Please read the rules, Wiki/FAQ, and use the search bar! The C14 Timberwolf MRSWS (Medium Range Sniper Weapon System) is a manually operated bolt action sniper rifle built by the Canadian arms company PGW Defence Technologies Inc. I would be going mainly for the look for now, so something cheap would be preferred (especially if I might have to end up buying multiple), and performance doesn't matter, but would be a nice bonus. The Canadian Forces use a Leupold Mark 4 16x40mm LR/T M1 Riflescope as standard, but other day telescopic sights and night sights can be fitted. The barrel for the MRSWS is a modified, heavy free floating Krieger made barrel. The C14 Timberwolf MRSWS (Medium Range Sniper Weapon System) is a bolt-action sniper rifle built by the Canadian arms company PGW Defence Technologies Inc. This page was last edited on 23 September 2020, at 05:38. The C14 Timberwolf MRSWS is now the main sniper rifle in the Canadian Armed Forces arsenal. Any specific parts you guys recommend? The 338 Lapua Magnum barrels are supplied with a 254 mm (1 in 10 inch) twist rate optimized to stabilize long, heavy very-low-drag bullets like the Sierra HPBT MatchKing and Lapua Scenar .338-calibre 19.44 gram (300 grain) bullets. The C14 Timberwolf MRSWS rifle is chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum rifle cartridge. What I'm trying to find (or make if I have to) is the C14 Timberwolf (Wikipedia page; manufacturer's website), and I have some questions: If it does already exist, where can I get it? The Timberwolf rifle was originally developed as a civilian long range hunting and sport shooting rifle for super magnum cartridges by the Canadian company Prairie Gun Works, now PGW Defence Technologies Inc. He's quite active on Airsoftsniperforum The official military designation for the rifle is C14 Timberwolf Medium Range Sniper Weapon System (MRSWS).[3]. the bolt is partly helically fluted which reduces weight and stops bolt debris jams. Simrad night sights are mounted by custom scope ring sets and UNS or MUNS night sights are mounted via a PGWDTI proprietary mount. Such loads are much more powerful compared to the 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge used in the C3A1 rifle which typically fires 11.3 g (175 gr) bullets at 790 m/s (2580 ft/s). This is relatively close. Don't know if it has an upgrades parts for it, though. When I try searching on Google, all that comes up is a pistol from Echo1 with the name "Timberwolf," so I'm guessing that an airsoft version of the rifle most likely doesn't exist. The C14 Timberwolf's accuracy potential is stated by its manufacturer as sub 0.75 MOA with proper ammunition. The C14 Timberwolf (simply known as Marksman Sniper in Gun Game and also known as R700 in the alpha) is a Canadian made sniper made by the company PGW Defence Technology's Inc (Prairie Gun Works). The C14 Timberwolf is a sniper rifle featured in Squad. It was introduced in the Alpha 15.3 update with the Canadian Army.[1]. The C14 Timberwolf is a bolt-action sniper rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum and developed in Canada. I'll update if I think of anything else. The extra locking lug at the rear assists in preventing the bolt from becoming jammed when chambering another round. Tactical lights and lasers can be fitted to the two front lengths of MIL-STD-1913 rail. This weapon was quickly added to Arsenal but then removed in the Mega Update. [3] The C14 Timberwolf MRSWS went into production for the Canadian Forces Land Command in 2005. The C14 Timberwolf is a bolt-action rifle requiring the user to manually operate the bolt after every shot. The barrels are cryogenic stress relieved and partly helically fluted which reduces weight whilst maintaining most of the structural strength and contains a detachable proprietary stainless steel muzzle brake that reduces the recoil.[7]. Press J to jump to the feed. The stock is made from high strength fibre glass with a PGWDTI-Titanium Cantilever Monoblock beddingblock which provides both added comfort and strength. He scratch builds sniper rifles,mostly based off the VSR 10. The Timberwolf action is a manually operated stainless steel bolt action with a right-hand side bolt and ejection port. The military rifle, however, has several modifications to make it better suited for military use, and many accessories are available. This weapon was very similar to that of the MS556but was lower in body shot damage. The rifle has no default iron sights but it is instead fitted with a length of integral picatinny rail with a 25 MOA forward slope on which an optical sight can be mounted. What I'm trying to find (or make if I have to) is the C14 Timberwolf (Wikipedia page; manufacturer's website), and I have some questions: PGW Defence Technologies Inc. averaged over 95% on this standard and every weapon delivered under the Canadian Armed Forces contract was evaluated for accuracy and witnessed by DND officials.[5]. The safety is a three-position type safety featuring a middle "field strip" position. The one you linked to on the manufacturer's page that's all modded is a little trickier. The C14 Timberwolf is a bolt-action sniper rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum and developed in Canada. The single stage trigger is adjustable for weight, creep, and over-travel. The use of titanium reduces the weight of the Timberwolf bolt-action. If I do have to machine the external parts, what internals should I use? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The civilian Timberwolf rifle is offered in several chamberings, up to the .408 Cheyenne Tactical cartridge and the .416 PGW cartridge, a wildcat cartridge based on the .408 Cheyenne Tactical. The C14 rifle can accept the customary accessories for sniper weapons systems like; telescopic sights and other optical sights, MIL-STD-1913 rails (Picatinny rails) to mount optical sights and other accessories, bipods, muzzle brakes/flash-hiders and silencers (sound suppressors) and (carrying) slings. The plain version of the C14 looks close to an M40. If you want the 'basic' version of the C14 you can grab a VFC M40 or the Cybergun FN herstel branded one (Both are VSR compatible as far as I know so easy to upgrade), Thanks. It also contains two small lengths of MIL-STD-1913 or Picatinny rail at the forefront of the stock. If I have to custom-build it, what would be the best gun to use as a starting point? Also, unlike the MS556 it had faster fire rate and had a crosshair. The Canadian Forces accuracy standard was evaluated by hit probability with a requirement of hitting a chest sized target at 1,200 m (1,312 yd) 90% of the time. In 2005 they won the contract to supply the Canadian Forces Land Command with the C14 Timberwolf MRSWS for $4.5million. This helps create a very smooth action which is very reliable. The stock is a McMillan A5 polymer stock which has an adjustable saddle cheekpiece and spacer plates to regulate the length of pull to tailor the stock for the individual shooter. Further it can be delivered with cleaning kits and soft and heavy-duty transit cases and various maintenance tools. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

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