All 43 people on board the aircraft were killed.nkfska;jsa. AIN’T IT GREAT TO LIVE IN A FREE COUNTRY! Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771 was a flight that crashed near Cayucos, California, United States, on December 7, 1987, as a result of a murder-suicide scheme by one of the passengers. When they’re as mad as Jesse Jackson at the airport being paged to answer the White Courtesy Phone. The latest FBI disclosure ″gives a little more insight into the occurrences that ended the flight,″ PSA spokesman Bill Hastings said from the airline’s San Diego headquarters. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); It said, "Hi Ray. Accident, incident and crash related photos, Air to Air The real David Burke. After spending 2 days as one of the front page stories of the New York Times, (December 8 & 9), the story dropped down to page A-28 as soon as it was learned who the shooter-hijacker actually was (December 11). Just sit back and enjoy your well-deserved fate, or should I say, your children and grand-children’s undeserved fate. Raymond Thompson was a regular passenger on the flight. If memory serves Sheriff asked NTSB to do a spectral analysis of the CVR and determined the sequence of events thru noise of lav door and shots fired. – doesn’t conclusively prove, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the corrupt US News Media is deliberately waging a ‘War on Whites’, then you are beyond help at this point. psa airlines flight 182 - actual recorded cvr audio. Wreckage and bodies were strewn over a five-mile area and the gun, with six shots expended, was found buried in the mud at the crash site. The recording had sounds like two gunshots in the passenger area, then an intruder entering the cockpit, followed by the four sounds like shots just before the radio went dead, the FBI said Tuesday. USAir had recently purchased and was in the process of absorbing Pacific Southwest Airlines. The first step is to educate yourselves, and others, as to who these ‘Global elites’ are and why they do what they do. The plane was estimated to have crashed at around 770 mph, disintegrating instantly. ″Hopefully, some more detail will come out eventually.″. military rank structure. The San Bernardino County Times (a small local paper) offered an honest glimpse into Burke’s animosity towards White people (which all, or nearly all, of the passengers certainly were). There would have been commemorative postage stamps, group site tours ala Auschwitz, a national Black Holiday, artistic reenactments combined with anti-White self-flagellation and “National conversations” for the next 50 years, at least. Authorities earlier had said only that shots were believed to have been fired in the passenger cabin before the jetliner crashed in San Luis Obispo County. PSA one eighty-two, additional traffic's, ah, twelve o'clock, three miles just But instead, the story just dried up as soon as it became known what had happened. Of course! The cockpit voice recorder ″confirms that just prior to the pilot’s making an appeal to the (Federal Aviation Administration’s) Oakland Center, two noises were heard that sounded like gunshots aboard the aircraft,″ said Richard Bretzing, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles office. Therefore, the CVR transcripts should only be viewed as an investigative tool to be used in conjunction with other evidence. Burke had been terminated by USAir for petty theft of $69 from in-flight cocktail receipts, and had also been suspected of other crimes. David Burke was a violent abusive man who fathered 7 children out of wedlock with multiple “baby mammas”. Only Whites are capable of bigotry, but never Blacks or Browns! The timing of the lavatory door sounds, Burke’s seating proximity to Thomson, and the two quick gun shots heard just after the 2nd door closing sound, suggest that Burke entered the lavatory in order to discreetly draw his gun. There would have been Hollywood films, annual remembrance extravaganzas, revenge attacks, marches, vigils, and songs. Names such as Charles Manson, David Berkowitz (Son of Sam), Richard Speck, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski (The Unabomber) etc. A final gunshot was heard followed not long after by a sudden silence. It is probable, though not known for certain, that he gave the message to Thomson to read just before going to the lavatory, and then re-emerging moments later. The transcript, or parts thereof, if taken out of context can be misleading. The remains of 27 passengers were never identified. Dramatization of the descent into death  /  All Flight recorders recovered (unlike 9/11, but I digress). Airport overviews from the air or ground, Tails and Winglets ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? The high-speed impact compressed the soil, which almost immediately rebounded, throwing fragments and paper (including the note by Burke) back into the air, before flames consumed them. Fortunately, if that’s the right word, Burke did not hijack a 747. A small, cheap plaque in the grass is all that there is to remember the lost crew (above) and all the passengers of Flight 1771. Transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) APP = San Diego Approach CAM = Cockpit Area Mike RDO = Radio transmission 1 = Captain 2 = First officer 3 = 2nd officer 4 = Casual PSA captain. ″A female was then heard to say in a controlled voice a one-word warning to the captain. A final gunshot was heard followed not long after by a sudden silence. chunksize int, optional. The co-pilot immediately reported that a gun had been fired and no further transmissions were received from the crew. were hyped to the stars and have since become part of American folklore. CO Is My Airline of Choice || Baggage Claim is an airline's last chance to disappoint a customer || Next flts in profile. Rather, he was fired from being a passenger ticket agent on November 19th, 1987, because he was reported to have committed petty theft by stealing $69 from the airlines' cocktail sales fund – an act that was caught on a hidden camera. Reagan said a transcript of the cockpit recording was being withheld pending completion of the FBI investigation, at which time the information will be turned over the National Transportation