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Flt. “We are Pan American Airways flight 914 from New York to Miami with a crew of [four] and 57 passengers.”.

The actual explanation is a bit more mundane: The saga of Pan Am Flight 914 is a work of fiction that originated with Weekly World News, a notorious tabloid that operated between 1979 and 2007 (the tabloid would later relaunch as an online-only publication). However, shortly after taking off the plane seemingly vanished into thin air.

As per the Brazilian aviation authorities, a commercial aircraft Santiago flight 513 that took off from West Germany on September 4th 1954, vanished somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. The plane that had taken off on July 22, 1955. The plane took off from the airport in New York as expected, but it wasn’t long before air traffic controllers noticed something truly strange.

To which they answered, “The plane should arrive in Miami, at 9:55 and after that tended to them this is Caracas, Venezuela. Then, he heard the unmistakable sounds of the crew and passengers as they all began to scream and panic.

But he had no idea that there was a lot more to the pilot's story, and that the events that were unfolding were about to become stranger still. One passenger was lost in this military transport flight. They chalked the plane’s disappearance down to a crash. A great theme for movies loved by all sci-fi fans is the concept of time travel. According to Annex 13 of the International Civil Aviation Organization, an aircraft is considered to be missing "when the official search has been terminated and the wreckage has not been located". Hunter of.

A 24 hour search failed to turn up any trace of the plane or any debris. But when the guards began to approach, the pilot warned them not to come any closer. The pilot was Edward D. Hogan (1852–1889).

There were. The plane disappeared off everyone’s radar, as if it had blipped out of existence.

This was widely covered in the news at the time, and helped to contribute to the.

Nonetheless, Juan knew what he had to do, so he cleared the plane for landing. Plane that Vanished in 1955 lands 37 Years Later! The body of George Burr was later recovered from Lake Michigan.

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No trace of the aircrew, passengers or plane found, possibly overflew bomb jettisoning area. Hamilton, P/O R.N.

With confirmation of the considerable number of reports of the travelers, they found that it were similar individuals that had boarded the prepare on 1955. 3. Also, the plane took a turn back, never to return again.

Curiously, the publication used two different photographs of two different men as if they showed “eye-witness” air-traffic controller Juan de la Corte: Similar to today’s misinformation purveyors, Weekly World News had the habit of using unrelated photographs to illustrate their stories. English planters, G.W. Lost: P/O M.T. It was at that point, when all the hussle and bothers happened. Jeckells. What has happened?

