Diana recruits gang members. The men going to rescue Felina start shooting at the truck transporting her and she thinks that Emiliana betrayed her. Amado obliterates the Colombians. The Casillas have Ojeda's laboratory surrounded, and Amado tells Dalila to leave. Aurelio meets Leonor and flirts with her. Aurelio challenges Valdés to take a stance but the second-in-command of the Cuban Revolution remains silent. La Condesa tells Leo the truth about Pilar. The Engineer wants to take advantage of the president’s weakness. Víctor is worried about Mónica’s safety and Javier guarantees that she is in good hands. - A man of the Church, missionary, founder of the SSPX - a man who helped preserve the tradition of the Church after Vatican II, The SSPX: its view on the current situation of the Church and its unique answer on how to "Restore all things in Christ", Learn more about the SSPX! Aurelio tortures Chatarrero so that he betrays Feyo. El Greñas uncovers Evelina's shady past. Esperanza’s parents will pay to find her. La Felina, her friend, tries to open her eyes. Leonor finds a room full of documents. She manages to get away. Leonor and Marco Mejía spend the night together. Mónica asks Chema to stay away. Amado tells Castillo that the Colombian is in custody. Aurelio tries to get Heriberto to stay. Aurelio asks Mónica to kill Andrews. Aurelio's condition worsens. Javi and Aurelio have a conversation that sets the family’s destiny. Castillo investigates Gilberto's death and meets Diana, but something doesn't smell right to him. TV Movie After a moment of passion, Aurelio avenges Emiliana. Aurelio proposes that Mónica return to his side and promises to be faithful. Corina finds out that Amado Leal is accused of drug trafficking. The priest has the power to provide the sacraments to souls for their sanctification, The priest is an instrument of God with a sacramental character enabling him to confer the sacraments, A calling to the priesthood is supernatural and personal. Omar won’t confirm whether Casillas is dead or alive. Chacorta offers Pepe Johnson a business proposal, Mónica tells Aurelio that she's pregnant, and Aurelio wants to build a lab in Venezuelan territory. Aurelio and Chema come together in order to defeat their common enemies. A furious Víctor vows to exact his revenge. Omar agrees to accept Aurelio, Ramiro and Ernestina’s plan on the condition that they leave Mónica alone. The president loses his composure. Ismael shows Aurelio a revealing photo. Chema tells Torito to leave before the shootout. Chacortica is anxious to hear Mónica’s answer. Leonor and Ramos are forced to let Heriberto and Manotas go after a standoff at the hospital. In a small village called Pietrelcina, in the middle of the mountains of southern Italy, lives young Francisco. Aurelio feels proud to show another victim how his enemies fare. Castillo puts Terán behind bars and swears he will pay for his crimes. Chacortica robs the Colombian’s boat. Amado decides to go out with La Doña and Diana, but she warns him she's not his wife. Quezada prepares an ambush at one of El Cabo's labs. Leonor gets into the recording studio pretending to be a fan of Alejo. Armed to the hilt, Diana aims at El Cabo when he arrives with his men. Ninón asks Aurelio for help finding her son who was kidnapped. Leo offers her support to Omar. Nora Requena agrees to extradite Aurelio. Feyo wounds Ismael and keeps him locked up with his mother. Don Feyo is also injured. Amado orders Diana to facilitate the Casillas' move. Marco tells Jiménez they have to dismantle the Casillas' distribution network in the districts. Pursued by rival traffickers and the DEA, drug kingpin Aurelio Casillas decides to alter his appearance with surgery and adopt a new identity. The President of Mexico threatens El Cabo. Víctor and Javier get rid of Eleazar. Lay seeks Iñaqui's partnership in a trafficking operation, Leonor demands that Ximena turn over Aurelio, and Pepe threatens Irma. Meanwhile, Leonor doesn't believe Father Lázaro killed himself. The press is expecting him. oh, there are a ton of great Catholic movies on Netflix. Mónica finds out she’s pregnant with Víctor’s baby. Morejón asks Rivero to return to his job. Meanwhile, Santiago suggests that Heriberto turn himself in to protect Ximena. Later, he tells Esperanza that he was attacked. Aurelio and Leonor argue, and the agent threatens to kill him. Ismael Casillas promises a generous