A pair of knucklebone dice 4. - Coin Conversions.

I found a big pokey stick and it's going in your eye, buddy.

As for creating the items themselves, I have a few goals while writing the items: If a creature dies naturally or its body was found hours or days after death, it is up to the DM what items remain. (e.g. For tool proficiencies, this means the PC must have expertise in the tool.

I started by dissecting the DMG rules in my notebook, normalising the values to a gold (GP) standard, then plotting those against the probability of values coming up based on the 1d00 roll. In general, each monster has a number of lootable items equal to their CR, and more powerful monsters give loot that can be made into more powerful items. In my (other) free time, I write music and story for. They are each replaced by the following item: Note: due to the Elemental Demise trait, a majority of a genie’s loot disappears into elemental remains. Maybe they have a shield crafted from a Bulette shell and a sword that is an Ankheg leg after their fight with the Cult of Elemental Earth.

I like the idea that the appearance of a character changes drastically over the course of their adventures.

If a container is used to collect multiple different types of liquids, refer to the "Mixing Potions" table (DMG pg. Lint 3.

The crafter must be proficient in the listed tools. I'm hoping to utilize them for my party (one of whom is currently obsessed with Monster Hunter and another who asked to harvest a Giant Spider's poison gland after her very first combat).

If the players were fighting the creature and killed it in combat, they must make the appropriate check in order to claim the loot.

Reusing the same 3d6 roll appealed so to allow a DM to take their three dice and check the numbers directly against the left side for mundane items, or if on a double or treble, against the right side for something a little more exotic. 1 gp = 10 sp = 100 cp = 2 ep = 1/10 pp = $100. If the item has a beneficial effect OR if the item is from a plant creature, it can also be crafted with proficiency in a Herbalism Kit. The Balor destroys its weapons when it dies, even if they are not nearby.

Some items may have been already stolen, not remain on the creature after death, or have rotted beyond use.

1, 2, or 3: Half the total of all doubles and trebles. 150), while higher CR creatures can give items that are equivalent to or craftable into magic items.

Mr. Ekted then goes on to outline the remaining two possible outcomes and adds all three together to get a final probability.

This is by far my favorite homebrew.

The creature must succeed on a DC 11 Wisdom saving throw or be Polymorphed into a sheep for 1 hour.

The creature must succeed on a DC 11 Constitution saving throw or be blinded as if by the Color Spray spell. Make tool proficiencies more useful. Some items may have been already stolen, not remain on the creature after death, or have rotted beyond use. For the purposes of post, I did a bit of digging around for one that explained how to get to the numbers; here's a good one, Probability for Dummies. 150), while higher CR creatures can give items that are equivalent to or craftable into magic items.

Each hoard is equivalent to a Challenge 17+ Treasure Hoard. It's up there in the article, I made a little table that lists the DC to get all the items and the DC to get half the items. If a creature’s saving throw is successful or the effect ends for it, the creature is immune to this ability for 24 hours. This represents the PCs ability to gather the items without harming them or hurting themselves. The creature sitting on the throne can make itself immune to bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing damage from nonmagical weapons for 10 minutes.

(22 July 2018), 1st two rolls match: 1 × 1/6 × 5/6 = 5/36, Total: 5/36 + 5/36 + 5/36 + 1/36 = 16/36. Whenever I get the chance to play D&D, I think a lot about how my character changes between sessions, and over the course of the campaign. Any equipment it is wearing or carrying is invisible as long as it is on the creature's person.

For Wizard PCs, this means at least level 11. What is the probability of rolling doubles (not triples) on 3d6? This probably comes from my beginnings as a story gamer - it was expected that you would have some sort of character development over the course of our 6-8 month campaigns.

Not that they deserve to die... but they do have stats... Eternal guardians and it won't cost you an arm and a leg! 140), D is for Dragons (and a few others) Part 1, D is for Dragons (and a few others) Part 2, Monday Recap: Nice Day for a Dead Wedding, Monday Recap: The Adventurer's Guide to Luskan, Creature Loot: D is for Dragons (and a few others) Part 1, OSR: Response to some Scurrilous Invective concerning Magical Industrial Revolution, Remixing Avernus – Part 6D-D: Lulu’s Memories (Legend of the Hellriders), Imagination and D&D in 1100 Words or Less, Behold the Undead of Dracula, Walk in Darkness, Venus in the Blind Spot, and More, How to Present Your Module, Part 2: Reorganizing Encounters, Local Festivals or why you need Frog Weddings, How to Scare D&D Players—Even When They Play Mighty Heroes, Dungeons & Dragons - A Guide to Auril, the Frostmaiden. Reqires attunement. Mastercraft.

