You cannot diagnose a problem until you know the history of the problem that you’re trying to resolve. You don’t want to feel your own pain.

And it’s just not — as much as we know a lot of these stories and a lot of the things that were wrong, that feels like a new recognition. Du Bois had a great friendship with Lala Lajpat Rai, he reviewed Gandhi’s Autobiography, at his death he called Gandhi “the greatest man in the world” and the “Prince of Peace”, he published a message by Gandhi in his magazine and in discussing Martin Luther King Jr., said “Will the Great Gandhi Live Again”. I mean, I think that the good news is that we see this. Wilkerson: Well, it’s kind of reminded me that our country is like a really old house. Wilkerson: I make reference to that image because they were crossing over into another land with different laws, different expectations.
When you go to the doctor, before you can even see the doctor, the very first thing they do is they give you all of these pages to fill out.
Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Wilkerson: Well, I think I want to start to answer the question with a fundamental, sad recognition with these police shootings and then get to the answer.

If you think about it on both sides of this caste system or this divide, there was not much incentive for anyone to talk about it. The very speech of Martin Luther King Jr. from which Wilkerson uses an excerpt to establish his connection to viewing the black struggle as the struggle against untouchability in India also has high praise for Gandhi and Gandhi’s struggle against untouchability. And that’s what our country is like. He repudiates the possibility of a comparison between the two societies.

You can always listen again, and hear the unedited version of every show we do on the On Being podcast feed — wherever podcasts are found. Wilkerson: It’s a reflection of the structures that they confronted upon arrival. ( Log Out /  The entrenchment and ideological subservience of Indian intellectuals to the west means that it will meet either with adulation or at best with polite disagreement, but it requires ruthless criticism for it is a book that seeks to confuse and mislead and contributes nothing to the real struggle of our times. Today, with journalist Isabel Wilkerson, the author of The Warmth of Other Suns.

And I think “changing your heart” is a synonym for overcoming unconscious bias. Part of this erasure, is the erasure of the anti-colonial struggle and the attack on Mahatma Gandhi currently very intense in western universities.

There are multiple steps that a person has to take to really be open to that. They may go back to your grandmother and your grandfather on both sides. I think one of the reasons that we’re in the situation we’re in in our country is because the laws have been changed. I want to read, actually, the last paragraph of the book and just reflect with you a little bit on that.

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And so it takes time to overcome the unconscious absorption of the caste system into which they had been raised and born. It is a deeply conservative book, reflective of the deeply conservative nature of American academia and American media. Our lovely theme music is provided and composed by Zoë Keating. If you haven’t read it, try and find a book called The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson. You’ve said that the language of “political asylum” is absolutely apt here for what people were undertaking. Both, she identifies with “the human impulse to create hierarchies” which “runs across societies and cultures”. And in doing so, that meant that they were kind of leaving behind parts of themselves in order to take on this new persona.

It was the term to use.

And the work is never done.

Wilkerson: Yeah, if they were spirited and expressive, there was a need to reign that in. I believe that bringing the invisible people into the light would help all of us to understand and see ourselves better because we’ve been so affected by what they did.

Wilkerson is part of an erasure of the brutality of colonialism from history.

You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

Tippett: And as much as we have to deal with it at those other levels, we have to deal with it at this level in terms of who we are. We bring his life and ideas into relief through three conversations with people who were inspired by him.

The laws get dealt with. They never were being written about. The Great Migration gave the world a bounty of brilliance — from Michelle Obama and James Baldwin, to Diana Ross and John Coltrane — while also planting harder foundations that continue to touch on every American in some way.

I mean, people — these places that they went, there had not been a significant African American population.

Empathy and recognition in the common humanity of another person.

I often say that the book is viewed as being a book about the Great Migration, and over time, as I’ve talked about it over these years, I’ve come to realize that it’s not about migration. This erasure separates the anti-racist struggle from the struggle against war and imperialism. And so this is all setting in motion all of these forces that were making it even more difficult for people to succeed in these big places, the cities of refuge for the people of the Great Migration.

Tippett: He wrote, “I was leaving the South to fling myself into the unknown… I was taking a part of the South to transplant in alien soil, to see if it could grow differently, if it could drink of new and cool rains, bend in strange winds, respond to the warmth of other suns and, perhaps — just perhaps — to bloom.”.

The On Being Project

Why would you want to feel someone else’s pain? And then, “We may be clueless and awkward around the subject of race, but we know what the Gospel demands. And I would like to think that this would never be viewed as normal. I think — you were asking about this book and how it’s moved around in the world.

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