Arnie getting arrested while smuggling cigarettes for Darnell. When Arnie is almost finishing restoring Christine, a highly-attractive student named Leigh Cabot transfers to his school. "And she definitely has a personality. All rights reserved (About Us). Christine's "life" began in the summer of 1957, when she was built on the assembly line of one of Chrysler's plants in Detroit, Michigan. Arnie, aware of Christine's ability to repair herself, pushes her through Darnell's garage until enough of the damage is undone for her to run, and then drives her through the junkyard until she is fully restored. 11. Producer Richard Kobritz had previously produced the miniseries Salem's Lot, also based on a Stephen King novel. It has a bumper sticker that reads: "Watch out. Rudolph Junkins, also drives a Plymouth Fury, most noticeable when he questions Arnie in the school parking lot. | The romance between Leigh and Dennis is almost entirely removed. Kevin Bacon, virtually unknown at the time, was offered the lead role of Arnie, but he chose to play Ren McCormack in the blockbuster Footloose instead. There were 14 Furies smashed in the making of the movie. Furies are very rare and are now collector’s items and Plymouth enthusiasts were infuriated that so many were destroyed. Junkins questioning Arnie at Darnell's after Darnell's death. Will Darnells car is a 1974 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. Arnies parents car is a, 1971 Volvo 144 Automatic. When Arnie is almost finished restoring Christine, he begins dating an attractive student named Leigh. Frightened by the unnatural event, Dennis instantly decides on his dislike for the car and gets out. As he chases General, they're almost ran over by a 1958 Plymouth Fury that pulls up and manages to brake in time. Stephen King was filming Creepshow in Pittsburgh with George and Christine Romero when he had the idea for the novel. Due to a heart asthmatic condition, Darnell can barely breathe, and his heart stops, causing him to fall down the stairs, where Christine rams him over and over again. | ’s popularity was such at the time that the film went into production before the book was even published. Visible crew/equipment: When Christine smashes into the little white car inside Darnell's garage, she gets hooked to the car. In John Carpenter's version, Leigh is brunette and the state is California. And there were "junked" and "shell" cars for the versions of Christine in disrepair or for her "death" scene. Dennis thinks of George LeBay, his sister, Leigh, and considers that Christine may well be saving him for last. 23. Dennis learns that Arnie and his mother were both killed in a highway accident, while Christine earlier killed Arnie's father. If you go: 7 a.m.-6 p.m. today, 7 a.m.-3 p.m. July 14 at Carlisle Fairgrounds, 1000 Bryn Mawr Road, Carlisle. Practice…, 19. Riiiigggghhhhttt. When she arrived at the dealership in September 1957, Christine had 6 miles on her odometer, and the 'new car smell' of her interior was "just about the best smell in the world" as Roland D. LeBay would later recall. The generic paints you buy at auto part stores will likely NOT match your vehicle’s paint exactly. Extended scene of Arnie's first visit to Dennis at the hospital. ", Still, Danare did not expect the interest to last decades. In April 2013, PS Publishing released Christine in a limited 30th Anniversary Edition.[1]. The opening scene of the movie where Christine is “born” in Detroit, is not in the book. 13. 1. Unable to pay the full amount, he settles on a $25 deposit and agrees to return the next day with the balance. The special Edition DVD contains 20 deleted, extended, or alternate scenes: A brief scene of Arnie and Dennis driving to school, in which Arnie recites a dirty limerick. The opening scene, which shows Christine being "born" in Detroit, was added in for the movie; it was used to explain the origin of Christine's evil nature, which had been changed from the original. Click here to find out more about ModScan! The film was shot in the same neighborhood that John Carpenter used in the movie Halloween. Moral of the story: Never underestimate the fury of a Fury, particularly one that just…won’t…die. The majority were used on screen, and the rest served as parts cars. Get trustworthy upfront pricing and excellent deals on both new and used cars near you! Stephen King’s popularity was such at the time that the film went into production before the book was even published. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Christine at,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 16:41. The car was destined for the salvage yard and has been restored using parts from the other "stunt" vehicles. Thus, Roland's evil spirit became one with Christine. Arnie's parents force him to keep Christine in an airport parking lot. Columbia Pictures placed ads across the country and gobbled up not only Furys, but Belvederes and Savoys, as well. Well, that certainly worked out well. Arnie and his mother die in an auto accident: witnesses to the accident saw three people in the car before the crash, but only two bodies were found. ), Copyright © 2020 Carponents, Inc. All rights reserved. Chrysler Corporation (now FCA Automobiles since October 2014) used the term Mopar since the 1920s but became a brand since 1937 - it has became the default term for any Chrysler Corporation (FCA Automobiles) product (Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto, Imperial (considered as the original core divisions inclusive of Jeeps, Fiats, and Eagles (Chrysler Corporation absorbed the former American Motors Corporation (AMC/Jeep) after Renault divested its shares where the Jeep/Eagle Division was formed after the AMC buyout (at the time American Motors and Jeep automobiles had the Chrysler TorqueFlite transmission used with their respective powertrains including those sourced from GM), not to mention Ram Trucks (spun off from the Dodge division in 2009) and Fiat (which in 2009 invested a 20% share with the Chrysler Group LLC that evolved into the modern day FCA Automobiles). There are many similarities to the film Carrie, released 7 years earlier. 6. Dennis also sees that Arnie has become close to Darnell, even acting as a courier in Darnell's smuggling operations. Arnie breaking down in anger in Dennis's car. Sign up for the latest automotive news and videos—in short, everything for people who love cars. Four years later, in Los Angeles, Sandy Galton (the last of Buddy Repperton's gang still alive) died a mysterious death when an unknown car, seen by no one but Sandy, crashed through the wall of the movie theater where he was working and killed him., 717-243-7855. Junkins' car appears to be a 1977 or 1978 Plymouth Fury - a popular police car of the late 1970s. King’s characters didn’t have the benefit of hindsight, however, and their misfortunes still haunt many of us to this day. Briefly, he saw the car, the lawn, and even the street outside just as it had been in Christine's glory days, when "gas was as cheap as tap water". 15% of the movie’s entire budget was spent just on the cars. This was considered a misfire, both by Stephen King fans and John Carpenter fans, and in the industry as a whole. She was paid for in full the day LeBay picked her up, and remained with LeBay for the next twenty-one years. While on a date with him, Leigh almost chokes to death on a hamburger. Despite Dennis' reservations, Arnie buys Christine for $250. Sitting with him were fellow cast alumni Alexandra Paul, Malcolm Danare, and Steven Tash. Stephen King chose a '58 Plymouth Fury for Christine because it was a "forgotten car.". Arnie's father is found dead in Christine, apparently from exhaust fumes. All cars were stunt driven. Christine backs up trying to disconnect herself from the white car. Keith Gordon was nervous about kissing Alexandra Paul, so he asked her to practice first. By comparison, our Hagerty Valuation Tool lists the average value of a 1958 Plymouth Fury in #2 (excellent) condition at $47,700. Stephen King Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. 2. Dennis observes that Arnie is taking on many of LeBay's personality traits and has begun dressing like a 1950s greaser. The guys on the set forgot and when they went to start her up she was in gear and lunged forward, taking out some equipment. When Christine became “evil,” her windows were painted black, except a small area covered with window tint; the stunt driver had no side or rear vision. They were later criticized for their overuse of the word in the film. At the auto factory Christine has a 350 dual quad, notice the front distributor as the hood slams shut on the guys hand, and later when it gets vandalized at Darnell's.

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