Baylee Lakey, communications director for Stitt, said he is aware of the case but is not publicly commenting. But we are hopeful.”. Mary Fallin to “use your authority to correct this wrongful conviction.”. The administrative team is still reviewing the details, said Steve Bickley, director of the board. Tonight’s episode of ABC’s 20/20 will examine the case of Julius Jones, a former high school basketball star and football player who was convicted for the murder of Paul Howell. Julius Jones Was Convicted for the Murder of Paul Howell. At the time of writing, nearly 6 million people have signed the petition to get Julius Jones off death row where he has lived for almost 20 years. Powered by. "He will make a decision only when and if the application is sent to his desk," Lakey said. “Now, you got some major heavy hitters like Kim Kardashian joining the movement. He never got a proper defense,” Antoinette Jones said.She said the family is grateful for the growing support in her brother’s case, including from some A-list celebrities.“It’s a comfort because, you know, for a long time he didn’t have any advocates, just Jimmy and I and, maybe, family members,” Antoinette Jones said.But she said they still have a long way to go.“We still got to keep fighting and keep pushing his story and keep telling others about his story,” Antoinette Jones said.A petition to Gov. “In my heart and my mind, I think that they should open it up and look at it strongly,” Tommy Griffin said. There was just one side.”. Evidence against Jones includes video evidence putting Jones at the supermarket where Howell’s car was recovered, the bandanna and murder weapon being found in his parents’ home, a shirt matching the description of that worn by the killer as described by eyewitnesses, and witnesses placing Jones with the car after the crime. Branch is a native Oklahoman and graduate of the University of Oklahoma., — Justice for Julius (@justice4julius) July 14, 2020. Jones is currently on death row and claims he is innocent. The program will also feature an interview with Jones from death row. OKLAHOMA CITY — Results from a tested red bandanna match the DNA for a death row inmate who has maintained his innocence for years, officials announced Wednesday. That’s why Jones’ defense team has turned their eye to the Pardon and Parole Board. “Julius was sentenced to death in a trial rife with error and failure, putting into question the reliability of his conviction.”. “Julius Jones had his day in court, numerous times.”. Financial challenges and “systematic hurdles” made it difficult for the small group of advocates to press forward, said Jimmy Lawson, a longtime family friend. She joined The Oklahoman staff in April 2019. According to the Oklahoman, police found the murder weapon wrapped in a red bandanna in the attic above a bedroom at Julius Jones’ parents’ homes. But we are standing on God’s word, and we are trying to stay positive and speak positivity. Jones’ attorneys decided to have the red bandanna tested for DNA to show that it would not match Jones, but when it came back as a match, the attorney said the testing could not tell when the DNA had been deposited on that bandana. As reported by The Oklahoman, however, Jones’ trial attorneys said that he had discussed the alibis more than once and Jones had said he was not home that night multiple times. REPORTER: SHE SAYS THE FAMILY IS IN HER BROTHERS CASE INCLUDING FROM SOME A LIST CELEBRITIES. When Jones’ attorneys in 2018 pushed for new DNA testing on a bandanna that was tied around the murder weapon — which they say was hidden in Jones’ parent’s house shortly after the murder by one of the other men involved in the case — the DNA came back with positive results for Jones. Jones’ attorneys suggest that it’s possible one of Jones’ acquaintances shot Howell and placed the gun in Jones’ parents’ home, and Jones said on ABC that he knew the gun being there looked bad. Tonight's episode of ABC's 20/20 will examine the case of Julius Jones, a former high school basketball star and football player who was convicted for the murder of Paul Howell. ONES,> THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT. The court has not agreed with arguments by Jones team that his defense team was inexperienced, jurors were racist, key evidence was not shown to the jury and that Jones' not testifying caused problems. Some family members even thought Jones had been released already. In 2002, he was convicted and sentenced to death. The fight to get Oklahoma inmate Julius Jones off death row continues on the national stage. Do we rest? “It’s just overwhelming,” Madeline Jones said. HE GAVE US AN OPPORTUNITY AND JULIUS AN OPPORTUNITY TO TELL THE REAL STORY. It’s been two years since Lawson was featured on the ABC docuseries “The Last Defense” and now, again, on the updated version for 20/20. Julius Jones’ mother, advocates call for his story to be heard more than 20 years after conviction, AG Mike Hunter releases documents he says prove Julius Jones' guilt, Baker Mayfield writes letter in support of having Julius Jones' sentence commuted., — Justice for Julius (@justice4julius) July 7, 2020. Jones, however, also said he was with his family at the time of the murder and could not have committed the crime. But there are so many things leading to them being wrong.”. “It is nerve wracking,” she said. It gave us an opportunity and Julius an opportunity to tell the real story,” Lawson said.“A lot of people still don’t know about Julius’ story, his case, the injustices in his case,” Julius Jones’ sister, Antoinette Jones, added.Antoinette Jones said having her brother’s case in the national spotlight is vital because she told KOCO 5 that at the trial, no one – not Julius Jones or his loved ones – got to testify.“That’s the whole point. It was a casual scene. "I hope everyone really pays attention before it is too late because we will not go out easy on this one.”