Glock produces five models of single-stack "Slimline" subcompact pistols, the Glock 36 in .45 ACP, the Glock 42 in .380 ACP, and the Glock 43, 43x, and 48 in 9×19mm.

[10] The Federal Ministry of Defence of Austria formulated a list of 17 criteria for the new generation service pistol, including requirements that it would be self loading; fire the NATO-standard 9×19 mm Parabellum round; the magazines were not to require any means of assistance for loading; be secure against accidental discharge from shock, strike, and drop from a height of 2 m onto a steel plate. [28] In an extremely rare circumstance, at least two “factory error” Glock pistols have been found without the standard Glock logo and caliber roll marks on the slide.

Email:, 10AM-6PM CDT Mon-Fri [17], Starting in 2013 the British Armed Forces began replacing the Browning Hi-Power pistol with the Glock 17 Gen 4, due to concerns about weight and the external safety of the Hi-Power.

Given Glocks mantra of “Perfection,” it’s highly unlikely these were intentionally released, as not having these roll marks may violate ATF firearm manufacture laws. [119] It is not known if they could make their way to Iranian Military and replace the Browning Hi-Power, 1911 and SIG P226 pistols and they were possibly some prototypes and have never gone on mass production.
The trigger mechanism housing has also been modified to fit into the smaller-sized grip space.[35][36][37][38][39].

The Glock's frame, magazine body, and several other components are made from a high-strength nylon-based polymer invented by Gaston Glock, called Polymer 2.
Instead of using a traditional broaching machine to cut the rifling into the bore, the hammer forging process involves beating a slowly rotating mandrel through the bore to obtain the hexagonal or octagonal shape. Some of those did not have the fish gills. Please check your email for confirmation message, 388 products / 8,616 models, Truglo TFX Glock High Glock 20/21/25/28/29/30/31/32 3 Dot Green Sight, Lone Wolf AlphaWolf Glock 29 10mm to 40S&W Conversion Barrel, Glock G20/21/29/30/36/37 6.9mm Steel Green Dot Night Sights, Glock Slide Lock Spring for G26, 27, 29, 30, 33 & 36, TruGlo Brite-Site TFX Sights For Glock 20/21/25/28/29/30/31/32/37/40/41, Crimson Trace Sub-Compact Fits Glock 29 / 30 Laser Grip LG-629, Ameriglo Pro I-dot Set For Glock 20, 21, 29, 30, 31, 32, 36 Front Is ProGlo Green Tritium With Orange Outline Single Dot Green Rear Sight GL-203, Pearce Grip Magazine Extension for Glock 29/20/21/40/41, Lone Wolf AlphaWolf Glock 29 Barrel 10mm Auto, Glock 20/21/29/30/36/37 6.9MM Fixed Rear Polymer Sight, Not G42/G43, Glock G20/21/29/30/36 6.9MM Fixed Rear Steel Sight, Not G42/G43, Trijicon GL04 High Rear 3 Dot Night Sights for 20 / 21 / 29 / 30 Glock Pistol, Glock 29/29SF/30/30SF Trigger w/ Trigger Bar, Glock G29/30 Gen 4 Beavertrail Modular Back Strap Replacement Kit, Bulldog Cases Belt And Clip Ambi Holster - Compact Autos 3 - 4" With Oversized Mag (Fits Glock 26 & 29) FSN-33, Fobus Standard Paddle Right Hand Holsters - Fits Glock 29 / 30 / 30SF, S&W 99, S&W Sigma V GL4, Trijicon Heavy Duty Night Sights For Glock, Night Fision Perfect Dot Night Sight Set, U Rear, Glock, DELTAC Extended Steel Slide Release Lever For Glock Gen1 To Gen4, Night Fision Perfect Dot Night Sight Set, Square Rear, Glock, Blackhawk Holster Fits Glock 30 SERPA Level 2, Ammo Armor Pistol Magazine Cover, Glock 20/21/29, Black Rhino Concealment Trigger Guard Holster for Glock 29/30 Models, ArmaLaser GTO/FLX Finger Touch Green Laser Sight for Glock Handguns, Tacfire Glock & Colt Mag Compatible Bolt Carrier Group, Pearce Grip Mid And Full Size Frames for Glock GEN 4 - Not Models 29/30, Pearce Grip Grip Extension for Glock 29/30SF/30S, Pearce Grip Frame Insert For Glock 29/30 Gen 4, Glock 6.9MM Green Dot Rear Night Sight (Except 42/43), Killer Innovations Velocity Glock 19 Threaded Barrel, XS Sight Systems DXT Standard Dot Sight - Glock, Killer Innovations Velocity Glock 17 Threaded Barrel, AmeriGlo Trooper Sets of Pistol Tritium Night Sights for Glock, ZEV Technologies Fulcrum Adjustable Glock Trigger Upgrade Bar Kit, XS Sight Systems DXT Big Dot Sight - Glock, Safariland Model 6378 ALS Paddle/Belt Loop Glock Holster - Right Hand, AmeriGlo Glock Tritium Night Sights, Lumi Line, Night Fision Glow Dome Night Sight Set for Glock, DPM Telescopic Recoil System for Glock All Gen, FAB Defense Tactic Skin Slide Cover For Glock 17, Night Fision Perfect Dot Suppressor Height Night Sight Set, Sq Rear, Glock, Crimson Trace Laserguard Pro for Glock Full-Size and Compact, AmeriGlo Glock Front Tritium Night Sights, Pro I DOT Set, DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard Holsters, Style 001 - Glocks, Williams Gun Sight Self Defense Pistol Sights For Glock 20/21/29/30/36/41, Return

It’s not apparent if these Glocks were intentionally left unmarked, or if they were not caught during Glock’s exhaustive quality control checks. For these and other reasons, Glock pistols are commonly considered to be some of the most reliable striker-fired, semi-automatic handguns available, with some independent testing even showing a Glock taking a lead over a Sig Sauer P320[55] in a wet/dry reliability test, even though the latter was selected as the winner of the U.S. Army's MHS competition. The slide is coated in the new nDLC coating with an emphasis on replicating the original gray Tenifer finish as closely as possible.

[34], Mechanically, fourth-generation Glock pistols are fitted with a dual recoil spring assembly to help reduce perceived recoil and increase service life expectancy. After applying the nitriding process, a black Parkerized decorative surface finish is applied. [6] Glocks are also popular firearms among civilians for recreational and competition shooting, home- and self-defense, and concealed or open carry.

The barrel is the later 14mm profile with polygonal rifling.

In addition, Glock produces optional triggers, recoil springs, slide stops, magazine release levers, and maritime spring cups. Thus, the interior of the barrel consists of smooth arcs of steel rather than sharply defined slots. For example, the subcompact Glock 26 will accept magazines from both the full-size Glock 17 and the compact Glock 19, but the Glock 17 will not accept magazines from the smaller Glock 19 or the Glock 26. Compensator designed for use with Double Diamond Threaded Barrels for Glock, may not work with other threaded barrels.

It is believed that Glock designed and created this adjustable rear sight over a weekend in order to meet the ATF's importation requirements, and so it was dubbed the "weekend" sight. In January 2013, more fourth-generation Glock pistols were introduced commercially during the annual SHOT Show, including the Glock 20 Generation 4 along with other fourth-generation Glock models.

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