All you need is some screw eyes/ hooks, D ring clips and of course the string lights which should be suited for outdoor use so go with a heavy-duty design. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It makes it super easy to turn on the lights when we are looking for a little ambiance. Enjoy your week! See disclosure policy here. We’re really pleased with this simple, cheap update that makes our outdoor living even better! Please do not remove any watermarks or edit any of my images without first obtaining written permission from me. Makes the process a lot easier! Copyright by The Charleston Crafted Blog, LLC, 2020 | Trellis Framework by Mediavine, Gorgeous Kauai Photo Triptych Over the Bed. I know you’ll be glad to have them! Spring will come! What projects are you working on currently? I’m very excited to spend some time in our backyard this summer. I'm having the same problem and don't know what hooks to use, They are called "ceiling hooks" Hope that works for you :). About me... As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. What I wouldn’t give to sit outside under those lights. Best of luck finding lights in your neck of the woods. Snow is still on the ground here in Missouri, too. Love these lights! Do what works for you and your space. Our home sits up fairly high and gets A LOT of strong wind gusts. Learn the best way to hang outdoor string lights for your home! How can I install hooks on a metal framed screened lanai. Feel free to use one or two photos provided that a link back to my original post is included. We went from avoiding it completely, to being outside any chance we get! You'd have to use a drill to pre-drill a hole for the hook, or you could use Command Hooks! So, sounds like the best way to me! There are so many options for the configurations of the string lights. Title: 72031_LED_StringLights_Manual_Revv Created Date: 5/26/2016 11:58:41 AM Looks awesome! It's my mission to help YOU find ways to create a home you love. I tried using Command Hooks to hang them first, but the hooks didn’t take too well to the siding on the house, so I ended up screwing in little white hooks zig-zagged across the span of the porch and looped the lights in there. There have been several storms since we’ve put our lights up and this appears to work well for our location. Since my sister gifted the lights to us, I knew we had a total of 48 feet of cord to work with (2 sets of 24 ft lights). Seriously, we could only stay out for a few minutes at a time and had to keep coming in to warm our hands. If you have a challenging layout, you might find criss crossing your lights helps to pull the look together. All free printables offered are for personal use only. Hanging string lights without the use of nails is my preference. So we picked up a big box of outdoor string lights from Costco for $40 to hang above our porch. Very inviting!! Thankfully the bulbs aren’t in during the hanging process, so that makes it much easier. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I love this lights and your garden looks beautiful. If you are going through the trouble to hang outdoor string lights you will definitely want to add an outdoor remote control outlet so you have the convenience of turning your lights on from inside your home. In my opinion, draping the string lights always adds a pretty touch. How to hang outdoor string lights on a deck or pergola: 1. Take the glass bulbs out BEFORE hanging. Disclosure policy. Thanks for stopping by;-). Yes - we used one strand. We hang our remote controls by our deck door. This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we earn a small percentage of each sale. I tried using Command Hooks to hang them first, but the hooks didn’t take too well to the siding on the house, so I ended up screwing in little white hooks zig-zagged across the span of the porch and looped the lights in there. If you're wondering how to hang string lights in a backyard without trees, put them on your deck railings instead. Looks great! Alumahooks are made of durable plastic and are strong enough to hang these outdoor lights for the patio cover. What are festoon lights and how do you hang festoon lights outside? […] A covered deck or patio provides you with the perfect setup for hanging string lights. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, I hope it works well for you! Can you show what hooks you used? String lights can enhance a patio or outdoor space by adding a warm glow and dispersed light, but they can be tricky to hang if you don’t have trees or other tall objects to string them from. Now we can spend more time outside and enjoy the fall as it starts rolling in! Of course, string lights were at the top of the list for making our outdoor area more inviting. ere is basically what my sketch looked like. BUT, they are up and when the weather decides to be kind, we are ready to enjoy our outdoor living space! It’s a simple DIY you definitely will not regret. RELATED READING…Can Outdoor String Lights Get Wet? If hanging your string lights on stucco, you will need to use. Lights add so much to an outdoor space at night. You guys should have seen our west-facing deck before it got a major makeover. Just use Alumahooks by Alumahangers. Source: Restoration Hardware Outdoor String Lights. PRO TIP: Use a drill to start the hole prior to screwing in the screw hooks. Thank you! You don’t want to deal with broken bulbs! When you want to hang Costco string lights on your aluminum patio cover, you want to make sure you don't put holes in the cover. Posted on September 14, 2016 Categories Garden & Yard, Quick Projects, The Easiest Way to Hang String Lights on a Screened Porch. My space requires at least 60', so I'm making more zig zags to get to 96'. In hopes of dining at home more often, I’ve attempted to create an outdoor space that we love. Free standing poles with attached string lights in the backyard. Two would work, too, for a bigger space. They are beautiful and really light up the porch tremendously. Even having one of your kiddos help out by handing you items can make this process go a lot quicker! This may be one of my favorite things about the outdoor lights! If something is convenient, you are sure to use it more! I highly recommend getting the heavy duty lights. User account menu. Add to that evenings sitting outside on the screened porch with a cold beverage, we’re really enjoying our choice. I’d love to redo our hardwood floors, but I’m afraid my sweet dog would just scratch them up again. String lights cast a soft, cozy glow that can make warm nights spent outside even more enjoyable. Screw hooks are more durable! Thank you! We still have snow in April. Your outdoor space will be so inviting, you’ll never want to leave. They are also great to hang wind chimes, bird feeders, rope lights, party decorations for all occasions. Cyndy Aldred Designs LLC. how to hang string lights on covered patio. ». I want to do something like this in my backyard. […]. They are made to withstand the elements! Winter seemed to linger far too long in Missouri this year! Close. Nothing says “relaxing outdoor living space” light like the ambiance of cafe’ style string lights. First you measure the space, then you screw the eye hooks into place and then you connect the string lights using D ring clips. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks, Charissa! So we picked up a big box of outdoor string lights from Costco for $40 to hang above our porch. Now if it would only warm up enough to go outside! We’ll all just appreciate warmer weather that much more! Festoon lights are simply cafe style or party lights just as I’ve described above! Keep in mind the space you are considering hanging lights will determine the exact approach you will take. Do what works for you and your space. Were you able to do this with one 48' ft strand of string lights? Use our step-by-step instructions to hang outdoor string lights on your covered patio or deck. From out in the yard, they provide light to the patio as well and their nice design its nice to see from out in the yard (or across the lake if anyone is looking over). You hang them following the tips outlined above! They run down the corner, we were able to tuck the cord into the siding there, You could also use white duct tape type tape to hold it in place. I hope I’ve answered your questions so you can get started with your lights! There are so many options for the configurations of the string lights. We’ve had a bunch of people over for dinner or parties since we moved in and after dark it’s hard to see. All images and text on this site are property of Love Our Real Life. The backyard is basically the biggest reason we bought our house. 8. No worries about accidentally breaking a bulb! Hi Leigh! Log In Sign Up. Not that you need convincing, but take a look at a few inspiration photos I’ve included: Outdoor lighting for beautiful night time dining: I’m much more inclined to pick a restaurant with a great patio on a nice day, aren’t you? We recently had a similar issue where we needed to utilize a freestanding cable solution in order to run string lights around the outer edge of our patio. We eat as many of our meals on the porch as we can, but the dinky wall light that was there makes it difficult to see much detail once it starts getting dark. Get ideas for front yard landscaping as well as what to avoid with your landscaping project! The amazing view of the lake makes waking up each morning and walking outside a dream. Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube. I hear you regarding warmer weather, Jenifer! Sign up below and grab my weekly cleaning checklist! Join me for simple DIYs, home organization projects, and fun crafts to enjoy with your family! Wow, your projects sound ambitious. I love the look of these lights! Looks great! We changed our minds several times, but in the end, we just went with what made the most sense for our deck. In some ways, being “limited” made it easier as we knew exactly the length we were working with. Once we screwed in all the bulbs we plugged them in to see how they looked! « How to Update a Mirror with Chalk Paint, Cleaning Glasses with a Magic Eraser | It Really is Magic! Outdoor string lights add that special touch to make a backyard perfect for dinner parties, hanging out around a fire pit, or just enjoying a regular night at home with family. Alfresco dining is even better on a nice evening when the space has beautiful lighting. I’ll add some low maintenance plants and outdoor lanterns and it will be super cozy. At the top of every bulb there is a molded loop to making hanging easier. Keep me posted;-). If you prefer, light only the main length of the railing and leave the sides open. Ensure a plugin/electrical outlet is conveniently located to the starting point of your string lights when you are determining your configuration. Our major projects right now are having the hardwood stripped and restained and redoing our master bathroom. Your outdoor lights look great in your backyard patio area. Learn how to hang heavy duty outdoor string lights with this simple to follow tutorial!

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