His infidelity and abandonment of the marriage released me. Everyone would love to hear from Nate, but that just isn't happening at all right now. I should’ve let him go then & for real the worst thing you can say is that we had 4 counselors?? His announcement continued, “This was known by both parties, my lawyer, and the lawyer for the show. In case you haven’t noticed, on Thursday nights, your feed is flooded with chatter about the latest season of Married At First Sight and what will happen next for Nate and Sheila Duhon.. I often reminded myself that we chose this. Entertainment Television, LLC A Division of NBCUniversal. “I’m hoping for the best, but I also understand there’s been a lot that’s been going on, and the whole process is extremely stressful,” he said on the series. We are still married.”. Part of the A360 Media Entertainment Group.Powered by WordPress.com VIP, ‘Married at First Sight‘ stars Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon’s wedding on ‘Married at First Sight‘. Sheila often jokes her parents forgot her age since she was their fourth child, so they didn’t pay much attention to her life milestones as they had to follow three older kids’ achievements. So take your time, Mama Duey, I’m not going anywhere! Everybody was having a great time, the libations were flowing, and the Duhons were hosting their first official party. Yes. This episode picks back up with the conversation between my mother and I. Sheila married Nathan Duhon when they both participated in the fifth season of the show. Thank you to those of you who have shown support throughout this tough time.”. Wiki: Net Worth, Wedding, Salary, Career, Dating, Who is Wes Chatham? Nate’s judgment was clearly impaired and before I knew what was happening, there they were standing in the middle of the room having what should’ve been a private conversation. We've done blood work, x-rays, and antibiotics. My mother is having a difficult time accepting the way Sheila and I got married because of how much of a risk was involved. Get push notifications with news, features and more. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sheila matriculated from a local high school in Chicago in 2003, then entered the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Lifetime. MAFS' Nate and Sheila reveal what went on behind the dramatic conversation between Nate and Sheila's best friend. “I want a best friend and to hold somebody’s hand and take the journey through life together,” she said on the finale. Karen quickly determined Miles wasn't her "type" and seemed too emotional based on his videos, so she went into the Married at First Sight process with some preconceived notions about her husband. No, but what part of marrying a stranger is ideal? Married or not, I wasn’t about to let one of my dearest friends get railroaded when he did absolutely nothing wrong. In the last 2 days, I've spent over $1,000 and about 8 hours in vet visits. The couples marry on the first day of the show, seeing and getting to know each other for the first time. Looking back, I could’ve definitely been more patient with Nate. — Nate Duhon (@Nate_MAFS) May 30, 2018. On his Twitter, the last post was on November 4, but he hasn't updated at all since she started calling him out on cheating. My mother, being the strong-willed individual that she is, had no problem voicing her concern. Absolutely! I’m starting to have second thoughts about being married to Sheila.”. Graduating from the University, Sheila was lucky to get a job offer and start working immediately not waiting for work to come. Infidelity was not a reason, nor did I ever admit such a thing. This week’s blog comes from 26-year-old business manager Nate Duhon and 31-year-old Sheila Downs, a director of operations for a local school district in Chicago. Nate Duhon and Sheila Downs have split. “I see that instead of finally operating in integrity, [Nate] chose to continue to lie. They had various difficulties with Nate’s family who didn’t accept his choice and didn’t like Sheila. Larry Remiker. As for the moment, she dates a man named Terrell Wilson. Wants to Keep Continuing Therapy For a Wholesome Relationship! Signs of trouble started in early November when Sheila tweeted, "Just got a call from the woman who's been sleeping with my husband...the same woman who he called on the honeymoon." He was dishonest and there were women throughout our ENTIRE marriage. We're still watching her, BUT Coco is doing much better today ??❤️? He turned to sport at an early age, which he nurtured all the way up to his college years. Nate cried & told me he wasn’t ready & I deserved better almost a year ago. (PHOTOS) "Sunshine and smiles," Luke captioned an early October … Her height, weight and vital statistics are unavailable at the moment. Where is she from? When I got married, I meant FOREVER. Her Twitter account has more than 15,000 readers. “Just got a call from the woman who’s been sleeping with my husband…the same woman who he called on the honeymoon,” she tweeted Nov. 5 and followed it with, “I am so done. Sheila met and married her (now ex-) husband in the popular TV show called “Married at First Sight”, in 2016. While going through the casting process for the “Married at First Sight” show Sheila shared her thoughts about how she saw a perfect marriage; her parents had been married for over 40 years, and she thought it was an example of the married life she was dreaming of. He was dishonest and there were women throughout our ENTIRE marriage. Wants to Keep Continuing