Even my mother perpetuated the idea, assigning our chores based on what the men ‘should’ do, and what women ‘should’ do. An ancient myth tells the story of how Aine gave the gift of grain to the people of Ireland. She is currently training in Druidry with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids as well as training as a Goddess Priestess with Kimberly Moore. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. FIre is sacred to her, so offering her flames of a candle is perfectly acceptable. Thanks for sharing. Yet another story tells that Aine was raped by the Earl. Her name means “brightness, glow, joy, radiance; splendor, glory, fame” and she is associated with the abundance of summer. Travel to the Aspirants' Plaza and spend this item to open the Eternal Labyrinth. Aine, beautiful, bright and glowing, is a muse to every poet. I am touched She sent you to my article. The Goddesses of Ireland – Goddess Alive Radio interview with Amantha Murphy, Sacred Goddess Journeys to Ireland with Amantha Murphy, The Goddess Aine print (above) by Helen O’Sullivan, Encyclopedia of Goddesses and Heroines by Patricia Monaghan, Aine: Sun and Moon from Panthea – All Things Are Goddess, MOTHERHOUSE GODDESS TEMPLE – Goddess Calendar & Free Community Events. Jennith is very accurate and truthful in every way. Being the Mother of Faeries, she appreciates the same offerings as the Good Folks do: milk, honey, sparkly jewelry, shining gemstones. As a deity, she granted power to good people, but also took it away from the bad ones. Are there other dual goddesses within the Celtic pantheon? In Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, Áine’s card is titled Leap of Faith. Although Aine died in this story, she remained immortal in Irish mythology and in the pantheon of Irish deities. Aine is also known as a Faery Queen. Aine is strongly associated with County Limerick. FIre is sacred to her, so offering her flames of a candle is perfectly acceptable. Limerick is sacred to Her. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Lovely – both written word as well as the image! She is said to carry a harp, and when her music fell upon deserving ears, the person is stuck with divine inspiration. Your email address will not be published. Blessed first harvest to all, and thank you for another beautiful image, Judith. Aine gained her freedom and she returned to Her sidhe, where She lived in peace and happiness. Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess: Invoking the Morrigan. Áine carries the fire that initiates life force in which She impregnates this germ of life into the growing fruit that will become our harvest. He used his magic cloak to win and marry Her. Ancient Egyptian Sundial Found: An ancient sundial has been discovered in an Egyptian... Family Targeted By Bullies For Being Witches, The Witches God - Janet and Stewart Farrar, The Witches Goddess - Janet and Stewart Farrar, A Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses - George Hart, Gods, Demons and Symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia - Jeremy Black and Anthony Green, Maori Religion and Mythology - Edward Shortland, Encyclopedia of Goddesses and Heroines, 2-Volume Set - Patricia Monaghan, Asgard and the Gods: The Tales and Traditions of Our Northern Ancestors - Wilhelm Wägner Macdovvall, The Mythology of all Races - Vol 1-12 - Louis H Gray, The Ancient Gods Speak - Edited by Donald B Redford, Aradia, Gospel of the Witches - Charles G. Leland, Myths of the Norsemen From the Eddas and Sagas - H. A. Guerber, The Theogony of Hesiod - translated by Hugh G. Evelyn-White 1914, Encyclopedia of Ancient Deities, 2-Volume Set - Charles Russell Coulter and Patricia Turner. It was believed she brought luck and good magic to her worshippers. American Democracy Is at Stake by Carol P. Christ, The “Curse of Eve”—Is Pain Our Punishment? She teaches us, most importantly, to love ourselves. Her work, which expresses her belief in the interconnectedness of all life, can be seen on her website at http://judithshawart.com, Categories: Art, General, Goddess, Goddess Spirituality, Goddess Spirituality, Pagan Holidays, Paganism, Tags: Aine celtic goddess, celtic goddess, goddess, Judith Shaw, Lammas, Midsummer, Lovely meditation! The hill of Knockainy is named after her, and was site of rites in her … Planet: Moon . This lout was the King of Munster called Ailill Aulom. Aine, Sun goddess nicknamed Bright, could take the form of Lair Derg, a red mare that no one could outrun. WEBSITE: Michelle Rose Boxley – Urban Priestess, CONTACT: sistersofthemoononline@gmail.com, Filed Under: Featured Post, FREE EVENTS, Goddess Aine, Goddess Feast Days and Holidays, Goddess Myth, Kimberly Moore, MotherHouse Goddess Temple Event, SPRING FRONT PAGE FEATURE, Summer Solstice, The MotherHouse of the Goddess Blog. Neolithic votive offerings, hut circles and caves have been discovered in the Lough Gur area, perhaps indicating that Aine’s worship dates back to our early Neolithic ancestors. June 16, 2020 By Kimberly - Priestess & Founder Leave a Comment. Aine is a sovereign