For example, you unlock the Jungle Ride once you buy the Wild Island. By leaving it full, you can have double the revenue for the amount of time shown while you are away without having to worry. As your theme park’s value increases, what the investor offers you increases as well. Run the world’s best-known theme park! Same problem I’m approaching level 1400 on each water attraction and still am not making enough. During the early stages of your progress, your ride moves at the pace of a snail, so tapping the screen should help you before you spend enough coins on your own to help your coaster move faster. Angry Birds Tennis Has Been Officially Canceled. At the top right side of the screen just under your token count is where you can find your missions. When you tap on the helicopter you will be given an option which offers you either premium currency (gold) or money, in exchange for watching an ad. Hidden Island is for future updates to the game. I’m at the same place. It also shows you which rides are profitable or not. You will know which one is which by tapping on them and through their icon. Vending machines cost 100 and epic vending machines cost 350. Click the one that has the location symbol on it. Else, go for TV Marketing. Now we can … Some ads are even interactive, so it might not be so tedious after all. Any upgrade adds value to your ride, making its price increase, therefore making you earn more. As there are question marks on the other three slots in the park selection page, it is highly possible there will be more parks in future updates. Tips and Tricks ». These items boost up different aspects of your roller coaster park, such as adding extra people to the line queue or increasing the price of a ticket to your park by 10-percent. You cannot upgrade or do anything to these food stalls but collect money from them. This helps a lot in knowing which ones to upgrade and focus on if you don’t know where to start. And that title is a simple yet oh so addictive mobile game, Green Panda Games ‘ Idle Theme Park Tycoon. Although it costs the highest, it will be worth it than having only a few people in your park. I have 6310 coins, the game won’t let me purchase vending machines, is it because I have VIP campaign activated? The shop is located at the bottom right of the screen with a shopping cart icon. The newest ride you have is the one that has the highest price meaning the one that is the most profitable. Start with an small theme park and take important business decisions in order to grow your tycoon. Each upgrade to the tickets adds a level to your ride. I suggest always advertising through smartphone, because the effects of that one last 4 hours, so it’s definitely a good investment. Each one of these can be upgraded for the betterment of your theme park. You just have to tap around and do what needs to be done and watch your earnings increase at every second. In Idle Theme Park Tycoon you will get to know what it is like to manage your very own theme park. In the Parking, you can upgrade the spaces (“Increase spaces”), which adds more parking slots, add security cameras (“Security Cameras”), which increase the parking revenue, and also add security guards (“Security Guards”) which also increase the parking revenue. The most important upgrade on which you should spend some coins is the section Cars, which adds another cart to your coaster and helps get more people out of the line queue and put more coins into your pocket. In every ride, there are milestones when you reach certain levels. Transform your small business into the best theme park in the world! To raise the value of your rides, you have to upgrade them. How do you get the dessert island I have the money but it is still Grayed out. How do you open desert island. These will give you various figurines which give you passive upgrades to all the attractions in the park. If you don’t mind spending at all, you can use real money to purchase premium upgrades such as the General Manager or the Golden Gates. In the park you can also spot a big helicopter there. By following the tutorial you will have the Shooting Range built, but not that many upgrades done to it (since the maximum upgrades is 2000). The stats tab is where you can see the overall status of your theme park. You can then start working on other upgrades, such as the price to play in the Shooting Range and increasing the Parking slots. Thanks., Had to try this after trying many other hacks. What is amazing is you actually see each evolution happening for each ride. You can access your park’s stats by looking at the management menu. Here, if you have the means, always try to go for Smartphone Marketing. Upgrades might be more costly, but you will earn money faster this way than upgrading starter rides. Because this is an idle management game, this is where you need to mainly focus on. Idle Theme Park Tycoon Guide. You can purchase whichever one you want depending on the number of tokens you have. I hope your travel would be confortable. Are you going to invest your money to improve the park facilities? At this rate, the programmers have made it virtually impossible to max out the island. You can also add more toilets to increase the number of park visitors who can use the restroom at the same time. Here you’ll see two kinds, the vending machine and the epic vending machine. Here you will see all the collectibles. This raises the quality of the ride and raises the price. In addition to doubling your earnings, you can also get free stuff from the Vending Machine by watching three ads. This makes upgrading a breeze and you don’t have to constantly tap on your screen, especially if you want to reach that next level of a ride’s evolution. Also, the floating popcorn bucket video ad is very helpful as it blesses you with a very substantial purse of coins. You can have a maximum number of 8 entry booths, but the cost of upgrading to 8 is quite high – so let’s start step by step. This will increase the profits you get when people buy tickets, and also reduce the time it takes to actually buy the tickets. It may not seem to be so idle if you need to watch an ad with every chance you get, but doing this will definitely give you a huge benefit as you are starting out. Apply everything you’ve read and you will be on your way to having the best theme park and becoming the richest of them all. Related: Idle Theme Park Tycoon Farming Guide: Tips & Tricks to Get Rich Quick. It also fills up the stars of that particular ride. Idle Theme Park Tycoon Farming Guide: Tips & Tricks to Get Rich Quick. This is the very first attraction you will unlock, but it will fall off shortly because you can unlock the Ferris Wheel as well as a Roller Coaster and more. Adding an additional booth costs more than the first time, so only build them when necessary. There is a total of 87 missions that can be done as of this writing. Prepare marketing campaigns and give them the most enjoyable experience to attract more guests to your theme park. Paradise Island is the island you start with. Search for more answers for Idle Theme Park Tycoon or ask your own here. When you are just starting out, grab every possible opportunity and watch as many ads as you can. All effects help you increase your profits. Leave a comment down below and let us know! You unlock the Aqua Park after you reach the "Lunar Island" Park. Platforms: iOS, Android At the bottom of the screen you will have an icon with a movie reel and “x2 money” next to it. If you have any additional tips or tricks that we haven’t mentioned in this guide, please let us know by leaving a message in the comment area below.

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