Model and TV personality Teigen was subjected to intense online harassment due to her name being listing in these alleged flight logs, so much that she even resorted to blocking more than one million Twitter accounts. Since the late ’90s, Epstein owned a sprawling high-desert estate near Santa Fe, which he dubbed “Zorro Ranch.” At parties and other private events, Epstein openly discussed plans to use this ranch as a base where women could be inseminated with his sperm and give birth to his children, thus “seed[ing] the human race with his DNA,“ according to an unnamed scientist who spoke with the Times. Before recently unsealed depositions claimed Lang had flown on the disgraced financier’s private jet, the chef had never confirmed his connection to Epstein. In the past, the so-called “Epstein files” weren’t available for public consumption. The comment comes in response to recently unsealed court documents in which a pilot claims that Adam Perry Lang flew with Epstein aboard his private plane on several occasions in 2000 and 2001. Address: Drengsrudhagen 6, 1385, Asker, Norway. MENU. 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Rodgers’s deposition does not suggest that Lang participated in — or was even aware of — Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged criminal acts. The biggest names on the list in the Epstein files are, of course, Prince Andrew of York — who is being accused of having “orgies” with underage girls procured by Epstein — and former President Bill Clinton. The list below is a non-exhaustive collection of some high profile figures whose names are mentioned in the unsealed court documents. Since the pandemic, more people are cooking at home; many more people are tired, desperate, or sick of it. See why nearly a quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5. According to the pilot’s account, Lang also flew from Teterboro to the Virgin Islands with Epstein, Maxwell, and Giuffre in December of 2000. Maxwell, who is referred to as “Epstein’s pimp,” is also facing federal charges of aiding Epstein’s abuse of young girls. Before today, Lang, a New York-born chef who cooked in some of Manhattan’s finest restaurants in the late ’90s, had never spoken about having any connection to Jeffrey Epstein. Why Has Bill Clinton Not Been ‘Canceled’ Like Prince Andrew? He details a trip in May of 2001 from Teterboro Airport to Palm Beach, where the passengers were Epstein, Maxwell, Lang, and Emmy Tayler, a woman who was reported to be Maxwell’s assistant, according to the Telegraph. “Doing that took me to New Mexico, and I got to cook with cowboys.”. En 1980, Epstein devient l'un des associés de Bear Stearns3. Cookie by Google used for website analytics. There cannot — and should not — be any debate about this. The deposition also alleges that Lang traveled from Teterboro to Santa Fe four months after the Virgin Islands trip with Epstein, Maxwell, Minsky, and shipping heir Henry Jarecki. Epstein was found dead in his cell in August 2019 following his arrest the previous month. The documents are connected to the 2015 lawsuit that Virginia Roberts Giuffre — a woman who claimed that Epstein kept her as a teenage “sex slave” — filed against the financier’s close associate Ghislaine Maxwell. I was unaware of the depraved behavior and have great sympathy and admiration for the brave women who have come forward.” A representative for the chef clarifies that “no further comment will be issued” about his relationship to Epstein. She pleaded not guilty on July 14 and remains in custody. Ultimately, though, things are just getting started with the so-called “Epstein files.” As time — and the trials — go on, it’s almost certain that more disgusting revelations about all of the celebrities involved in this scandal will be revealed.

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