Michael Demiurgos is the son of Yahweh and brother of Lucifer Morningstar. 4. Aztar later repented of his sins and, in return, was stripped of his memories and became the incarnation of His Wrath. ''Worlds Funnest'' Destroyed several universes. He was able focus the energies of an entire universe. At full strength he can destroy universes, Mandrakk also Known as Dax Novu has the power of 52 universes and is larger than the multiverse. All of his abilities were simply amplified so much you could not measure his power, but he did not create a universe, he was simply the only one living in it because everyone else was dead. Firstly he was Samael, brother to Michael and the first being created by the Presence of God. Father and son wage an epic battle while the Justice League watches, and Orion not only defeats a villain most DC heroes couldn't survive, he rips Darkseid's fiery heart out of his chest. Yes, I definitely agree that “The Presence” is the strongest entity in the DC Universe. God is most powerful. He can also use his speed to great fighting affect as he can take a run up at about light speed, and land a punch that has been known to knock beings into orbit. Nigh Omnipotent and capable of destroying universes. These aren’t official, but widely regarded amongst the community. Green Lantern creates with his power ring, Darkseid has a particularly weird history. He is The Monitor’s counterpart from The Anit-Matter Universe and was the sole Guardian of The Sinestro Corps. The two are very evenly matched and make a great team. Perhaps the biggest indicator of his power is the fact that he's often forced into direct conflict with the Spectre, and he's often proven to be the only single hero able to hold his own against the vengeful spirit. Mr. Mxyzptlk is featured but no Dr. Manhatten… smh, agreed. However, The Flash is so much more. Was Making the continuum tremble because of his mere presence, and was larger than the Multiverse. Instead, they wield the broader ability to make, destroy or influence worlds. Alongside his twin brother to Samael, Michael Demiurgos is said to be accredited for the creation of the DC Multiverse. saint of killers doesn’t deserve a top 12 spot just because he’s capable of killing anyone above him. The articles on Fortress of Solitude are written by a group of talented, professional and experienced freelance writers, all experts and leaders in their various fields. Being immortal is also another reason for his pranks as he doesn't know what to do to pass the time. He never gained new abilities. Comics books have brought joy to millions and millions worldwide. Shazam, the powerful alter-ego of the young Billy Batson, is said to possess the greatest attributes of powerful and revered figures. These are all pre 52 feats. For much of his series, Damage finds himself locking horns with other DC heroes, and the confrontations show just how staggeringly powerful the man-monster is. For many years comic books were really only for the true fans and those dedicated enough to follow their favorite superheroes and their adventures thro . He is a higher dimensional being who exists beyond the totality of the multiverse, including all its timelines. Mordru created energies that could annihilate Galaxies. Vote up those your think are the most powerful! J'onzz tells him, "I can modify my molecular structure to any thought you form. Thats how it is. Vote up the most powerful beings in the DC universe. Knowing how powerful he is, Superman often limits himself and never really goes for it. The Phantom Stranger is one of DC Comics' most mysterious figures. Then hundreds of star systems fell to the Anti Life Entity, the universe was about to be destroyed yet for some reason the Anti Life Entity turned back, but not before the Anti Life Entity's energies destroyed a 200 light year sector of space. He isn't the most well-known DC hero, and he's one of the newest, but Damage would clearly deserve a higher spot on this list if it weren't for the fact that his power can only manifest for a single hour per day. Emperor Joker reshaped the universe in his image, was tearing apart the fundamental forces of the cosmos and threatening all universes, hes damn powerful. Maybe? From the Vertigo comic series, The Sandman, The Endless are ageless, immortal, and nigh-omnipotent. When Mxy first appeared in the comic books, he started out as a silly trickster. He brushes aside a massive gathering of Justice Leaguers in Doomsday Clock #9, and to anyone who's familiar with Watchmen, that shouldn't be a surprise. Nabu was a godlike being once known as one of the Lords of Order, and he ultimately transfers his immense power into Fate's helmet. They sent their witch doctor, Mophir, who possessed the black diamond, to stop him. 1. The Decreater is just pure darkness and decay, so it has no personality or morals. Mr. Mxyzptlk is not bound by any physical laws, his powers often appear magical, making him one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Hailing from the 5th Dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk appears as an imp, fashioned as a jester of some sort. yeah i was thinking the same! In the few instances when he's discovered a survivor — like his half-Czarnian daughter Crush from Teen Titans — he drops whatever he's doing to kill them. The age of the comic book is definitely upon us. Being a cosmic entity, she has complete control over cosmic energy meaning that she can control time, space and reality. On top of that, Spectre can also drain