Even a large sword is 3 pounds. On a battlefield, as part of a squad with supply lines and backup, I don’t think a sword is worth the weight or the awkward size. Two days after I ordered it, the Chinese guy contacts me to ask if I wanted the writing, because the pictures had come from a custom order and that guy’s name was what the writing said. Some time ago we looked at “What is Your Fighting Knife?,” where I considered the differences between the classic American Bowie Knife vs. the Kukri, or Ghurka curved blade knife. That goes for BudK as well. A big misconception is that they are selling stamped, mass produced cheap junk. I’m a pretty big guy and I like the extra weight. The rest, .060, .095, is supposed to be the percentage of carbon in the mix. You know the old saying that truth is stranger than fiction? Since then I’ve accumulated a couple more, and they all have the same design for the scabbard, which is really lame unless you are carrying a backpack that you can strap it to. In the video I will show you my black blade, red edge katana. When that day comes that the jig is up, the jig is up. I was in a gunshop a few months ago, and this macho idiot was explaining how he was all ready to bug out with his rifle and backpack, and how he was going to enjoy killing people for what he needed. Some blades seem to have the wavy pattern, but aren’t advertised as clay tempered (like the Hiro Nakamura sword). There is a ton of disinformation out there about what blades should cost, and I think it is mostly disseminated by people trying to get big money for handmade blades. Each box of ammo or full AR mag is pushing a pound. Generally the blade on a Han Jian is thick and some have one or two “blood grooves” to reduce weight. Communication with them is difficult, because they are using mostly canned pre-written text, but when you ask them questions, they do answer as best they can using Google Translate. Prepping, Walking Dead Model Michone Kitana $168 (offers) They didn’t even explain the quality differences between the weapons out there, and what constitutes a battle quality mace vs. a for display mace. The katana wins, I have one, it's not to different from the one you have there, it's just a little more simple. As I said above, try to stay away from stainless. In the real world this will almost never happen, because one of you is going to be smart enough to steer clear of the guy with the big sword, even when that person also has a sword. If you are in the market for a sword of this type, I would do some research before jumping on the ones I got from India. To mortally wound an attacker before they reach you is the idea of a sword, and nations have been won and lost at the end of one. But out on your own, or with a small group, on sentry duty for a small group, etc., a sword has a good deal of merit. There is no regulatory obligation on Ebay or anyplace else to be truthful in these descriptions, but in my experience, the Chinese take a great deal of pride in selling you what you agreed to buy, and the ads generally reflect the best possible explanation of what you are getting. In the 18th-19th centuries in Scotland, the highlanders used swords that would fit the modern definition - a basket-hilted one-handed sword with two edges and a medium-length cut-and-thrust blade. These are 100% battle ready, and for me, the most “wieldly” of all the swords I own. They are sharp, but not as sharp as the katanas, and there are no detailed options for clay tempering and what not. This topic is locked from further discussion. And most likely they paid more than you will lol. Any sword is a little awkward to heft, but a broadsword has a certain power to it that is tough to find in other types of blades. I almost included a stamped $17 sword in the video, just because I think it is a joke that people balk at inexpensive sharp pieces of steel with solid handles. The scabbards come with a belt stud. A box of handgun ammo is roughly a pound. Generic “high carbon” is the best you’ll find on these swords when it comes to the grade of steel. Not that I am personally trained to fight with a sword, but I certainly know how to use one. It is a misconception that China makes junk. Broadsword = heaviest, so more likely to kill rather than injure. Both the claymore and katana are perfected weapons of death, but this time I will side with the claymore(broadsword). BudK sells it for $130. However, as late as the 19th century in Hungary were used swords called longswords (but today would be called sabers), because they were broader than the popular dueling swords of the time (sword similar to rapiers). Even a little guy can fight good with them. To me the whole concept of torture testing a sword is a waste of the hard work that went into it, but if you have some bamboo that isn’t in someone’s front yard, have at it. Most ads will just say “high carbon steel,” which is the more honest term than giving you a hard number.

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