Juan asked the pilot if the plane had been involved in some sort of crash, and if they had been unable to make contact with anyone else. 7 May 1985. This is actually a stock photograph available via Alamy that was taken of a DC-4 plane circa 1935: Lastly, we searched through newspaper archives for any contemporary articles relating to the disappearance of a plane. [Archive] – Key Publishing Ltd Aviation Forums", "Betarim In North America: Archival Film of American Betar 1942", "Ryan, Ryan-Douglas, Ryan-Flamingo, Ryan-Standard", "ASN Aircraft accident Douglas C-54A-5-DO 41-107470 Greenland", "Glenn Miller – Missing over the English Channel", "February 1945 USAAF Overseas Accident Reports", "ASN Accident description 20 OCT 1945 Douglas C-47B-30-DK A65-83", "ASN Aircraft accident Avro 691 Lancastrian 1 G-AGLX Indian Ocean", "ASN Aircraft accident Boeing C-97C-35-BO Stratofreighter 50-0702 Tokyo", "ASN Aircraft accident Lockheed WV-2 Super Constellation 141310 Ilha do Corvo, Azores", "ASN Aircraft accident Douglas DC-3 TAM-05 San Borja – La Paz", "ASN Aircraft accident Martin PBM-5 Mariner CS-THB North Atlantic Ocean", "ASN Aircraft accident Douglas C-47-DL VT-DGS Sharjah", "ASN Aircraft accident Douglas C-47A-20-DK PK-GDY Madura Island", "Oklahoma City Pilot missing after night flight over the Pacific", "Woman's fashion boot could solve one of New Zealand's greatest aviation puzzles", "ASN Aircraft accident Douglas C-54A-10-DC N4726V San Francisco, CA", "ASN Aircraft accident Fairchild C-119F-FA Flying Boxcar 51-2680 Bahamas", "Bienvenidos a la Página Oficial de Familiares de Desaparecidos del avión TC-48", "El misterioso caso de un avión argentino que desapareció como el de Malasia", "ASN Aircraft accident Rockwell 1121 Jet Commander N400CP Lake Champlain, NY", "ASN Aircraft accident Lockheed P-3A-50-LO Orion 152155 California", "ASN Aircraft accident Douglas DC-3-277C N407D Fort Lauderdale, FL", "ASN Aircraft accident Douglas DC-6A/B HK-1707X Sierra Cucuy", "ASN Aircraft accident Douglas DC-3 (C-47A-35-DK) ECT-025 between Madrid and Perpigan", "ASN Aircraft accident Antonov 32 K2729 Jamnagar, India", "LIAT flight declared lost by government", "ASN Aircraft accident Britten-Norman BN-2A-6 Islander C-GOMC Mount Waddington, BC", "ASN Aircraft accident Douglas C-47A-75-DL CP-1418 La Paz", "27 years on, flight PK-404 still a mystery", "ASN Aircraft accident Boeing 727-247 OB--1303 Newfoundland, Canada", "ASN Aircraft accident de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 PK-NUK Molo Strait", "ASN Aircraft accident Antonov 72 ER-ACF between Abidjan and Rundu", "The 727 that Vanished | History | Air & Space Magazine", "Photos still being reviewed in search of lost survey aircraft", "ASN Aircraft accident Britten-Norman BN-2A-6 Islander 8R-GHE within Guyana", "Search continues for private plane missing on flight to Kamloops", "A scandal in the Amazon - where pilots are forced to lie", "Search continues for missing plane and its two passengers in Florida waters", "Japan expands the hunt for F-35 jet that went missing during exercise", "Japanese F-35A crashes in Pacific in 1st ever accident for jet", "ASN Aircraft accident Antonov An-2R RA-71276 Buryatia region", "Не выход на связь самолета Ан-2 - Оперативная информация - Главное управление МЧС России по Республике Бурятия", "Mapped: One year on from MH370, all the planes which have disappeared since 1948", "Mapped: 7 biggest aviation mysteries that have never been solved",, Lists of aviation accidents and incidents, Articles containing Spanish-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Then, he took a deep breath.

It appeared in May 1985 on tabloid Weekly World News; refurbished again in later years, like in 1993 and 1999 (see images). Theories of the disappearance range from the pilot being deceived by the, This aircraft had been previously decommissioned with a provisional and limited. 5 crew and 21 passengers were reported missing.

The strange case of Santiago Flight 513 continues to captivate the researchers around the world. But then, he heard a voice through the transmission.

In the tables below, each missing aircraft is defined (in the Aircraft column) using one or more identifying features. Little did he know, he was in for another surprise. 61 people were unaccounted for – gone without a trace. Notable lost passengers included, The crew of this military patrol included.

It was a fine sunny day, and 57 passengers on board the plane were looking forward to seeing the warm beaches and palm trees of Florida. He said it is Caracas Venezuela, South America. Many theories were raised about what might have happened over the years. Lost: Sgt. Plane landed after 37 years at Caracas airport !! This was a cargo flight that might have been lost on September 16th rather than the 24th. However, they refused to provide any explanations or theories of the missing flight 513. No trace of the aircraft or pilot was ever found.

Then, he told the pilot that he had actually landed his plane in Caracas and that the date was May 21, 1992.

Were they victims of some supernatural phenomenon in the Bermuda Triangle? Here Is What Happened. 4. But why had no bodies been found, or indeed parts of the aircraft? Was the pilot mentally sound? He had no idea what to expect. But there are inconsistencies between the stories. Viral images of Exxon gas station signs were shared in October 2020, ahead of Election Day. After having been leased to Air Malta, the aircraft was being returned to Peru from Europe via Iceland, when the crew reported a low fuel notice and that they were preparing to ditch. Weekly World News republished this story at least two more times, once in 1993 and again in 1999. The pilot began to yell into the radio, as if Juan’s words had only really hit home for him now. Beisly & AC1 M.R.

A meme circulating on Facebook caused some to believe that the state had issued holiday rules. Thomas Daily. The government never came out with any proper explanation about the incident. You rely on Snopes, and we rely on you. Weekly World News. The pilot answered, that it is a contract plane Flight 914 with 4 team individuals and 57 travelers! This unusual story was first published as a piece of breathtaking news by The Weekly World News Tabloid, on November 14th, 1989.

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