Instead of dealing damage, Anastrasya can grapple the target (escape DC 13).

In our campaign my bard married Escher instead of Strahd (I was kidnaped to be one of his wives), it’s one of my favorite things that happened in the entire campaign.

“This gem says she’s down here.” Mahel glanced at the glowing gem, which seemed to glow brighter as Velikov walked deeper into the catacombs. While in sunlight, it has disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks. Strahd’s bride-to-be was indeed finely crafted but her eyes revealed an expression utterly devoid of life. Yet something was amiss in Barovia and the number of children without souls grew less and less with each passing year.

You think you can kill me? The party’s mutated escorts led them through the abbey’s unlocked interior gates and into an oppressive courtyard. The troubled spirit locked its eyes on one of the images and started to float aggressively towards her.

Anastrasya is the most powerful at the vampiric arts, wielding the ability to charm others and summon swarms of bats or rats despite being technically a vampire spawn. They were old, powerful, and immensely cruel. He offered the service of the Order of the Feather in providing them reconnaissance across Barovia Valley and assistance during times of need. Hit 8 (2d4 + 3) slashing damage. Ulfrik took this opportunity to step forward and impales her on the sunsword. And then… nothing. She only has this ability so long as Strahd allows her to have it. Mahel’s elven will had been successfully overpowered by the evil of Strahd. In better times, the gems had produced vintages of legendary quality. The Martikov family had arrived from their shelter in the nearby forest. I am the Ancient. . Something Old I like it. All the brides are drafted! Party BARELY won at level 3, but then Strahd appeared with 0 spell slots left on party and demanded an apology so to speak, forcing the players to eat some humble pie and really making Strahd godlike in their first impression. If the target can see Anastrasya, the target must succeed on a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw against this magic or be charmed.

She ran to Castle Ravenloft and offered herself to Count Strahd to do with as he pleased. The Order had attempted to retrieve the gem from Yester Hill but was repelled by a horde of blights that counterattacked the Wizard of Wines; forcing the Martikovs into the pitiable state in which the Finishers had found them the day prior.

She has a childlike personality that quickly descends into a sadistic bloodlust. She is seen as the leader of his harem, and reins the others in when necessary.
He had been a fool to resist such forces. Over the next few years, Strahd taught her as an apprentice of the arcane arts as well as some courtly etiquette. You made a common mistake. EPILOGUE. You should check them out. As a vampire, she learned from Rahadin that one day her master would inevitably tire of her, unless she could prove herself useful to him. It worked as some kind of divining rod, showing the way to his sister’s tomb.

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