Only the Gods themselves know for sure.

I can never seem to make enough and get them where they need to be in time, and I'll be so disappointed if I lose because I didn't settle enough cities. No worries, I'll find something. You need about three or four troops, a spare general, and a siege tower to take all of Egypt, whereas the Zagros front is a total slaughter. Use a Siege Tower over a Battering Ram as a support unit to reduce the number of turns it takes to take a city with walls. It takes a long time to get a siege tower up there. Civilization Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Every kingdom shall be a unique challenge to overcome, but the rewards will be great if you remain true and brave. I had no idea it was so hard, I'm going to give this a go.

That being said, even if nobody in the entire world have figured it out, there have to be some people like me who have gotten damn close.

With the issue of war weariness minimised by To The World’s End, you can afford to rack your Hellenistic Fusion bonuses up to your heart’s content.

Alexander's unique agenda is called Short Life of Glory. The small army should be lead by Alex, and it will take Akanthos, Zura, and Zranka.

The era of the Great General does not matter. Turn away from peace, for there is no way to establish your legacy but from conquering vast lands.

Pillaging farms only costs 3 movement so use them to heal effectively. Do not burn any cities!

Militaristic city-states offer production boosts to units trained in cities with Encampment buildings. Does Hetairoi actually get that additional +5 great general combat buff? You now have 2 armies. They are allied with all three of the city-states, each of …

Build/buy Hetairoi for military units exclusively, since you need your units to hit the front line as fast as possible and they have 4 movement on there own.

Basically, since Encampments form your economic backbone, you want to make as many encampments as quickly as possible.

These Spartans are top priority, specifically for killing the Persian Cavalry and especially for when I march on Marakanda.

The archers and immortals may have been left behind, but use your 3rd/4th great general to help them catch up and they can take a few quick shots at the horses from Marakanda. (Χαῖρε! Best case: I'm close to winning but still lose, and with 45 turns I could have done it.

This means when defending, the unit gains +3 strength per adjacent friendly unit rather than +2.

Important: Your score has to be 200 at the START of turn 37 - before you capture the final cities.

This is technically part of Alexander's agenda, but it, Deals -85% damage to city walls and urban defences, Costs 100 production, 400 gold or 200 faith, up from 80, 320 and 160 respectively (+25%). Charge, Alexander, and lead your people t… Also I used your strategy of holding off on halicarnassus, and I ended up taking it just after I took Thapascus. By around here I buy a siege tower in Sparda and Tarsus, to link up with Great General 2 and Alex respectively. Especially that Great Generals also speed up settlers' movement, what was very helpful to me in the last few turns.

The hypaspist serves the same melee combat role as the swordsman, but gets an attack boost when assaulting districts and cities. Young nobles, both domestic and integrated foreigners, attended these schools which gave them an extensive education.

Production emphasis. Positioning is a nightmare with it too. Also i dont think the generation of great generals is fast enough to facilitate the speed required to move enough of the army to the end. Save Memphis for the end game for a full heal. The Zagros Front pushes on as much as they can, while I gear up to take Memphis. When the encampment district projects won't complete in time for the last turn, completely dump production and focus on gold.

On my first playthrough I caused a massive traffic jam through here which slowed things down quite a bit, but now I'm starting to think that my attacks are too offset that the Persian Army is digging in and making the Zagros Mountains a pain to march over. Especially in the early game, try and kill units with the hetairoi, because this will earn you great general points.

I conquer into the middle east.

The classical-era Statue of Zeus grants +50% production to all anti-cavalry units.

Alternatively, hover over an enemy unit with your cursor for a few seconds (not sure how this works in non-computer versions of the game) to see all the stat bonuses in play.

You can get a lot of GPT this way, especially in the last ~10 turns or so, where you can buy one or two hetairois every turn.

Here’s what we want from Civilization 6’s DLC. With this, Alexander returned to the campaign, chasing Darius and his disintegrating army into Media, and then Parthia. should i go for a lot of cities in the begginig? This is a timed single-player scenario in which you control Alexander, rushing to expand your empire and earn the title of "Alexander the Great."

Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack, a quote attributed to Plutarch about Alexander's reaction to conquering the known world,,

Alexander the Great and Macedonia are best played as a rush-type civilization. Nearly dead units never rest - send them deeper into enemy territory (but avoiding units) so that when you heal, they're in position to strike. Drinking heavily and engaging in all kinds of available debauchery (and there was much debauchery to be found in Babylon), he became subject to fits of anger and bouts of paranoia. The Golden Age dedication To Arms!, first available in the industrial era, boosts military unit production by 15%. Japan and Macedonia are the best choices when it comes to domination victories. As a test, I even put two classical era general adjacent to Hetairoi.

The technology and civics trees, Policy Cards, diplomacy, and religion are all disabled, and the city occupation penalty lasts until the end of the scenario.

Once you've taken Babylon and Susa you'll need to split the army.

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