While these poorly done retrofits may not be as much of a problem as they were a few years ago it is best to keep your eyes open when servicing older R-22 systems.

The listed oils SHC226E (PAO) and B‍S‍G‍6‍8‍K (PAG) are categorized as group KE according to DIN51503, Part 1. This is why it is rated as an A3 refrigerant from ASHRAE. Please note that IEC does not represent the United States of Americas. It had been switched over to R-290, a leak occurred, and the techs were smoking cigarettes in an enclosed room. Along with that demand has come innovation as we are seeing newer and better ways to use R-290 in various systems. The solubility of R290 in the oil and the R290/oil mixture viscosity in the oil sump of rotary compressors used in air conditioner are important parameters affecting the compressor reliability, system performance and R290 charged mass in system. R-290 has a variety of applications that it can be used in including commercial refrigeration, vending machines, ice machines, industrial refrigeration, residential and commercial air conditioning, industrial chillers and much more. If you maintenance other equipment besides your standard home/commercial air conditioners then you will run into a propane system. It was in the 1930’s that the DuPont corporation formed a partnership with General Motors. In today’s world natural refrigerants and hydrocarbons are much safer. This time instead of the Ozone it was due to the Global Warming Potential (GWP). Instead, we have opted for synthetic refrigerants such as CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, and now HFOs. (Story can be found here.) Prior to interventions in the refrigerant circuit, interrupt the power supply on the main switch!

When performing maintenance work indoors, always switch on room ventilation! This system would use, you guessed it, propane. Refrigerant can ignite and also form an explosive atmosphere depending on its concentration in air! Propane has zero Ozone depletion potential and has a Global Warming Potential of only three. Ammonia is rated as slightly flammable and is rated as toxic if exposed in large enough quantities. Some damage through Ozone depletion and others through Global Warming. The end result of this partnership brought into the world some of the most famous refrigerants in the world: R-11, R-12, and R-22. Relevant literature recommends the following seaI materials for polyalkylene glycol oils (PAG) and poly-alpha-olefin oils (PAO) with refrigerant propane: Low oil temperatures and a high suction side standstill pressure must be avoided. Certain content that appears on this site comes from Amazon Services LLC. This alone would reduce the risk of leakage and make installation much easier. This can lead to safety hazards for the homeowner when ‘retrofitting,’ their system to R-290. Some of the most recent that I have seen are the stand alone R-290 supermarket systems.

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