Right, well, this last one might sound a leeetle crazy, but have you maybe been unable to control yourself around guys? Josh Hoberman I mean Todd totally owes me. That's... no. : finding love??? The MagiciansThe Magician King Release Dates What are you going to do about it? Oh, uh, he and I met at Jewish camp. She would be so good with the campers!!!! Josh Hoberman That’ll do it. Margo Hanson : Josh Hoberman Margo Hanson Margo Hanson is the former High King of Fillory and a former Brakebills student. Good. I really miss my summer camp and wish I was there right now so here is how I imagine everyone as camp counselors (also I know that all camps are different this is based off of how my camp is run/some of the programs it has). “I think it might have a stain on it.”, “Hey, man,” Josh said, trying to sound nonchalant. Josh Hoberman We love it. He plays cards with them, teaches them magic tricks, talks about his favorite books. How? Oh, is that why you screamed and ran out of the car? : : Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk?Margo would while drunk and Josh wouldn’t be loud about it while high, but he definitely would say it a lot. He gets all of the campers hooked on the fillory books, so he ends up creating programming around it. Well, I don't really know everything... Josh Hoberman Who buys the other cheesy gifts?Both do, Margo does it on purpose and Josh does it without realizing it’s cheesy. She tells him that he still shouldn’t wait for her, they need to be realistic. : Company Credits Fen- Archery instructor. [Gets in the cage with Josh, and throws the key away]. She is also the biggest advocate for the campers and the staff. : Who kisses the other awake in the morning?Neither do, they both sleep late and like the dead. Margo asks if this means that there’s a chance to save Eliot, and Josh responds yes. You're a goddamn cryptozoology professor! Who kisses the other awake in the morning?Neither do, they both sleep late and like the dead. All of the above? she’s in love with Eliot. Margo and Josh are really out here having entire musical episodes dedicated to each of them, talk about a power couple. OK. Josh-from-Jewish-camp. You never know when it’s coming or what’s going to happen. Well, I found some shit on a ritual from an Indonesian tribe. Dream!Margo says that she's going to marry Josh and that Fen will give her away. Good luck, Josh. : Brown Drink. Margo Hanson Josh Hoberman That's no reason to give up, there's got to be a solution. HE IS GROWING A BEARD JOSH NOT GAMERA. Company Credits Look at that! Trevor EinhornNeil Grayston (as Isaac Karamov). The only thing I know for sure is you're not going to fix anything if you nutsack out on me. [breaking down]  OK, then here's a plan. That's actually less messed up than the way I thought it would go... Margo Hanson The Magicians Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. I won't... nutsack out. She tells him not to be a fool, and he takes the earbuds and places them in her ears. You mind telling me where that is, maple-dick? Margo Hanson He’s grumpy but he loves his job. Fine by me. Eye Color [looking fearfully out of the car for Josh]  Margo says that Josh will run the kingdom while she and Fen are away. The play is always elaborate, impeccably done, and different every summer. : Josh Hoberman his friendship with everyone is so pretty also i made myself sad doing this but the quote was perfect dont hate me season one season two season 3 season 4 my stuff Josh Hoberman “I don’t like it here. Or!!!!! Who gives a shit about a few Measly Mountains? Jane Chatwin- The assistant director. Species He fucks up a lot but he really and truly is trying his best. With us? healing and growing and not forcing the other to change who they are???? Trust me, where I’m from, that was really clever. also, being in a relationship doesn’t take away from margo being a strong female character or make her story less interesting. As perhaps the most Fillorian human out of the other magicians, it is fitting that he is one of the characters that ended up on Fillory 2.0. Enid At first she comes off as cold but then the campers see how nurturing she is with all of her plants. Margo Hanson Julia- THE BEST FUCKING COUNSELOR!! : The campers are always super timid during their first lesson, but Kady always pulls them out of it. Helen Aaah! : Education and Occupational Not to mention that is not the way I thought I'd meet Kanye. Josh was mostly excited, but very intimidated while Margo was just stressing a bit about it because she had never dated someone like Josh before. First Appearance together!!! The Magicians Quotes. Jesus R.R. Josh Hoberman : Jesus. Roughly translated, it means, "no worries". “I don’t know the rules.”. Our High King loves Josh, and for the first time she admits to herself that sometimes love is everything, so sacrifices have to be made. Why, so you can wolf-pun me to death? She’s cool enough that all of the “popular” campers vibe with her. Oh, no no no, that's not what it looks like! Jesus Kayla Christ! Roughly translated, it means, "no worries". She has no fear and absolutely will yell at the director if there is an issue. Helen What's that have to do with Uber? : You’re as much of a cheerleader as Janet is. Oh, wait, no no no, this wasn't me trying to freak you out. Oh come on, there are plenty of people who deserve to be kilt. Josh Hoberman Josh calls Margo his semi-girlfriend Josh watches Margo get banished. : Transformations are tied to the lunar cycle, and behavioral changes are mostly... non-lethal. Alias(es) Portrayed By Josh tells her that the royals are arriving, but Margo’s gotta go save Eliot. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Title(s) Why can't I just lock myself up in a cage until the quickening passes? | | Dream!Margo says that she's going to marry Josh and that Fen will give her away. Josh Hoberman was a Brakebills student who was part of the missing class of Third-year students whose members vanished under mysterious circumstances in 2014. Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background?I don’t feel like either of them would, to be honest! Josh Hoberman The best. : We love to see it. Great, and have you maybe been having dreams that are weird and violent? Josh Hoberman Margo Hanson : Half the court are still rats. : BUT he has to look out for a million little fuckers near open water all while sitting in the blazing hot sun for hours. That's so good to hear. All of the campers love him. Margo Hanson Related: the magicians penny adiyodi margosh margo hanson incorrect quotes the magicians penny adiyodi margosh margo hanson incorrect quotes < > He is so unapologetic about who he is and what he loves and that’s so attractive to kids you have no idea. And I heard a rumor Kanye keeps one in his New York apartment.

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