The female died unexpectedly just before going to her new home at 8 weeks old. She has now gone to Blossom's old home with one of Ginger's unrelated boys. There’s a lot that goes into taking care of a baby chipmunk. Sadly Millie rejected the litter soon after birth and although I tried to hand-rear them I had never hand-reared babies from a couple of hours old before and they didn't make it sadly.

I don't want to sell them or their carrier siblings as just pets as they are very rare. seven females and three boys. During the Winter some Chipmunks do change their behaviour, some will become withdrawn and not want to interact with you as much, others will become territorial of their cage and aggressive this is nothing to do with you but to do with the time of year/natural instinct to protect their cached food.

Let’s get started. Posted 9th June 2014. There was one Dilute boy and two Agoutis (one girl and one boy). Initially I thought there was seven babies but at about a month old I found a fifth girl! simon. Baby chipmunks (called kits, kittens, or pups) are born blind, hairless, and helpless. There was one Cinnamon a female, five Agouti males and one Agouti female. At this stage, your chipmunk will become more active. // -->. In the event you cannot keep the Cinnamon anymore it MUST be returned to me, and I will find it another Cinnamon breeding programme or else keep it as part of mine if I have a unrelated Cinn/Cinn carrier I can breed to it.

Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. "},{"@type":"Question","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Chipmunk Appearance Chipmunks are a small species of ground squirrel.\u003ca href=''\u003econtinue\u003c/a\u003e"},"name":"👍What do chipmunks look like? Quick Answer: What Is The Origin Of The Word Psalm? You can mix Esbilac powder formula with water and feed it to the chipmunk. Petal (Grey Pied) and Albus (Agouti Cinnamon/Grey/Pied carriers) both bred a litter together before sadly passing away suddenly, Petal's babies were born 18th march and were only a month old when they were left orphaned by their mum passing away. They are most active at dusk and dawn. I only have a small number of Agouti and Dilute's now so the numbers of those colours born will be a lot less. 6. I would be willing  to sell the carriers into breeding homes, either to breed Cinnamons or to attempt to breed some of the other  more rarer colours. But me and his owner decided to give him another chance and it turned out to be a good idea as he is fertile. I would be very sad also if one of my babies injured or killed another. They gave us five babies - one Agouti girl, one Agouti boy, one gingerish Grey boy, a Cinnamon Pied boy similar to Star born in 2013 and finally a tiny Fawn (cream/ginger), he was half the size of the other babies but extra cute. The other two babies were Agouti a girl and a boy, both went to new homes.10: Arwen (Agouti Cinn, Dilute, Grey, Pied and Fawn carrier) also bred with Albus (Agouti Cinn, Dilute, Pied, Grey and Fawn carrier). 1 week old – The chipmunk will have no fur, and its eyes and ears will be closed. The litter didn't survive there was only two babies both girls and both Cinnamon although one girl did survive to a month old. His eyes are closed at this stage but you might begin to see a small slit as they begin to open. Weren't the Chipmunks just so cute as babies?? The babies all went to new homes.

It was Pearl and Ewan's first litter and they had all Agoutis, four girls and three boys. Thankfully Willow and Nugget seem fine I did give their aviary a good clean after their babies died. Sugar's sister Spice who also had babies killed all Sugar's babies shortly after birth. Children often seem to become bored with their pets after the initial novelty has worn off, you should never buy a pet if its for a child because chances are you are going to have to look after it if the child is no longer interested. 2. Hermione mated with Asriel on Friday 19th February 2010 and they had four little babies Lottie, Isabella, Blossom and Ronald-Harry . The other three babies went to new homes but the male was killed a few months later by another Chipmunk in his new home. Question: Is Mcdonalds Orange Juice Vegan. I was very fond of the babies but had to give them up, all of them went to new homes to be part of Cinnamon breeding. Also i do not recommend Chipmunks as pets for children under the age of 12 this is because Chipmunks can be difficult to handle, can bite hard, need specific dietry needs and have very delicate tails which can easily come off and always get under your feet so they are really pets for teenagers or older and if you buy a Chippie for a teenager you must be prepared to look after it if the child loses interest, or goes to college/uni and hasn't got time for their pet or otherwise its best not to buy a pet in the first place. Shape The World.

Place it in a small shallow box, leave the area, and allow the mother time to return. White, silver, and other, Is fried rice bad for you? I decided to rehome Millie as she had become quite a bully injuring one of my females. When I first saw these babies a few days old I could tell that they were a little different. Rehydrate the baby chipmunk with a rehydration solution, such as Pedialyte. The last places to remain hairless are under the tail and on the lower legs. }

Imagine something that looks like a pink jelly bean. She was quite a bit smaller than the other babies. Our first litter in 2011 was six Dilute White babies born the 6th April. Remember all Chippies need time to develop a good bond with you, even a friendly baby can be nervous of you when first brought home, you always need patience with Chippies and lots of treats but hopefully with abit of time the Chippie will become a great friend to you. Its coat will have fully developed as well. This was a first litter for two of my Chipmunks. if (event.keyCode == 96){ return (false);}

She like Ginger bred Agouti, Cinn and Fawn in the same litter. This year we got a Summer litter. I will still get some Agouti because this colour is dominant over all other colours. The other survivors were male. List of Top 10 Highest, What is bad hygiene? While chipmunks are intelligent and affectionate, there are some drawbacks to keeping them in captivity.

