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We have been airing it out daily. Thanks again for your well done video review that isn’t two weeks old. October 2018  (13) The smell of glue, new vinyl, etc. What you don’t want is to buy a toy hauler that’s going to fall apart on you, or have rock put a hole in the floor, or a chunk of tire fly off and destroy your wheel well. April 2018  (12) This is really the primary advantage of the ATC, you get 100% aluminum construction, all factory made by ATC, not purchased components. Gray-Water Cap. Select category Combined with the 7-inch aluminum frame rails (tongue tubes are 8 inches), welded 1-inch wall framing and 4-inch-tall ceiling trusses, this creates a permanent structure that we suspect is unrivaled by other toy haulers. 45 gal. May 2010  (5) Our two year ATC Toy Hauler review basically says that the structure and chassis of the trailer is still rock solid, square, and straight. Sprayed-on closed-cell floor insulation is optional, as is R-6.5 closed-cell wall insulation. This is after towing the trailer over rocky roads, sand, mud, through rain, wind, hail, snow, and 100+ degree F temperatures. You can also reach out to our customer support line at 877-441-2440. It was also relatively high off the ground in the test unit, which featured an optional 5-inch taller deck height (22 inches versus 17 inches for the standard model) to allow modest off-pavement use, such as along dirt roads leading to off-road areas. October 2012  (6) August 2018  (11) But I researched everything I could find, and believed these all-aluminum trailers addressed the concerns I had about rotting wood, mold, mildew, and rusted-out welds. Impressively, to ward off leaks, the entire roof of the toy hauler is formed from a single sheet of aluminum, rolled down at the edges and seamed at the corners, bonded and riveted in place.

It was only meant to deliver just enough power to restore your batteries from 50% charge to 80%. It’s an electronic anti-snaking system for touring caravans. We do have one other leak that seems to repeat itself, this at the front bedroom window on the driver’s side. December 2008  (6) Finally, the roof structure is installed. Plan on wearing gloves when you use it. May 2019  (14) December 2014  (10) March 2008  (4) Campervan Reviews September 2019  (17) The ramp door has a nice nonskid working surface and four rubber bumpers that keep it from scratching when lowered.

© 2020 Good Sam Enterprises, LLC. December 2018  (14) And so (according to my theory, at least), shiny paint and trim are longstanding staples of the RV, auto, truck and motorcycle markets. All are openable and screened, and feature black roller shades. 9.1/10 is the average overall claims satisfaction score of 471 touring caravan and motorhome customers surveyed in 2019. December 2006  (2) Motorhoming Top Tips October 2017  (7) 21 Posts 5 Topics Last post by starboat in Re: Shelves for kitchen ... on February 19, 2020, 07:11:30 PM Other Brands of Aluminum Camper Other Brands of Aluminum Camper. Black-Water Cap. The only way to ensure that your three season plumbing system will work is rely on solar panels (at least 600 watts of panels on the roof) along with a sophisticated solar charge controller, to keep your batteries properly charged. Good luck in your search! He currently travels full time on his Honda ST1300, living wherever he can find a friendly roof. Sign up for your trial subscription and you’ll receive a FREE issue. You have entered an incorrect email address! Videos Battery charging is a dangerous subject. Average fuel economy for the outbound trip, which included a net elevation gain of nearly 4,000 feet, was 10.1 mpg. Interior Height 7′ 6″ January 2013  (8) An ATC will pay for itself years down the road after tens of thousands of miles towed. ATC installs the Progressive Dynamics 9560 converter/charger.

October 2011  (10) May 2014  (7) GAWR (2) 5,200 lbs. December 2016  (10) Exterior Height 11′

I’m guessing the heating pads for the holding tanks also failed to work. March 2011  (6) An ATC won’t suffer that kind of damage, and thus may actually be cost-effective in the long run. This is a terrific add, allowing users to adjust weight distribution according to trailer load, from a heavy Jeep to a lightweight racing bike, in our case. Weight (Dry) 7,300 lbs. Moqui Cave – Oldest Tavern in Southern Utah, Wire Pass Hike, Utah – Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Married Couples Taking Separate Vacations – Pros and Cons, Our ATC Toy Hauler Has Reached 25,000 Miles. February 2009  (2) August 2019  (15) 6 gal. Speaking of which, instead of being screwed together, the ATC trailer’s interior and exterior panels, door frames, cabinets and aircraft-style adjustable tie-down tracks (which accept quick-release 5,000-pound tie-down rings) are riveted and bonded in place. And the Ducati racer provided a loud, fast ride of a lifetime, just as it was built to do in the Italian race shop 47 years ago. Fortunately, the fire didn’t go on to burn everything else down. Tel: 01422 396 769.

Caravanning Top Tips May 2017  (10) February 2015  (9) As a hedge against being blown completely out of our shoes, we parked the truck and toy hauler to expose their left flanks windward, thus creating an area of relative calm near the curbside door. We are open 8am - 8pm weekdays, 9am - 4pm weekends & most bank holidays. Home RVs & Gear New RVs RV Review: ATC 8528-FB Toy Hauler. When not in use, the bed nests against the ceiling.
March 2006  (1) Ask your dealer for more information. Note: All details correct at time of publication but may be subject to change. At the track, the pewter ATC 8528-FB toy hauler, silver Ford F-250 and glittery silver Ducati Imola race bike looked great together. March 2016  (12)

By. If you feel the problem persists, feel free to reach back to your dealer and see if they have suggestions that can help. The return trip netted a modestly better average, and minus the trailer later on, the fuel economy of the Power Stroke turbodiesel jumped to 15.2 mpg.