reward to the ambassador of Venezuela in exchange for information. Victoria investigates Elsa's disappearance, one of Ernesto's thugs betrays him, and Aurelio tries to see if Chema is holding Rutila. Ámbar wants to hand over El Chema and shares her plan with Navarro. La Niña wants revenge. Luzma gets more drugs. In a small village called Pietrelcina, in the middle of the mountains of southern Italy, lives young Francisco. Meanwhile, Aurelio receives an experimental procedure. Aurelio faces an issue that's personal rather than legal, forcing him to revisit past lovers in search of children he may have unknowingly fathered. Amado Leal makes a confession. Aurelio looks ill during the trip. Navarro wants Edith's house watched to see if Ámbar is hiding there. Esperanza has a tryst with the ambassador of Venezuela. Mónica has a big decision to make. Tony decides to protect Esperanza and makes her a partner. Don Feyo seduces Doña Alba. Aurelio tells Don Feyo that he’s afraid of dying. Pío waits for the right moment to deliver a blow and get revenge on the Casillas. Oscar forces Dobladillo to talk with Canica on the phone. The latest news and events around parishes and schools. They called him the Black Samurai, and he became a legend. The Casillas' hopes are dashed; they make a very risky decision. The double capture tempts the most powerful narco. El Chema is furious at Tijeras’s betrayal. Omar says he’s changing his drug policy. El Cabo promises to be a serious entrepreneur. Colón tells Rodrigo to be careful, lest he be killed. Ismael will be Aurelio’s right-hand man. Andrews warns Chema. Aurelio is forced to wage a war against a family member who's destroying Mexico, and must rescue another relative, who's been in hiding. Aurelio arrives at the hotel where Mónica is staying. The Topo Galván tells the Pollo that he's going to ally with Mónica, because he's going to need her Colombian contacts. Mónica Robles swears that she will get revenge on Aurelio for taking away her child. Colón discovers Dalila’s secret. Some news will change Eunice’s mind. Cabo is depressed after what happened with Mónica. Amado must react quickly to avoid ruin. Mónica asks them to let him go. Leo confesses to Ignacio that she went to bed with Aurelio and that it was the best sex ever. Aurelio goes to Cuba and meets Penumbra but not everything goes according to plan. Elsa chooses a run for office over the offer of a presidential cabinet position, Chema locks Matilde in the house, and Aurelio rouses Lay's suspicions. Mónica has relations with Omar. The Norteño realizes that an attack has been planned against Ximena and the Jaibo is being hunted. Make your movie list and get Blu-rays and DVDs conveniently delivered to you with free shipping both ways. After two ambushes, explosions, and shootings, Amado confronts Baltazar Ojeda. Mónica doesn’t believe him. Casillas is surprised to hear Connie’s proposal. Aurelio looks for Emiliana and threatens to eat her alive. The Turk tells Coronel Jiménez that a new shipment is arriving from Colombia and gives him a photo of Pombo, the man they're after. The Corporal visits Aurelio to tell him someone's trying to cut him out of the business. Later, Aurelio and Chacorta begin plotting to murder Chema. Garnica makes a deal. Volpi pressures Amado to smuggle fentanyl with his worst enemy, Ojeda. Amado confronts El Chema when he learns that he’s negotiating with his biggest enemy. Rutila accepts the fact that Sebastián has chosen his destiny. After serving as a friar for many years, Francisco becomes … Casillas and Ámbar Maldonado go to Turkey on business and work their powers of seduction. The city's downtown is like a powder keg. Tim tells Leonor that she’s out. Aurelio makes it clear to Superjavi that he’s no snitch. The president plots Paloma’s murder and blackmails Jaime. Mónica learns that she's pregnant, Aurelio seduces Victoria, and Chema asks Matilde to help him get answers about Oscar Cadena's death. Amado puts off dealing with El Cabo. Aurelio receives a call from Ximena, who tells him both she and the kids are OK. Don Cleto tells Alba that Ximena and the kids survived the explosion. Emiliana, Aurelio’s fiancée, goes from love to hatred when she finds out that Lourdes is dead. Heriberto asks Ignacio for help fleeing the country, Mónica shoots Irina, and Chema wants Aurelio's DNA to compare against the body.

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