Which of those interpretations you select depends on the question. Answer: A layout, or 'spread' can be helpful because you can assign extra meanings to the positions. I am a novice in card reading and I am using my playing cards until I get a tarot deck of my own. Answer: Playing cards are the same both ways up. Question: Have you got any suggestions for tarot layouts for a beginner? i am using playcards. Personally, for a quick playing card reading, I’d leave it out. As she is listed under her suit, where it says Clubs are the same as Wands, then she can't be a Major. If you want to read playing cards - get yourself a deck of playing cards. If you read through this article, and the other one, I mentioned, you should gain a clearer understanding. Defending your viewpoint. Then the card after that is the card you want to lay down. Four of Hearts: Emotional stability, possible low-level depression; unaware, or deliberately ignoring the positive aspects in life. Card Descriptions presents every card of the tarot in a straightforward and well-organized format. I found this book thanks to Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot, and it is a fascinating read for anyone who wants to look at tarot through a psychological lens. Detailed Tarot card meaning for the Seven of Cups including upright and reversed card meanings. The core meaning is refusing to see what's in front of you. King of Diamonds: Businessman, achievements through hard work. I personally find reversals confusing and they increase my reliance on the book. The card is connected to a stable family situation. Other examples: a passionate woman is represented by the Queen of Wands (Clubs), an intuitive, empathic woman by the Queen of Cups (Hearts), an ambitious woman by the Queen of Swords (Spades). Answer: Usually, yes. In The Illuminated Tarot, the Major Arcana are combined with specific Minor Arcana cards. Question: How can you use a standard deck of playing cards without the Major Arcana or the Pages? Access the Biddy Tarot Card Meanings database - an extensive Tarot resource. The first time I worked with this spread, I was not surprised You can find more tarot articles at tarot-study.info. The King of Clubs is equivalent to the King of Wands in the tarot. They are associated with fire. Ghost cards by Bicycle. By understanding the meaning of tarot cards, you can gain much more insight from each of your readings. Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on April 08, 2019: Hi Nancy, feel free to print any of my articles out for educational purposes, but not to republish online. Tarot is relatively young compared to playing cards which initially came from China. Ten of Clubs: Responsibilities, weighed down, burdened but almost at the end of the project/life-stage. Spades are equivalent to the tarot suit of Swords. Question: How do you if it's a he or she when the jack/knave tarot card appears? Question: When using playing cards for Tarot, do certain cards have any seasonal value? All rights reserved. His expression indicates that he's getting away with something. Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on February 14, 2020: Hi what does it mean when you find a card face down but when you pull it up and turn it over its blank? Thankyou. Leave a comment Tarot Meanings astrology, illumination, intuition, moon, signs, understanding, zodiac. Question: How can you tell if someone is a blonde light skin male or female in tarot? However, there is a scale of meaning from negative to positive. There isn't one that is generally accepted by all. Journal - a tarot journal is a place where one can record tarot readings, tarot dreams, tarot exercises and rituals, or notes about tarot study and meditation. Answer: They can, in a similar way to Pages in tarot. Seven of Spades: Theft, recovery of property or abstract quality (confidence, self-esteem, etc.). In The Illuminated Tarot, the Major Arcana are combined with specific Minor Arcana cards. Answer: In the traditional interpretations, yes, they do. Nine of Spades: Nightmares, repetitive thought, problems, anxiety, depression. Rosengarten’s therapeutic case studies would likely be relevant to anyone who reads tarot for others, even those without a background in mental health. Back in the day, physical characteristics were assigned to certain cards, but it just doesn't work in a non-homogeneous society. Yes they do. Is this correct? Positive and negative? Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on February 26, 2020: Hi Juno, they can have different meanings for people - those who read intuitively, for example. Two articles that would help with your questions: https://exemplore.com/fortune-divination/How-Accur... https://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/Can-I-Ask... hello, I would like to ask are the tarot cards always accurate...also I pulled queen of pentacles, queen of swords, 10 of pentacles and 7 of wands about how the person in my mind feels about me at the moment what does this mean? Eight of Hearts: Leaving, splitting up, change of direction. Some may read this card from the point of view of the horses and others from that of the barn owner. Tarot cards may seem mysterious and confusing, but they don’t have to be. This book is full of creative ideas for getting the most out of your tarot deck. Answer: Jacks can represent young men or women. Diamonds are related to the Pentacles/Coins suit in tarot, therefore are connected to material concerns, such as home-making, child-rearing and health. Copyright © Avia Tarot Teachings. So the three would be three weeks after the start of winter and the nine would be nine weeks in. Two of Hearts: Mutual attraction, love, friendship.

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