people's psyches, souls and life force which make him impossible to beat. Interestingly, these actions lead to the Oans becoming the Guardians of the Universe, and their first act to punish Krona, transforming him into pure energy left to wander the cosmos. . Within the DC universe, there is little known about the being known as Kismet as she hasn't made many appearances within the comic books. Held the Earth in the Palm of His Hands without any trouble. Fought the Time-Keeper who was threatening to destroy the time barrier. The Presence. Mr. Mxyzptlk. While studying and attempting to photograph an eclipse on Diablo Island, the natives feared this would steal the ‘sun god’. With this in mind, we now focus on all the characters in DC and find out just who is the most powerful of them all. Can create realities by utilizing his victims fears to make them live there worst nightmares. Then he witnessed the hand of creation depositing the “speck” that would grow to become the universe, but this causes his machine to explode at that very moment. He experiences the present, past, and future all at once. Lord of the Unliving. The name Jon Kent has been given to several characters over DC Comics’ history. Now it’s time to take a look at the equivalent list for the DC Universe. The Phantom Stranger is one of DC Comics' most mysterious figures. Samael would have his own journey into being, but his brother Michael was given the Demiurgic, or the power of God. One of these members is the wizard Shazam, who empowered a young human and became Captain Marvel. Consumes whole sun thus destroying galaxies. Unlike any of the other angels who were sterile, Michael was not. © 2020 Fortress of Solitude, a division of Fortress Entertainment. While he has the power to do almost anything he is able to imagine, such as erasing any being from existence, he takes no pleasure or fun in that. He held all of Creation (the multiverse) in his hands. Every being in the DC universe, powerful or not, has to answer to The Presence and obey God's law. Krona was born on the planet Maltus and as a scientist, he became obsessed with knowing the origins of the universe; despite being warned that if he ever knew this it would cause a great catastrophe. Parallax himself is an ancient horror that strikes fear into the hearts of the guardians. ''Warlogog'' Freezes the Big Bang in time. However, Michael is bound by the divine law set out by his father, where as Spectre isn't as bound or ruled by it. Although a collective of concepts and ideas, each sibling has their own feelings, thoughts and personalities. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He is the first incarnation of the Wrath of God and the Angel of Vengeance. The League gets its own shot later in the series with Damage #11 when, among other things, Damage proves to be able to easily rip through the constructs Green Lantern creates with his power ring. And he's vulnerable to magic." There is really no limit to what he can do. Each of them are powerful in their own right, but just not as powerful as the characters mentioned here. The once divine being has vast magical powers including superhuman strength, speed, immortality and of course, spirit possession. In the DC One Million storyline, the original Superman watched his parents, friends, and wife (Lois) die (from natural causes) without the knowledge and means to save them. I definitely have to read the Superman Prime (One Million) books. After all, time and again, Batman — in spite of having no super powers of his own — has proven capable of holding his own against, or even defeating, some of the most titanic heroes and villains in the DC Universe. Spidertiger is right. Unless you can conquer fear itself, that is. Was annihilating the universe bit by bit, all of the objects in the universe were dropping out of existence. 2. Then went on to destroy all of Creation (the multiverse). Lucifer Morningstar has gone by many names in the DC universe. These silly pranks amused Myx as life in our dimension seemed primitive to him. We don't care how many times you reboot the universe. Whose more powerful The Spectre or Parallax? New 52 Version when he was eating and destroying universes and threatening the newly reborn Multiverse. The age of the comic book is definitely upon us. The… J'onn J'onzz, aka the Martian Manhunter, famously has one of the easiest vulnerabilities to exploit — a weakness to fire. We want to know who YOU think is the most powerful being! Your email address will not be published. He fights and overpowers the Legion of Superheroes. Top 15 Most Powerful Characters in the DC Universe. Top 10 Most Powerful Comic Book Characters. Vote them up! Although the extent of his new abilities are unknown, he would eventually return to Earth in order to forge a new covenant with his descendants. This power enabled the creation of the cosmos to occur. Her power is almost limitless. Though new and more powerful characters are sure to be written in the future, as of writing, this list represents a ranking of the most powerful comic book characters ever - from villains like Thanos and Darkseid to heroes like Superman and Captain Marvel. Lucifer Morningstar's powers are limitless. Has control over the time-stream. After living inside the Earth’s yellow sun for 15,000 years, the Man of Steel enhanced his powers to great cosmic levels, giving him nigh-omnipotence, invulnerability, and the ability to create life and entire universes.

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