Season 1 of Chasing Monsters aired in 2016. So, is he married or dating anyone? Chauquet lives in Webster Groves, Missouri, with his family and friends. Who is the lucky person in his life as his wife or girlfriend? For example, the Amazon is a region that is pretty mythical for me- it’s at the end of the world, and I can find myself really lost in the elements. He appears in many radio and talk shows and numerous articles celebrate him in famous fishing magazines around the world. The adventure. The show was then renamed Chasing Monsters internationally. The arrival of season 4 in 2013 marks a turning point for the show. Privacy Policy The first giant pike I ever caught! - Chasing Monsters - YouTube Cyril is widely famous for his series Chasing Monsters that has aired in over 140 territories and has been sold to broadcasters and OTT platforms such as Netflix, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, History Channel, BBC Earth, Channel 5, Viasat and RMC Découverte. Cyril Chauquet has an estimated net worth of $300 Thousand as of 2019. He is, however, a man of the sea, so maintaining relationships may not be the easiest thing in the world for him. Another great memory was fishing for tiger fish, both because it’s an intimidating fish with a full mouth of razor-sharp teeth and because I had to go deep into the Tanzanian Jungle to set up. Cette semaine tous les épisodes des saisons 3 et 4 sont disponibles gratuitement sur notre site web Profitez-en ➡️ lien dans notre bio ! My priority is to catch a fish I’ve never caught before, or a monster that I’d like to see for the second time. Cyril Chauquet’s defining visual characteristic is probably that he doesn’t have any. Chaugquet has won the hearts of millions of his fans with his dashing personality and muscular body. The reputation of the fishing spot is really important to me, as well as the type of fish that can be found in the area. Season 4 of Chasing Monsters containing only 6 episodes is on course to be released by the end of the year 2020. He then founded and ran a sport fishing lodge called “Morocco Fishing Adventures”. [12] Chasing Monsters is an adventure show that uses fishing as an inspiration. If I’ve found a place that fits those criteria, I want to know what’s going on in the area around the fishing zone. [7], In the early 2000s, Chauquet arrived in Toronto, eventually settling in Quebec where he began working on his broadcast project. So, there are no records of his past as well as present relationships until now. [15],, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 09:04. Cyril has an impressive track record of world record-sized catches including a 550lb giant river Stingray (Himantura Chaophraya) in Thailand, a massive 200lb-plus Arapaima (Arapaima Gigas), a 100lb Barramundi (Lates Calcarifer) in India, a 400lb-plus Goliath Grouper (Epinephelus Itajara) in Florida, a 100lb Giant Trevally (Caranx Ignobilis) in the South Pacific and a 200lb-plus Wels Catfish (Silurus Glanis) in Spain…. He has a great love for animals like fish. He currently supports several programs that study the impact of environmental changes on giant fish. With around 100 episodes produced in several languages, the charismatic “globetrotter angler” has been chasing, catching and releasing the world’s most colossal, dangerous and bizarre underwater creatures. With adventure sports such as surfing and diving as hobbies and a true interest and dedication for angling, it was obvious from his early years that Cyril’s life was not going to be an ordinary one. In 2005, Cyril kickstarted his television career in the show titled Fishing Adventurer, he established himself as the television host of his own documentary series in which he embarks on extreme fishing adventures in the most remote locations around the globe. Chauquet also makes an impressive income from his other works, which include advertisements, cameo appearances, etc. Cyril’s growing interest for fishing started as a young child and soon became a boundless passion, as his quest for underwater creatures continues to this day. [3] Originally from Haute Savoie in France, it was in this mountainous region that he grew up and got his start in fishing by targeting pike from the surrounding lakes and ponds. Chauquet graduated from Webster University, an American non-profit private university located in Missouri. He has kept his personal life far from his professional life. I’m also fascinated by the mystery of what lurks under the water… I love that aspect! ... he looked as if he had gazed into a crystal ball and seen the exact time and manner of his death. Chauquet seeks colossal and dangerous underwater creatures on the show. Cyril Chauquet is a French television personality who is well known as the host of the Fishing Adventurer which is broadcasting since 2005. Cyril Chauquet (born in France in 1976) is a passionate adventurer, best known as the producer, creator and host of the 2 global hit TV series, Chasing Monsters and Fishing Adventurer. Biography. Cyril is compared to the Indiana Jones of fishing. Currently, Chauquet is living a quality life relishing a substantial fortune which he amassed from his profession. © 2020 - Cyril Chauquet inc. All rights reserved. He is the producer and host of the Television series Chasing Monsters, an adventurous fishing related show where viewers follow his adventures in search of the largest fishes in the world... Cyril’s growing interest in fishing started as a young child and soon became a boundless passion. I was really proud of that catch. A post shared by Cyril Chauquet (@mordudelapeche) on Dec 27, 2018 at 2:25am PST.

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