I use Agoutis and some Dilutes in my Cinnamon programme so they are likely to turn up from time to time. She can be found at All the babies went to new homes.7. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

They were born 28th August so quite late really. Chipmunks need fresh fruit and veg daily or at least several times a week. Once again, there is no requirement regarding the number of minimum feeds or the amount. If his mother does not show up, take the baby home. Vegetable Plants and Worms: These are suitable once the chipmunk is 9 weeks old. Litter four arrived the day after Lyra's (21st march), born to Ginger (Agouti Cinnamon Grey Pied Fawn carrier) and Frodo (Cinnamon).

Jan 15, 2017 - Cutest Baby Chipmunk Pictures. I have kept these until future litters. The litter was a surprise I didn't know she was pregnant until about a week before she was due. I kept three of the Cinnamons Bailey, Saffron and Cinnamon and the other babies went to new homes.

To make it less confusing as there is a lot of information I have colour highlighted the most recent updates for each litter. By 2 weeks old, his fur is sparse but starting to become evident if you look at the picture closely. *Sandi and Scabbers*Litter six was born the same day as litter five. They have all had treatment and thankfully have survived. I don't know what happened. The Mum was Hermione and the Dad was Asriel. The next litter was born to Saffy (Agouti) and Cosmo (Agouti Cinnamon Grey Pied carrier) on 16th march it was Cosmo's first litter. 1 : 0; The Cinn boy is now called Pipkin, the Pied  Cinn is now Star and their greyish Pied sister is now called Petal. Edward had previously bred with Sandi much earlier in the year and also another Cinnamon who belongs to a friend but he didn't get either pregnant . Locate the genitals and anus. Pups develop quickly, though, and leave the nest by 4 to 6 weeks of age to make their own way in the world. "},{"@type":"Question","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"They eat various types of seeds as well as fungus, helping to spread the mycorrhizal fungi that live around tree roots and are critical to tree survival.\u003ca href=''\u003econtinue\u003c/a\u003e"},"name":"👍What are chipmunks good for? Willow's  five babies and Lottie's remaining three babies grew up together just as if they were real Brother's  & Sister's. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Litter seven was born on 2nd april to Lexi (Dilute) and Draco (Agouti Dilute carrier), it was Lexi's first litter she had two Agoutis, a boy and a girl and one Dilute boy. 7. There was 7 Dilute White babies to start with but two girls died. Supplement-based Solid Food: When the chipmunk is 4 weeks old, you can switch to supplement-based solid foods. Weren't the Chipmunks just so cute as babies?? Do not give cow’s milk or any other food to the chipmunk. This primarily consists of rodent chow. I found them all homes I was unsure whether they would carry the Cinnamon gene as Scabber's doesn't, they all went to new homes. It was especially sad as this was probably Nugget's last litter he is nearly 5 now so getting quite old.15. © 2020 WILD SKY MEDIA. I am unsure exactly who had what as the sister's nested together but there was four Cinnamons all boys and three Agoutis (one boy, two girls) altogether. document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN); His eyes are closed at this stage but you might begin to see a small slit as they begin to open. Litter three was from Lottie and Nugget who also had babies together in 2011.

Imagine something that looks like a pink jelly bean. Kieda gave birth to six Cinnamon babies 2nd September (our last litter last year). You can find out more about the parentage of these babies by reading further below. If you are planning to keep them outside do ensure the aviary is fully escape proof (check under Looking After Chipmunks page for Chipmunk-proofing outside aviaries. She was the same size as them even though she was older and should of already doubled in size she was still the size of a newborn baby. I didn't discover them until a day or so after birth I think Sugar originally had them in another nest but they were moved into Saffy's nest and that was when I discovered them. chipmunks. A picture with proper coloring will show the babies as grayish pink. Depending on their age, you can feed a baby chipmunk with the following: Liquefied Food: This is suitable when the chipmunk is 1 to 3 weeks old. Since these are so few I will keep these for now to try and develop these colours further but if I ever get them more regularly I will be looking to home them in Cinnamon breeding programmes, as most of them will carry Cinn. How can you tell how old a baby chipmunk is? Shortly after, they are weaned when their mother either moves them to another burrow or moves out herself. Other animal milk replacers and cow milk could cause death. I am confident Millie will rear her future litters she was a fantastic mother with her other two litters and even fostered Star from Ginger's litter early last year with her own litter.

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