Goddess of both the land and waters in Ireland and Midsummer feasts were held in her name as people asked her to bless the land and their growing crops. This story shows that Aine was also a powerful goddess of Sovereignty. The Newsletter is due to be published in -44138 days, on the . If you choose Živa (Slavic Goddess of fertility and love), you’d be making an offering in hope of her accepting it and granting you fertility into your womb and love in general. Experience the wisdom of the Celtic Goddesses! Aine’s popularity was increased by her role as Goddess of Love. Her sacred animals are the red mare, rabbit and swan. It never occurred to me to try shadow work with brownies though! The Earl was outraged and astonished. Not far from the holy hill is Lough Gur, the lake sacred to Áine. She gave birth to many children through her love of mortal men, creating what some believe to be a magical Faerie-Human race. Áine is the perfect goddess for love spells. As I aforementioned, the Summer Solstice is Aine’s Sabbat. It is possible that Aine and Grainne alternated as goddesses of the waxing and waning solar year, changing place at the solstices. Her center of worship was in County Limerick on a hill called Cnoc Aine in Knockainey. Fire rites and blessings of the land were performed at Knockainy Hill in Her honor, particularly at the time of Midsummer. Aine, with long red hair held by a headband of fallen stars, was always seen wearing yellow, attire fitting for a Goddess associated with the sun and the moon. Hi Aine, That’s an amazing connection. Aine, Sun goddess nicknamed Bright, could take the form of Lair Derg, a red mare that no one could outrun. : ). Thank you! For permission requests, please contact us. Tradition says that during the full moon they ride their horses and play in the … Her sacred animals are the red mare, rabbit and swan. As Aine’s son was a powerful magician the day ultimately arrived when the Earl was unable to hide his surprise at one of his son’s amazing feats. She is associated with the Sun and sometimes represented by a red mare. Áine teaches us to stand proud and to never shy away from our reflections. Not long after graduating from SFAI, while living in Greece, Judith began exploring the Goddess in her artwork. Goddess of Rivers, Water, Wells, Prosperity, Magick, and Wisdom. The spell will give me the courage to take risks when it means those risks are what is best for my son and me. Lots of work yet but work I love. Q & A: How can there be more than one ‘twin flame’? In Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, Áine’s card is titled Leap of Faith. Full Gratitude for your Energy and Eff…, I’m so happy I connected with Jennith. Aine brought fertility to my life, as I conceived a child during our midsummer fire festival in the southwest of Ireland. Aine was the ancient sovereignty Goddess of the province of Munster in South West Ireland. She has a special connection to Goddesses from the Greek, Hindu, and Yoruban traditions, but has worked with many other Goddesses through the years. An early tale tells of how Aine was raped by King Ailill Aulom of Munster. Even though my name is Aine I’ve not really read it’s background- I grew up (in Ireland) knowing it was the name given to a pagan goddess of light/fire! Áine is a tender, loving goddess, but she is not one to be crossed. When a king of Munster, King Ailill Olom forced himself upon Áine, she tore off one of his ears! Geróid said that he couldn’t, but the embarrassed Earl told him there was no way he was going to let a woman show him up and ordered him to try it. Of Jack O’lanterns and Owl Magic by Mary Petiet, The Witch’s Moon – Honouring the Samhain Blue Moon by Michelle Boxley, Astrology Update – Full Moon Blue Moon in Taurus by Mary Lomando, Goddess EveryDay – Samhain Goddesses and Ritual Workings by Kimberly Moore. You must have completed the six different Trials of Ascendancy found in Maps in order to access this area. Each and every contribution helps to keep my mission alive and new messages coming. Her areas of research, practice, and teaching are focused on Goddess Spirituality, Ritual Practice, Sacred HerStory, Comparative Mythology, and Archetypal Psychology. See more ideas about Goddess, Celtic goddess, Irish goddess. Some identify her as a brighter side of the famous goddess Morrigan. She is known for teaching her human children about love, both by taking human men as lovers and by teaching humans how to express their love in a sacred manner. Her element is air. Aine, Sun goddess nicknamed Bright, could take the form of Lair Derg, a red mare that no one could outrun. Doreen Virtue, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Cnoc Aine, in Knockainey, Co. May the Goddess of Light, Love and Fertility, who brings us the sun’s power and life force and the moon’s mystery, intuition and regeneration, be with you and protect you as you move through the days of your life. This hill came to be named for her when she helped an ancient tribe protect the hill against invaders.

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