I'm such a fan of this series, that I added a loot line to a creature write up I just did.https://jonbupp.wordpress.com/2018/03/13/river-heralds/. I'm currently building a big item list that has all the items possible, filterable by categories. 140), Treasure Hoard.

Must be created by a PC or NPC who has dedicated themselves to the use of a particular tool or school of magic. Make basic balance considerations - lower CR creatures should give items about equivalent to adventuring gear (PHB pg. Wizards get zanier, warlocks get corrupted, druids get more plant- or animal-esque, and clerics become more eminently divine. Or writing super-long lists and posting them a little bit at a time.

So, my goal is to create a massive loot table, based on all the monsters in the 5e Monster Manual. This is an really awesome work! I do love me some Magic: the Gathering crossovers.

Depending on the type of lair, the DM may call for additional checks to find this treasure. Being a newer DM, I;m happy to experiment, but I was just wondering if there was already something established.Thank you. Looks great! Treasure Hoard: roll on the listed Treasure Hoard table (DMG pg. Number of items found on a creature should approximately equal CR. 1d10 Brass Dragon Scales: No immediate use.

For Wizard PCs, this means at least level 11. The crafter must spend a number of hours equal to 6-10 times the creature's CR using the listed tools to create the new object.

But I think martial characters should change as well, aside from just getting more scars and injuries.

Mage Hand (as if holder had cast, appears as Slaad hand), Plane Shift (targeting holder, sent to the Spawning Stone on the plane of Limbo), Plane Shift (targeting holder, sent to the Plane of Negative Energy). If you don't enjoy cool loot, sorry! Any item described as a vial must be collected using a flask, vial, bottle, waterskin, or other liquid container. Some items are not usable until they have been crafted into a usable form. Cracking open Marcellus Wallace's treasure chest, He's just asking to be looted, lying there all dead like that. If the item has a malignant effect, it can also be crafted with proficiency in a Poisoner's Kit.

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e) Monsters. Sometimes you can get the loot before killing the creature. Excellent choice of blog series!This subject is VERY appreciated! Words can't describe the admiration I have for this. Let's break it down by first examining case one: the first two rolls match and third does not. If you would like to support the GM Binder developers, consider joining our Patreon community.

The creature awakens if it takes damage or if it is shaken or slapped as an action. If the heart is destroyed, the Death Knight will regrow from another item looted from it. I've spent the last few months putting together a loot table for every monster in the DMG. If the creature sitting on the throne is targeted by a Magic Missile spell, a line spell, or a spell that requires a ranged attack roll, they can choose for the spell to be reflected back upon the caster as if the throne was the originator of the spell. Check out the sidebar for some other cool blogs to … I | Intellect Devourer - Invisible Stalker, Appendix I | Giant Wolf Spider - Poisonous Snake, Appendix III | Abjuration - Carpenter's Tools, Appendix III | Conjuration - Leatherworker's Tools, Appendix III | Leatherworker's Tools - Smith's Tools, Appendix III | Tinker's Tools - Woodcarver's Tools. If the item has a malignant effect, it can also be crafted with proficiency in a Poisoner's Kit. A CR 0 creature's crafting can be completed in 1 minute, or multiple minutes for careful/master crafting. I did notice, however, that while you did note that a check is necessary to identify the useful bits of the creature, you didn't have any guidelines for what the DC of that check should be. At the time of transformation, any non-cursed loot loses all magical properties. 25 of these can be mastercrafted (smith’s tools) into a shield that grants resistance to fire damage while in use.


The creature must succeed on a DC 11 Wisdom saving throw or take no actions or reactions for 1 minute. Make basic balance considerations - lower CR creatures should give items about equivalent to adventuring gear (PHB pg.

The first roll can be anything (probability 1). Hurl a magical ball of fire that explodes at a visible point within 120 feet.
A comprehensive list of all official monsters for Fifth Edition. The creature must succeed on a DC 11 Wisdom saving throw or be affected by a confusion spell.

You will need to spend gold to repair it, equal to half the cost of a brand-new version of the item. While there's still a little variance between my table and the DMG's (remember, I've only been looking at the mean values here), the majority of rolls require just 3d6 - no more 1d00 then checking the table for an indeterminate number of d6s! I'm happy to hear your players will be getting some use out of this!

Note: Unless the Yugoloth is destroyed in Gehenna, only the Black Ichor is able to be harvested.

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