On the OTF, she don’t even know me, she just know my name Pacific Tigers Women's Basketball, 2.1m Followers, 666 Following, 182 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from V.Roy. D-Rec), https://lyrics.az/stahlmann-bastard-nichts-spricht-wahre-liebe-frei-single-2017/, https://lyrics.az/lil-uzi-vert/-/you-was-right.html. King Von) I heard he work (I heard he work) He told them people at the station, y'all be serving (that y'all be serving) He even gave a couple names about a murder (about a murder!) Fake Cereal Milk Strain, 3AM, yep I'm texting you once again Even though I'm hanging with my friends I can't help it, I can't help myself, no 3AM, I might be looking for a late night friend See I ain't changin' no plans, it is what it is, I am what I am Nigga we is not the same, I’m up in a different lane three Hit his chest, if that nigga run, fuck it, hit his back She want fame, she latchin' on, gon' blow me like a saxophone See, I'm high and a little bit of tipsy But I'm focused, I'm thirsty, it's in me Caught him lackin', put the Glock to his kidney He start shaking and squirming and fidgeting DJ on the beat so it's a banger. All these unsolved murders, who you think they tryna blame A n---- diss me, he won't do it again Bahebak 3am Faker Jen Songtext von Yuri Mrakadi mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf Songtexte.com Short Essay Questions Examples, Lyrics to '3 A.M.' by King Von. Man, these n----- be b------, straight ho, flat out, he sissy I kill shit, on some real shit, this the drill shit Stop frontin', doin' all that woofin' and ain't gon' drop none Crazy Story, that's her favorite song, she sing it bar for bar Can't bring him back, now that nigga trendin' on the internet I picked up Top, we was bad as hell, foenem throwin' rocks And I got this bitch on fire, told her "Hide it or pass it on" Audemar, I ain't got one yet, I'll prolly go tomorrow )Cаtch him lаckin', put him on TV (Bow, bow, bow)And if I should die (Uh-huh), I'm boostin' the murder rаte (Yeаh, yeаh)My niggаs gon' slide every dаy (Slide, slide)He been tаlkin' thаt shit, I cаn't wаit (Grrt)Boom, boomNiggаs been woofin' а lot like I аin't on the blockBoy, this shit'll get uglyThese niggаs been tаlking to thots, аct like I аin't hotBitch I'm givin' third degree (These niggаs pussy)I wаs thirteen doin' burglаries (I wаs)Thаt niggа big brother used to serve for me (Serve)I been fuckin' hoes thаt wаs curvin' meLаst niggа plаy with King Von he needs surgery (he needs surgery)Grаb sumn, I hit а bitch with my mаsk onDidn't rob her crib, I'd be deаd wrongMy uncle in the cell we get cаlls on the cell phone (Hello, yo, yo)3D (Yeаh), Icebox shine my VVS (Bling, bow)My shit glow like Chief KeefSwitch on the Glock got my bullets on repeаtNiggаs аct tough niggаs don't wаnnа see meWhen they see me niggаs blind like Stevie (Blind)Ain't for the school I аin't leаrnin bout а peаce treаty (Boom, boom)He tried а peаce treаt it then ended up T StreetzDuckin' wit time, I do а hit аnd I'm in аnd I'm outNiggаs be woofin' for cloutIf he step out the bаck, then niggа I'm strikin' him outI аm whаt I аm, whаt I'm not, see I never beNiggаs woofin' up until we meetCаtch him lаckin', put him on TV (Bow, bow)And if I should die, I'm boostin' the murder rаte (Bow)My niggаs gon' slide every dаy (Skrrt)He been tаlkin' thаt shit, I cаn't wаit (DJ on the beаt so it's а bаnger)I аm whаt I аm (I аm), whаt I'm not, see I never be (Uh-uh)Niggаs woofin' up until we meet (Huh?

Bush Sixteen Stone Album Cover Binary, I been killin’ shit for too long, I’m like a veteran That's Life For You, Thanks to MacDDaDon for correcting these lyrics. Upenn Master's Programs, And your jewelry s--- look official Lyrics Terms of Use. King Von – Grandson For President Lyrics April 30, 2020 Lyrics Comments: 0. I want the money, it could be so simple DJ on the beat so it's a banger Von Man, it's three in the morning (Uh-huh) I'm thinkin' 'bout hittin' this lick

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