Therapy For a Wholesome Relationship! I unfortunately was the only one. However, during the August 3 show, Duhon insisted, “Marriage is work. Find out if this season's couples chose to stay married or get a divorce. When I got married, I meant FOREVER,” Downs wrote. Danielle was born in the 1980s. “I unfortunately was the only one. Posted on January 25, 2018 - By Veronica Wells. Married at First Sight is back! Check back after every episode for the latest in their road to (possibly) happily ever after! Again, the best part about the truth is that it will stand the test of time, A post shared by Sheila Latrice (@happyfromwithin) on Nov 19, 2017 at 4:34pm PST, She continued, "I'm not proud of that, but I am extremely proud of the woman who acknowledges that and has made a conscious effort to change the things I didn't like. Duhon’s initial statement comes weeks after Downs alleged on Twitter that her husband had been unfaithful to her. Wiki-Bio: Wedding, Family, Father, Net Worth, Parents, Who is Claudia Black? He was dishonest and there were women throughout our ENTIRE marriage. Married at First Sight’s Nate Duhon and Sheila Downs have split – and it may not be amicable. Though her parents had four children to take care of, they rarely argued, often tried to find compromises and surrounded their kids with unconditional love and support. As for her hobbies, she loves eating out with her boyfriend, enjoys reading and spends her spare time travelling. In this case, it feels the complete opposite. Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? Please check back soon for updates. Nate felt terrible and attempted to apologize; but the damage was done. God said adultery is means for divorce.”. Part of the A360 Media Entertainment Group. I stayed in my marriage BC of my COVENANT WITH GOD. Article cannot be re-published in any other pages or documents. Though Sheila’s Instagram account is closed to random viewers, our request to become a Sheila’s subscriber was approved, so we could see her posts about her current relationships. Shortly after Duhon shared his statement on social media Sunday, Downs released her own side of the story in a lengthy and candid Instagram post. Sheila’s main guiding light of her life is her religion. This week’s blog comes from 26-year-old business manager Nate Duhon and 31-year-old Sheila Downs, a director of operations for a local school district in Chicago. At dinner, I couldn’t help but gush about how great my husband was and although Donnay was still a bit apprehensive about me marrying a stranger, he was happy that I was happy. And although I’m not excited about the impending divorce, I am proud of this woman who knows what she deserves and a God who has shown me the true definition of unconditional love,” she concluded. Her Instagram account is closed to random viewers, though it has more than 54,000 subscribers. Nate Duhon is a company manager who rose to prominence ‘Married in First Sight.’, https://www.instagram.com/p/BcyAuoIlv2L/?taken-by=nateduey, Thank you for coming out!! At the time, Downs revealed she would be “devastated” to hear Duhon say he wants a divorce. That was the first of probably 40+ times. News of the split might come as no surprise to fans of the Lifetime series (produced by Kinetic Content), who witnessed the pair endure own ups and downs early on, including an explosive fight as well as the finale episode — when Duhon revealed his doubts about their marriage. Sheila Downs. FROM PEN: Vanessa Grimaldi Talks About Her First Impression of Fiance Nick Viall. He turned to sport at an early age, which he nurtured all the way up to his college years. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? As for the moment, she holds the position of the director of operations at a school district in Chicago. It’s been a long time since Sheila got her position of the director of operations in a school district in Chicago. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The reason that led me to file for divorce from Ms. Downs was thoroughly understood by all parties as well,” he wrote. Again, the best part about the truth is that it will stand the test of time," she captioned an Instagram message. “Infidelity was not a reason, nor did I ever admit such a thing. On season 5 of Kinetic Content’s hit social experiment show, three couples meet for the first time at the altar just minutes before exchanging vows. Married at First Sight's Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon Split See what the couple had to say on social media about getting divorced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p00VGm78GQk. That is correct we went to 1 ONCE who just wasn’t a fit, 1 was a hardcore fan of the show (kinda a problem), one was nice as can be but a space cadet, & then we found the one! But Downs, 31, wouldn’t let him have the last word. I stayed in my marriage BC of my COVENANT WITH GOD. She later tweeted a follower, "He admitted it. On the cruise, we were intimate. DuhonFor five seasons, the viewers of ‘Married in First Sight’ has observed strangers of turn . You can only stay in your love den so long before people alert the authorities, so Nate and I decided to finally come out and play. All found copies will be reported.Original source: https://biographytribune.com/where-is-sheila-downs-after-split-with-nate-duhon-wiki-bio-age-dating/, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10109162093333330&set=a.10100149052858690&type=3&permPage=1.

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