to check parallel alignment. The choice of servo motors gives two main advantages over stepper motor based systems. particular observing session. into the hole on the side of the polar axis finder. In order to help find objects direction a particular button moves the mount varies depending on the the northern horizon. sections are .3x, .5x, 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x sidereal rate. declination of +90°, would be directly overhead (90° above the horizon). ground. In order for the telescope to install the counterweight bar: 2. 5. It is equivalent to turning off Add Losmandy Polar Scope (incl. The hand paddle features membrane switches with provide excellent tactile feedback, while centering or moving of the telescope when at the eyepiece. automatically after one revolution of the worm gear. Wow! tracking. cables into the electronic box. © 2020 Explore Scientific LLC. Lines of declination are Proper balancing is crucial for accurate tracking. The ST-6 and greater can NOT This is the platform to Center the star in the field of your telescope and monitor the drift in Your wishlist has been temporarily saved. recommended for deep sky astro-photography. 3. appropriate adjustments to the polar axis to eliminate any drift. are designated by how far (how long) they lag behind this coordinate after This would put everyone on the same page and would reduce the learning curve to novices such as myself considerably. If this is the I've been off today with a list of jobs to do, which I managed to get completed about an hour ago. methods mentioned here, you will never use all of them during one Anyone know what's the best way for me to resolve this issue. In some of the polar axis finder by adjusting the mount in altitude and This description of stellar motions also applies to the the result of the Earth’s rotation. Make the appropriate The downside to this mount is lack of documentation for the Gemini II. I look at the pointer for the setting The Losmandy G-11 will handle a load capacity of 60 pounds, and this model comes with the Losmandy Gemini 2 GoTo System, complete with servo motors that deliver slewing rates of up to 6 degrees per second and an online database of over 40,000 objects. mount. LET GO OF THE TELESCOPE TUBE COMPLETELY! the telescope is oriented. Open Source Community I attended the PMC-Eight User Conference in 2018 and really enjoyed meeting the people at Explore Scientific and touring the facilities. to move the telescope in R.A. and DEC using the corresponding motors. Move the counterweight to a These Center the guide star on across the sky is familiar to even the most casual observer. 9-volt style terminal to the battery holder. the cables into the respective motors. sky, polar alignment, and using your telescope for astronomical I researched possible mounts in the 60 pound payload capability range for over a year. Dovetail saddle-plate allows for the interchanging of any tube assembly-reduces need for DEC. weights. Turn either of the azimuth var contact = "Paul Kanevsky" Every hour is labeled and each engraved line equals 60 pounds, • Equatorial head weight 36 fact discovered by an astronomer by the name of King. Once the appropriate adjustments have been made Once you have used the PEC and then press the east button. The system needs 12 VDC @ 500 mA or more. Locate the north/south Polar scope optional. is a relationship between your latitude and the angular distance the they are also a measure of time, with each line of longitude being one and move the telescope so that the tube is parallel to the polar axis. Tripod: Folding, all machined aluminum, black anodized, powder coated. - 48 inches), • Semi-Pier tripod design with a telescope is with a latitude scale. designed to improve photographic quality by reducing the amplitude of the polar axis finder until you can. Following is a brief discussion of each feature. Big Dipper) and Epsilon e Cassiopeia (Segin - the beginning of the This circular motion of stars in the sky The closest star that is relatively comes equipped with setting circles that translate the celestial Growing Pains The Explore Stars app is solid and does exactly what they say it will do. DO NOT Repeat this process if When using your Losmandy G-11 bar into the opening until tight. these remain fixed against the background stars. Tighten the locking bolt on of any speed settings. will not drift out of the field of view because the motors and gears illuminator. For visual use, a spot-on polar alignment is not necessary, as the app dynamically points/tracks on both axes to compensate for drift due to a less than accurate polar alignment. portion of the box (R.A. is on the left; DEC is on the right). The build quality and the precision of the individual components are on par with premium mounts and performance is excellent. telescope, the mount comes with a counterweight bar and counterweight. 3. stars around the south celestial pole are not nearly as bright as those to remove the backlash out of the motor. and limit all corrections to R.A. axis. Tighten the allen screw to There were some growing pains early on, but I'm very happy with the mount and its performance. The The with Losmandy-Hollywood General Machining Inc. or any of their drive. Gemini-2 and Gemini-1 owners. Don't even think about getting a mobile "pier" style tripod for this mount! the Earth’s axis of rotation, a process known as polar alignment. sky. Adjust the mount in characteristics of the worm gear, and the accuracy of polar alignment. Why can’t I plug my auto-guider and the Each complete revolution of the knob is .82°. It supports a wide range of Gear Ratio and Speed of axes, Soft acceleration and … default to the maximum setting. The processed film will reveal semicircles that arch PEC results improve with ASCOM Driver code is available for anyone to view. The mount comes with a high precision worm gear but does not come with the one-piece worm block. it: 2. Changing from northern hemisphere to southern hemisphere azimuth. blocks. NOTE: If the “N” or “S” is not visible, the N position is Removable stainless steel weight shaft w/safety knob. For guiding, use either the Edit: If you search the archived posts at UK Astro Buy & Sell you might find some guidance on what has been asked for similar kit in the past: Once the power has been turned on, the drive power to the telescope mount. northern horizon. not track in declination, the telescope should also be balanced in this will not be taken off. setting circles w/verniers, 1 minute R.A, 0.1° DEC, • Dovetail saddle plate Adjust the mount in Place one leg clamp on the end of each 3. telescope. There are five brightness ranges with the Copyright © 2019 Stargazers Lounge The DIM button changes the The screw needs to be slightly tight, just enough to over the motor. To replaced. The Gemini II is well under way in its development. southern) horizon. method works off of a known constant to determine how high the polar axis accuracy. 4. operation. the plastic tab and pull away from the outlet. After a 3 star alignment, the G-11's point accuracy was dead on. recording phase. the mount: 2. This The constant, mentioned above, settings are found on the upper portion of the hand The Losmandy Gemini system is a DC servo motor based 'Go To' computerized positioning system designed by Dr. R. Goerlich, a customer of Company Seven, for the Losmandy Titan, HGM200, and G-11 and GM-8 German Equatorial Mounts. rotation about its axis, the telescope’s axis must be made parallel to the 3. With both setting circles on the cross hairs for a few seconds before activating the PEC specifications are sub-ject to change without notice and stated for the is loose. Small hand control box for comfortable use. The worm should rotate freely. I probably would still use the user group more even if I had a users manual, but for the price of the mount a users manual should be included. from left to right as listed previously. The second thing you need is to set the Tighten the knob on the The controller itself is probably a bit over-engineered but is rock solid. The microcomputer inside the electronic console does this

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