Safety Board for release. It was a horrible incident, it was the final devestation of PSA...though never would have happened if US didn't take them over!! zero seven zero on the heading and VF'n R below three The transcript, or parts thereof, if taken out of context, could be misleading. one mile a Cessna. Some commotion was recorded in the cockpit and shortly before the recording ended, another shot report sounding like a gunshot was heard,″ Bretzing said. All 43 people on board the aircraft died, including the man who caused the crash, a disgruntled former employee of USAir, the parent company of PSA. Indeed, there is only a small, nameless commemoration plaque at the site of the mass murder-crash! PSA one eighty-two, traffic's at twelve o'clock, three miles The FBI said it had been loaned to Burke by a friend. How far are you going to take your downwind one eighty-two, If you are a regular reader, you should know by now where your author is going with this. Burke’s photo was never published. This accident accelerated the change over. "The Smile of Stockton" Near Harmony, California. Therefore, the explosive nature of the Flight 1771 story had to be spiked at all costs and for all eternity. we are the boeing... resistance is futile...You will be assimilated. My God! FBI investigators were able to lift a print from a fragment of finger stuck in the pistol's trigger guard, which positively identified Burke as holding the weapon when the aircraft crashed. The plane struck a rocky hillside, leaving a crater less than 2 feet deep and 4 feet across, presumably where the landing gear struck the ground. Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771 was a scheduled flight along the West Coast of the United States, from Los Angeles, California, to San Francisco. USAir had recently purchased and was in the process of absorbing Pacific Southwest Airlines. A mile of highway takes you a mile. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. As he exited the lavatory a few moments later, Burke took out his handgun and fired twice at Thomson, as the cockpit voice recorder later confirmed. But it was determined several days later by the FBI and NTSB investigators, after the discovery of both the handgun containing six spent bullet casings and the note written on the air-sickness bag, that Burke was the person responsible for the crash. Though Thomson’s own seat was never recovered, part of a serial numbered seat that was identified from the wreckage as being directly behind Thomson’s was found to have two bullet holes in it. aviation flight records. But, he did not find a new life on the west coast. Burke stormed out of Thomson’s office muttering a cryptic threat, aimed at Thomson, to the secretary. Well, according to the CVR of the Egypt Air, the pilot admitted to shutting down the engines. The amazement with the note onboard the PSA flight really got me interested though, I'm still wondering how they figured that out. CVR transcript PSA Flight 182 - 25 SEP 1978. Everything from the Goodyear blimp to the Zeppelin, Night Photos I never thought of that. The remains of the flight data recorder (FDR) indicated the control column had been pushed forward, most likely by Burke, causing the aircraft to dive. Some former girlfriends, neighbors and law-enforcement described him as a violent man before the murders. Just think – what a story! After a meeting with his supervisor, Raymond F. Thomson, in an unsuccessful attempt to be reinstated, he purchased a ticket on PSA Flight 1771, a daily flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco. That’s right! 08.59:30 APP PSA one eighty-two, traffic twelve o'clock, one mile northbound 08.59:35 RDO-1 We're looking It is speculated that the final shot fired by Burke had killed the airline's chief pilot, who was also on board as a passenger and who may have tried to reach the cockpit to save the aircraft. website builder. It is believed that Burke killed the airline’s chief pilot, who was also on board as a passenger and may have been trying to reach the cockpit to save the aircraft. Thomson was also on the plane. After meeting with Raymond F. Thomson, his supervisor, in an unsuccessful attempt to be reinstated, he purchased a ticket on PSA Flight 1771, a daily flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Compare this silent treatment to the dozen or so New York Times front page stories and photos afforded to each of the more recent Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown shootings (both ‘victims’ were Black / the justified shooters were White & White-Hispanic), and the evidence of a corrupt conspiratorial media covering up ‘anti-Whiteism’ becomes irrefutable. He was never officially charged, but is reported to have relocated to Los Angeles to avoid future suspicions. Even Aviation Magazine only carries a small blurb about this most unprecedented event in the history of American Aviation. company traffic is waiting for departure. USAir recently purchased PSA. The plane then descended in a steep dive, nearly breaking the speed of sound, and crashed into the hillside of a cattle ranch at 4:16 in the afternoon in the Santa Lucia Mountains near the small coastal town of Cayucos, California. To my dear Black readers, please don’t get your panties up in a bunch because this is not about ripping on Black folks. When a plane crashes we can often recover the black box to determine what happened. Do I paint a clear picture? The 6 hour memorial ceremony would have been broadcast live on every TV station; the event being narrated by holier-than-thou TV talking heads and attended by hundreds of Congressmen and Senators lining up to pay their respects. I do remember that crash and how the story just faded away.” Within minutes, the older and wiser Mike King went to work to dig up and summarize the truth; a truth which shocked even this veteran reporter. This indicated that he was alive and gripping his gun right up until the very moment of impact. Using his unsurrendered USAir credentials, David Burke, armed with a loaded .44 Magnum revolver that he had borrowed from a co-worker, was able to use the employee security bypass checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport.

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