Big Bill, the largest hog ever recorded at 2,552 lb (1,157 kg), was a Poland China. Cannot have red or sandy hair/and or pigment. Must possess Poland China Breed characteristics. During the craze of the so-called Big Type the breed became very prolific, and litters of sixteen and seventeen pigs were not at all uncommon. Naturally, the early native stock varied a great deal in type and in color markings. The Poland Chinas are excellent feeders and they gain readily under conditions of good care and management. The Poland China is unbeatable among various breeds of swine for the characteristic of maximum weight at any given age. It is very difficult to evaluate the exact contribution that any particular breed or type may have made to the breed that was formed from the crossing and recrossing of many different kinds of breeding. They are hogs that are very quiet in their dispositions and are rugged in their constitutions. It has strong bone and well-developed legs and feet. The Poland Chinas are excellent feeders and they gain readily under conditions of good care and management. [1] It is the oldest American breed of swine. They also are excellent feeders, gaining well under good care and management. One source of seed stock for the Poland China breed was the common stock that was found in the area. And average live body weight of the mature animals vary from 43 to 136 kg. [3], In the 1920s and 1930s, agricultural reformers introduced the Poland China pig into China, with mixed success. **A hog may not possess more than one (1) solid black leg and be determined as a Poland China. The better mother than the extreme types that have preceded it. Breed Characteristics: Poland China pig is black in colour with white patches on face, feet and snout. Characteristics & Differences of a Mini Pig vs a Full-Sized Farm Breed. There are no modern data as to the exact number of pigs raised by the various breeds. It was first developed from 1920 to 1925, and it is currently a rare breed of pig. They are mainly black in color, but sometimes are also found in black with white markings. **An occasional splash of white on the body is permissible. Poland China hogs are typically black, sometimes with white patches, and are known for their large size. Competing claims are made that the first Poland China breeder was David M. Magie, who lived at the Austin-Magie Farm near Oxford, Ohio. Must be ear notched within 7 days of birth. The breed was selected for both of it’s unique red-brown and white coloration and performance. It is not known what this stock was or from where it came from, but it is known that many settlers that came into the Miami Valley at an early date brought with them swine from various areas.

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