That is, every orb needs to be hit 3 times in order to be burst. They can be used by both the party and certain groups of enemies. So if you have a lot of orbs, or are hitting it with a neutral element, prioritize it based on that depending which round of the chain attack you are in. You are allowed 1 full round worth of turns after breaking an orb. bar on the top left hand corner of the screen that fills up gradually during battle So, if you equip the legendary version on 3 drivers, then you can boost the chain attack ratio by 600% at start. News, reviews, opinions, more. Orb bursts are reduced to 50% each. Having 2 orb bursts in one round and 1 orb burst in the other rounds is the typical method. The damage done to surrounding orbs is the same as the target orb. Each of your characters takes turns to bash up your targeted opponent. Dark element blade is chosen next and deals 2 HP of damage to the light orb. If you have 0 leftover orbs, then no additional bonus is given. When it is completely filled up, you can use a ridiculously powerful move called a chain attack, which allows every one of your characters a chance to use a special move on your targeted opponent. (Excluding the small damage bonus.). 1st round of chain attack: 1st blade has Element Orb Ender aux core and is a water blade. Chain attacks will typically end if no new orbs are burst in the last round. The members of the Chain Attack take turns using Specials one after the other with one enemy targeted. Minimum damage ratio for a chain attack (outside of Bringer of Chaos difficulty) is 300% (or 3x). The next driver up has Kos-Mos (light) who already did an attack as well as the only fire blade in the party: Newt. This repeats for subsequent rounds. Maximum possible damage ratio bonus is 7300% (73x) during Full Burst (4 of 8 orbs burst): 300% base + 50% Rex + 50% Morag + 600% 3 Legendary Burst Symbols + 800% 4 orbs burst + 500% Full Burst + 5000% 4 leftover orbs = 7300%. If there is a weak orb to target, then 2HP damage will be done to the orbs. If a Special move used is of an element opposite that of an existing orb, it will attack that orb and count as 2 hits. Between rounds button challenge is successful. The damage ratio is a straight multiplier and will increase further with each broken orb. In this particular instance, this launches the Steam Explosion move, which itself deals a lot of damage – but also inflicts an elemental orb of Fire type on your opponent. Although Newt would cause more orb damage, it is preferred to use Kos-Mos as she causes much more damage. Bursting these orbs lengthens the chain attack by another round, increases the damage ratio by 200%, recharges all Blades by 50%, and increases the burst meter. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Bursting these orbs lengthens the chain attack by another round, increases the damage ratio by 200%, recharges all Blades by 50%, and increases the burst meter. The bonus increases the more damage is dealt after the enemy was defeated, with diminishing returns. A certain percentage will be added to the damage ratio based on the amount of intact orbs. Breaking additional orbs will reset the 3-turn rule. Each orb has three “HP”. Some common blades have Ultimate Combo battle skill (Nim's version is called Synthesis Lore) that boosts fusion combo damage by 50% at Level 5. The blade that was last used on the next driver will do their Lv3 special in the background. Smash has a zero time limit and cannot be used for this.Doing a chain attack right after fusion combo may greatly amplify the chain attack. If you have 1 leftover orb, then you get 125% added to the Full Burst bonus. Rex has a node on his affinity chart that increases the ratio by 50%. It’s easy enough to guess that Fire is the opposite of Water…but what’s the opposite of Wind? If no orbs are broken, then the chain attack will end after a single round. If you succeed, then you are allowed to use blades again from the previous round AND increase the specials level by 1 (maximum is 3). This offers a similar damage buff to a simple Topple but lasts significantly longer (able to potentially last into and through the 2nd round of a chain attack). During Full Burst, you will attack the enemy with up to 3 specials (one blade from each driver) at the same time. Topple causes increased damage and effects wear off after the topple gauge runs out. The meter to the upper left of the screen during a chain attack will fill up as you keep on unleashing more and more specials. Chain attacks may end early if all the driver's remaining blades are stuck in cooldown. You chain attack when your party gauge is full with the + button. It can be noted that the Chain Attack can only be extended once per round, even if multiple orbs are burst. Knowing this, it is possible to manipulate the order of breaking orbs in advance. Useful especially if the blade has 3 aux core slots. Morag also has a node on her hidden chart in New Game Plus that also gives 50%. If successful again at the next quick button challenge between rounds, then Lv3 specials are used. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), The Best Multiplayer Games on the Nintendo Switch eShop (for under $20). There is also a small percentage added to the damage ratio; it is not clear how this is calculated but appears to increase based on number of arts / specials / damage done. When the gauge is full, then Full Burst is activated.

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