. The insurance executive was a well-known member of the community and, according to meaww, his murder came as a shock to the city. Timing is key, though, said Madeline, Jones’ mother. Over the next decade, Jones’ family and close friends continued working with lawyers to appeal Jones’ case, which they say was marred with deficiencies. Kevin Stitt and the Pardon and Parole Board to get Julius Jones off death row has about 6 million signatures. Oklahoma has made significant moves toward reforming its criminal justice system in recent years, pushed by support from the public and some elected officials. Watch what Madeline Davis-Jones, Julius’ mom, had to say in response. Two days after the murder, Jones’ parents received a phone call telling them that he was the prime suspect in the murder, and they showed up to arrest Jones. Julius Jones … Jones’ case was displayed Tuesday night on a … And as protests against police brutality continue across the country, Oklahoma City's Black Lives Matter organization included commutation for Jones on a list of demands presented earlier this week. Thank you, @TowerTheatreOKC, for supporting #JusticeforJulius! There is no rest.”. THERE IS NOW OVER 6 MILLION SIGNATURES ON A PETITION TO GOVERNOR KEVIN STITT AND THE PARDON PAROLE BOARD TO GET. And appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court citing racial bias within the jury was denied without comment, which Jones’ lawyer Dale Baich said had to do with procedural issues. “We’re not naive to what could happen. KOCO 5 spoke with Jones’ sister and best friend. On July 28, 1999, Paul Scott Howell was shot and killed in a carjacking gone wrong. I SPOKE TO HIS SISTER AND HIS BEST FRIEND TONIGHT. In 1999, Julius Jones, a University of Oklahoma student, was 19 and arrested for the killing an Edmond man in his driveway. Kevin Stitt for Julius Jones' freedom. HE NEVER GOT A PROPER DEFENSE. “We are at the end of the line. ©2020, Hearst Television Inc. on behalf of KOCO-TV. >> A LOT OF PEOPLE STILL DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT JULIUS’S STORY, HIS CASE, THE INJUSTICES IN HIS CAKE -- CASE. But he expects that it won’t take long for those issues to be resolved. If the request for a commutation hearing is denied, Jones will be set to receive a standard clemency hearing 21 days before his future execution date. But she said they still have a long way to go. Antoinette Jones said having her brother’s case in the national spotlight is vital because she told KOCO 5 that at the trial, no one – not Julius Jones or his loved ones – got to testify. HIS BEST FRIEND, WHO WAS ALSO IN THAT 20/20 SPECIAL, TELLS ME SPOKE TO JULIUS LAST WEEK ABOUT THIS AND HE SAYS JULIUS IS EXCITED HIS VOICE IS FINALLY BEING HEAR >> ONCE EVERYBODY GOT WIND OF THE STORY IT JUST TOOK OFF LIK GRASS ON FIRE. Jones’ case was displayed Tuesday night on a special edition of ABC’s 20/20. NOW YOU GOT SOME MAJOR HEAVY HITTERS LIKE KIM KARDASHIAN JOINING THE MOVEMENT AND SINCE THEN IT’S BEEN GROWING AND GROWING. It was very frustrating.”. Executive producer Viola Davis produced a powerful documentary series, “The Last Defense,” The docu-series explores and exposes flaws in the American justice system through emotional, in-depth examinations of the death row case of Julius Jones. #justice4julius, — John Legend (@johnlegend) December 11, 2019. In April, Detroit Pistons basketball player Blake Griffin sent a letter to Gov. “Because an execution date for Julius hasn’t been set yet, I feel like now is the time where we all just have to come together and really make a difference,” Kardashian West said on the podcast. At the time, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said the testing “corroborates the jury’s verdict and exonerates the investigators, prosecutors and jurors who the murderer’s defenders have slandered.”. Kayla Branch covers county government and poverty for The Oklahoman. The series traces the path that led Jones to his place on death row, while taking a deep look into his personal story. “We still got to keep fighting and keep pushing his story and keep telling others about his story,” Antoinette Jones said. “I understand how it looks that they found this gun in my parents’ house, but I had nothing whatsoever to do with this robbery or this man’s life being taken,” he said. In the interview, he tells his version of events and says he is innocent. Jones sat out Week 3 and played only 15 snaps against Green Bay before exiting the game. It was mid-May, and the family of Oklahoma death row inmate Julius Jones was crowded around a computer in their living room, grappling with the volume for a Zoom interview. They hold this man's life in their hands. OCT 31, 2020 - It was mid-May, and the family of Oklahoma death row inmate Julius Jones was crowded around a computer in their living room, grappling with the volume for a Zoom interview. Jones was convicted and sentenced to death in 1999 for the killing of Edmond businessman Paul Howell but still maintains his innocence to this day. We pray they watch the documentary to learn ALL of the facts. Commenting on NewsOK requires a NewsOK Pro or Oklahoman subscription. “If we’re wrong, we’re wrong. With the years floating by, Antoinette Jones said many in the community lost track of the case. Julius Jones' sister, best friend happy his voice is finally being heard with 20/20 special, REPORTER: THAT IS RIGHT. “That’s the whole point. If you haven't heard of Julius Jones, watch @violadavis @JuVeeProds "The Last Defense" at and sign the petition. >> WE STILL GOT TO KEEP FIGHTING AND KEEP PUSHING HIS STORY AND KEEP TELLING OTHERS ABOUT HIS STORY. Hundreds of letters have been written to Jones in prison, Lawson said. He never got a proper defense,” Antoinette Jones said. Jimmy Lawson said he spoke to Jones last week about the special, saying he’s excited is voice is finally being heard. “That is certainly something we are concerned about,” Baich said. “We are glad that more people are getting on board,” said Jones’ father, Anthony. “Once everybody got wind of the story, it just took off like grass on fire,” Lawson said. October 9, 2020 04:24 PM Falcons' Julio Jones: Headed for game-time decision Oklahoma’s new execution procedures, which were announced earlier this year, are still tied up in the courts, Baich said.

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