As long as there exist creatures nearby that are frightened of a yeth hound, it won’t chase anyone who isn’t. Hades,[2] Fury's Heart,[5] Heliopolis,[6] lower planes[3][7] A yeth hound from the Neverwinter computer game.

Keith’s book grounds villains in specificity, motivation, and tactics—so much so that players will love to hate ’em. So they hear a terrifying howl, are frightened. | d20PFSRD Considering that they have a Challenge Rating of 4, an actual pack of yeth hounds (i.e., four or more together) would be a terrifyingly Deadly encounter for a typical group of mid-level adventurers; PCs would have to be at least level 9 to be able to handle a number of them equal to their own, and level 11 to do so without significant risk. To run a yeth hound, you’re going to need to familiarize yourself with the chase rules in chapter 8 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide, because they’re a major component of how this creature hunts, as indicated by the first paragraph of flavor text in Volo’s Guide to Monsters: “Yeth hounds fly in pursuit of their prey, often waiting until it is too exhausted to fight back.”.

Aside from that, they had no loyalty to each other and would not assist each other unless told otherwise. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. After a fifth level, the target can run no more. The cult of Lamashtu, in particular, is fond of using yeth hounds as temple guardians. Yeth hounds have a ferocious ability contour: exceptional Strength, very high Dexterity and Constitution, making them both brutes and shock attackers.

Yeth hound allies can provide much more complex services than a typical animal, but they also present the risk of possible treachery. Yeth Hound.

Yeth hounds consumed warm-blooded creatures and had a preference for humans, demihumans and fey such as brownies, while they themselves were avoided by all natural and several unnatural predators. It is long and skinny.

Based on

On a critical success, the creature is temporarily immune to sinister bite for 1 minute.

Alignment Actions Bite: Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target.


They are resistant to all damage unless the weapon string them is magical, holy or silver. | GumshoeSRD

[1][3], The iconic feature of the yeth hounds was their dreadful baying that filled those nearby with panicked horror. Remember the situations and thinking in the article. Deep black in color and with watery, yellow eyes, the yeth hound stands 5 feet tall at the shoulder and weighs about 400 pounds. Making custom character sheets is easier than ever with a special, streamlined game type to build and test them.

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