It’s well worth mentioning that, as a turbodiesel, the F-250’s performance is essentially unaffected by altitude, and so with tow capacity to spare and turbocharged power under the hood, it hauled the ATC quite smartly indeed. Ford and the Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC) had them. The fuel station and generator share the same fuel supply, and an onboard fuel gauge lets you keep track of supply easily. ATC stands for Automatic Trailer Control. It’s only a slow leak, so it doesn’t pool too much. The floor is a sheet of extruded aluminum and remains solid and strong. The roof and floor are still holding up perfectly.

Nine gloss-black cabinets and four drawers provide ample storage for food and supplies, and the appliances are designed to match, including a two-burner gas stove, an 8-cubic-foot Dometic refrigerator, a microwave-convection oven and a large stainless-steel sink. Infographic April 2014  (14) Otherwise, write “cancel” on the invoice, return it and owe nothing.

July 2006  (1) Our two year ATC Toy Hauler review basically says that the structure and chassis of the trailer is still rock solid, square, and straight. July 2008  (4) Be sure to join ATC Owners, its an owners group. Hence, it gets dirty. We only used it once over the two year period, and it was a time when we didn’t expect temperatures to get down to freezing. September 2010  (5) Interior Width 8′ 2″ Get a FREE issue of Trailer Life magazine. April 2011  (11) Trailer Tent & Camper Reviews We're open 8am - 8pm weekdays, 9am - 4pm weekends & most bank holidays. Having first started riding in 1985 on a Kawasaki KZ400, Steve has ridden all across the United States and Canada. November 2011  (9) February 2016  (18) November 2015  (16) January 2012  (7) Twin compartments at the front of the trailer hold batteries and electronics, and offer general storage. February 2006  (2) Sandwiched between the square-section aluminum wall tubing is 1-inch-thick R-3 insulation, while the ceiling uses 3-inch-thick R-11 insulation. If you like Trailer Life, pay just $18.97 for 11 more issues (12 in all). I just feel the rest of the “toy haulers” out there have depressing build quality. But since the floor and walls are all aluminum, there’s no worries about rot or mold. Simple enough, except we found the side of the step frame can contact the door opening and the door, too, if the door isn’t fully open and latched snugly against the trailer’s side.

February 2012  (6) We get together for campouts and rallies… https://www.atcowners.com. 4,140 lbs. June 2018  (13) It seems the culprit is an inadequate battery charging system. John L. Stein served as a charter editor of Automobile magazine and road-test editor of Cycle, the world’s largest motorcycle magazine. Why do we like shiny things, exactly?

Who knows what the evolutionists would say, but my own theory is that we’re hardwired to notice food and threats. October 2014  (11) I talk about what’s still holding strong, and what didn’t work out. Places to visit We turned on the heating pads for the water line, water tank, gray tank, and black tank, and ran them through the night. The anti-snaking device helps the driver of a towing vehicle handle unexpected driving hazards such as braking traffic and crosswinds from overtaking vehicles. Our dealer didn’t explain this to us, and I’m sure it’s because it’s complicated and they just want to make a sale. Thanks for the note Rick, hope you enjoy your new ATC. Simply pressing a toggle on the interior control panel gets the job done.

Exterior Width 8′ 6″ I review all the major components, starting with the chassis, frame, floor, roof, and on to stuff like leaks, tires, electrical, plumbing, storage tanks, awning… I even talk about the built-in Onan generator, the cabinetry, and the three-season plumbing. Free RV Boondocking in Idaho – Shoshone Falls Road, Sheep Bridge Road, Utah – Free RV Boondocking, Owens River Road Dispersed Camping – Inyo National Forest. August 2008  (1) July 2014  (11) As well, the breakover angle (the point where the trailer door meets the interior floor) might cause some low-slung vehicles to high-center. May 2016  (13) We only had to get a new converter. This is no problem for off-road vehicles, but we worried about running the road-racing Ducati’s more vulnerable pavement tires too hard into it. Next, this assembly is righted, and prefabricated aluminum walls, likewise welded on jigs for accuracy, are positioned, rather like a tilt-up building.
Need it to register the caravan. September 2009  (3) It’s an electronic anti-snaking system for touring caravans. Hundreds of miles of travel, four dry-camping days and nights, and numerous track sessions gave us strong exposure to all three vehicles, and with a few minor complaints, we enjoyed each one equally well. June 2010  (3) Dry camping at a desert racetrack can be a rough-and-tumble experience, with wind, heat and dust nearly constant companions. Had this on our Senator California, and now have it on our Coachman Vision 575/4. I see so many stories of tire-tread flying off and destroying plastic fenders. November 2010  (5) March 2019  (17) I also noticed the caulking had been applied very poorly around windows and doors, meaning water was already leaking into the wooden frame work while sitting on these dealer lots. January 2019  (11) Email: info@caravanguard.co.uk. It’s a trade-off that we think is justified and is how most RVs are designed and built.

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