As a result, the area of control of Wenck's army to his rear and east of the Elbe River had become a vast refugee camp for German civilians fleeing the path of the approaching Soviet forces. Wenck was in the ranks of the Freikorps for a short time in 1919, and was once wounded in the leg. According to unconfirmed estimates, the 12th Army provided food for about a quarter of a million people each day. I suggest to read this masterpiece of answer by Jay Bazzinotti answer to What are some of the details of what Walther Wenck did in the Battle of Berlin? Aware of the hopelessness of his position, Wenck realized that Soviet captivity was imminent. In France, he once ordered an antiaircraft Flak 88mm gun fired outside his headquarters, the objective being to scare a visiting general out of his bathtub. The Iron Armenian aka G.I. With General Felix Steiner commanding the 11th SS Panzer Army, this was one of the last major German tank offensives of the war. He called Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel at the new Supreme Command Headquarters in Fürstenberg. Despite the attacks on his escape path, Wenck brought his own army, remnants of the Ninth Army, and many civilian refugees safely across the Elbe and into territory occupied by the U.S. Army. "Wenck (!)

Zhukov’s troops surrounded Berlin from the north, and Marshal Konev’s troops of the 1st Ukrainian Front surrounded it from the south. After the refugees and troops crossed the Elbe, on May 7 Wenck surrendered to the Americans. He was released in 1947. This article was sourced from Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. However, on the approaches to Potsdam they faltered upon opposition from the Soviet troops and were subsequently forced to interrupt the offensive. As his attempt to reach Berlin started to look impossible, Wenck developed a plan to move his army towards the Forest of Halbe. Wenck also wanted to provide an escape route for as many citizens of Berlin as possible. Wenck was captured and put in a prisoner of war camp. Hitler once sent him to kill Fegelein but this ended up in failure.

The Twelfth Army was positioned to defend against the advancing American and British forces on the Western Front. Thirdly, bulk of Ninth Army surrounded. Wenck was the youngest general in the German Army during World War II.

Top-undername-people Wenck, Walther, born 18-09-1900 in Wittenberg, to army officer Maximilian Wenck, was the youngest General in the German Army during World War II. Walther Wenck (18 September 1900 – 1 May 1982) was the youngest general in the German Army and a highly experienced staff officer during World War II. From 1943 to 1944, Wenck was Chief of Staff of the First Panzer Army. Fifthly of the whereabouts of General Rudolf Holste's spearhead. Read another story from us: Did Nazi Germany Ever Stand a Chance of Winning WW2? Krebs told Keitel that, if relief did not arrive within 48 hours, all would be lost. It’s not about Berlin any more, it’s not about the Reich any more.” Despite the systematic attacks on retreat routes, Wenck sent his troops, surviving units of the 9th Army, and many civilians into the territories occupied by the U.S. Army across the Elbe. ", In the early morning of 30 April, Jodl replied to Krebs: "Firstly, Wenck's spearhead bogged down south of Schwielow Lake. From 1944 to 1945, Wenck was Quartermaster General I. Wenck's forces attacked towards Berlin in good form and made some initial progress, but they were halted outside of Potsdam by strong Soviet resistance. On the night of April 29-30, 1945, Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel received several messages from Adolf Hitler. He lost two brothers in the first World War, Helmuth, age 19 on 27-03-1915 in Russia and … WENCK?!?!

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