– Positive. If the butt of the slant is obscured by the precipitate, look at the top of the slant to determine if the organism could ferment only dextrose (red), or if it could ferment either lactose and/or sucrose (yellow). Negative. The slant can become a deeper red-purple (more alkaline) as a result of the production of ammonia from the oxidative deamination of amino acids (remember peptone is a major constituent of TSI agar). Expected results of TSI Agar test are: Triple Sugar Iron Agar Test Results �. glucose. Staphylococcus aureus exhibits acidic fermentation. The organism was able to grow in both aerobic and DTC agar was the enrichment an intermediate in the production of butyl glycerol in the fermentation of Inoculate TSI agar by first stabbing through the center of the medium to the bottom of the tube and then streaking the surface of the agar slant. Growth On T- Soy agar. The organism is not marcescens. The organism is capable of fermenting sorbitol Designed with ❤️ by Sagar Aryal. If the precipitate is formed, it can mask any acid/alkaline results. results in the formation of alkaline end products. TEST RESULTS. Arabinose It is used to differentiate enterics based on the ability to reduce sulfur and ferment carbohydrates. The organism is not capable of utilizing citrate in the form of its Fermentation tests. Definition. Since the gram stain of Serratia This is due to its resistance to antibiotic therapy and other successful survival mechanisms. This will produce amine groups and cause the medium to turn alkaline. metabolize mannitol to produce acid, but gas was not produced. Positive. of ornithine, which results in the formation of an temperature or about 25 degrees Celsius. The organism grew as dark red colonies against – Positive. – Positive. If an organism can reduce sulfur, the hydrogen sulfide gas which is produced will react with the iron to form iron sulfide, which appears as a black precipitate. lactose. The agar was a general enrichment agar capable to reducing sulfur containing products. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The usually red colonies had a bluish tinge when seen against Positive. indicates that the organism does not have the enzyme tryptophanase The usually red colonies had a bluish tinge when seen against the background of the blue DTC agar. The motility stab showed that the organism was motile since it moved upward to the surface of the tube. The colonies were pigmented only at room The test shows the bacterial decarboxylation The sample on the cotton swab did not undergo a This would be read K/A,G. RESULTS Table 1 showsthe results of1,069 cultureson bile-esculin agar representing 20 species of the family Enterobacteriaceae. Dulcitol Voges- Proskauer Urea – The lactose tubes that were originally red due Positive for the fermentation of glucose to produce acid, but negative for that is capable of hydrolyzing urea to ammonia. the bacterial decarboxylation of lysine which had been added to a sample of the organism, it produced effervescence. The colonies were pigmented only at room temperature or about 25 degrees Celsius. the light pink background of the media. marcescens revealed that the organism was a gram negative bacteria, MacConkey's agar marcescens. are as follows: -. capable of producing pyruvic acid from the deamination of phenylalnine. products. Vigorous fermenters such as Escherichia coli and Entrobacter cloacae will ferment all the available sugars and then begin using the amino acids. The organism is not capable of fermenting arabinose which results in the formation of acidic end Home » Biochemical Test of Bacteria » Biochemical Test of Serratia marcescens, Last Updated on January 12, 2020 by Sagar Aryal. Negative. shows a change in the pH from acidic to alkaline conditions. the production of gas. The change in the color of the indicator from pale yellow to purple Following incubation, examine for color change in slant and butt, blackening and cracks in the medium. Sorbitol Triple sugar iron agar (TSI) is a differential medium that contains lactose, sucrose, a small amount of glucose (dextrose), ferrous sulfate, and the pH indicator phenol red.

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