber rib. Of course I do. The filling of diced mushrooms and creamy Boursin cheese adds a whole new level of amazing flavors to an otherwise classic smoked venison loin. Powder gases and residue never enter the gun’s action, so an Ethos stays clean much longer than other designs. Next to the new easy-locking action, the stock is the most notable difference on the ETHOS from previous Benelli shotguns. The guns functioned flawlessly all week for us, including quite a bit of time blasting clay pigeons over the lake. The ETHOS passed all the tests with flying colors. The comb of the stock also features a soft rubber interchangeable insert for adjusting comb height and reducing felt recoil imparted to the cheek and vibration to the inner ear. That final day's shooting was pleasure mixed with a bit of sorrow, as I knew my M1 was going to be relegated to the gun safe because the new ETHOS was just that much better. With a nickel plated and engraved receiver, the Ethos 20 gauge was an ideal complement to an old-world-style hunting experience at SouthWind Plantation near Attapulgus, Georgia. When introduced just a few years ago, it was a groundbreaking design, and today it is offered in several gauges, styles, and variations. We didn’t run out of ammo, but we eventually ran out of excuses. Get the 74th edition of the World's Greatest Gun Book. (I wouldn’t haul it out to a muddy duck blind, but that’s just me. Over the course of a week, 14 shooters fired nearly 17,000 rounds. Now Benelli has produced another delectable version of the gun called the Ethos Sport that is, as the name implies, intended for sporting clays shooters. The buttstock has Benelli’s excellent Progressive Comfort recoil-reduction system that really works. Also mitigating recoil is the semisoft black rubber ComforTech cheekpiece on the comb that softens the blow to the shooter’s cheek. It is something I learned early on, and like all Benelli users, I regularly check to make sure the bolt is engaged. George, a product manager at Benelli, killed three birds with ease on the left side, while I managed to knock down one bird with two shots. The Ethos Sport’s barrel is cryogenically treated through Benelli’s Crio System to -300 degrees Fahrenheit. My M1 Field, bought 15 years ago, has churned through thousands of rounds and withstood filthy hunting conditions and a consistent lack of cleaning that only a lazy gun writer can inflict. Numerous times we had to open the bolts to cross a fence and reload on the other side — never once did any of the actions fail to automatically return to battery. The Ethos Sport is offered in 12, 20, and 28 gauges and comes with 28- and 30-inch barrels. The discharge of a heavy field load compresses the pad enough to engage the second set of buffers. Plus, one end of the wrench has threads on it so you can clean any accumulated crud from a choke tube’s threads while the choke is in the barrel’s muzzle. If you want to change the rib height, it is easy to do. "When you load your M1, do you slam the bolt closed?" Before I get to the aesthetics of the Ethos Sport, let’s review the multitude of ingenious engineering features that make it exceptional. Except for size and weight, Benelli’s 20-gauge Ethos looks identical to its older 12-gauge brother and is built on the same tried and proven Inertia Driven System. The supplied wrench makes removal and installation of choke tubes a snap. It wasn't the gun — it was me, not to mention the 60-yard birds cruising in the high wind. The gun comes with a set of spacers so drop and cast can be adjusted for the individual shooter’s needs. When the dogs get on a covey, a quick dismount and a short walk is all that separates you from the birds. Thus, the Inertia Driven System action results in a lighter-weight, well-balanced shotgun that the shooter can swing with ease over a long day’s shooting. Kevin Steele and Jason Morton are above the Arctic Circle pursuing grizzly bears in Alaska and put a stalk on what they believe is a good one. The light loads cycled flawlessly, and everyone commented on how easy the ETHOS was to load. the Benelli folks asked. At $2,199 the Ethos 20-gauge isn’t cheap, but it’s certainly worth the price. It's a small thing, but after a day of shooting, especially on high-volume targets like doves or pigeons, you notice that your hands are still comfortable. All Rights Reserved. The action cycled with every load I tried, including some 7/8-ounce handloads made for an over-under shotgun that had a velocity of just 1,188 fps. There are several smaller lodges around the backside of the lake and a trap and skeet tower in one corner. Petersen's Hunting Staff - September 29, 2020. The Inertia Driven System is reliable and fast. I have done quite a bit of wingshooting across Africa, and for the most part it is all good. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. There were no bird seasons open when I tested the Ethos Sport, but I shot it on skeet, sporting clays, and targets thrown by my Do All Outdoors trap in the back pasture. Some of the coolest new optics introduced this year range from Aimpoint's new COMPM5B red dot... David Fortier talks with Jeff Hoffman of Black Hills Ammunition about the evolution of the .308 Win. The receiver is nickel-plated and has a beveled loading port for faster loading, a redesigned shell carrier, and a two-part carrier latch that smoothly guides the shell into the magazine. A 3-inch magnum load activates the third set of buffers, providing an extra cushion for the increased recoil. The pistol grip has the futuristic Benelli “B” laser-cut on its base. The lugs on the rotating bolt head lock into the barrel extension for a solid steel-to-steel lockup, and they unlock in a wink upon firing. At the end of the bolt’s travel, the case hits the ejector, and the empty is ejected.

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