Now that I know what a wonderful young man you are, I am the one that hopes we can remain on good terms. What was that threat?” he asked, but the two shrine maidens had already disappeared behind Suhara. Akuto hesitated for an instant, but he realized this was her usual joke. Even so, they would draw the demonic beasts’ attention, move away when they approached, and then draw their attention once more. Keizou could already feel a great fear. Eiko was still holding Keena while she watched the scene around her with a blank look. “Show me the map. Akuto smiled in self-mockery before hearing a distant voice. You don’t have to deny it that strongly. The match’s fire was not that great a danger. “I am me. The dummies attacked the real ones, inserted their beak-like instruments, and stole their data. “I would prefer if you did not suddenly do that when you first meet someone. Eiko only knew that they were Bouichirou’s subordinates. “This is bad. Akuto had realized that. But even with its head gone, the snake continued on without dying. —He is just too kind. The air around it exploded. There was a giant centipede, an ape with long fangs, and plenty of others. The house itself is nothing special.”. They whispered to each other. It changed to a mid-level attack toward the left flank partway through, but he then adjusted his grip to a backhanded one just before it struck. “It will mean you opposed the Teruya family. “Yes. Keena resisted with tears in her eyes, but Fujiko only shook her head. Eiko held Keena under her left arm, drew her short sword with her right hand, and leaped for the broken area of the skylight. Bouichirou toyed with the bird-shaped hair decoration in Keena’s hair. Ahh, and I only came to make this invitation because I thought I really could fall in love with you! He could feel a meekness that he had never felt in Junko before. —H-huh? Junko tilted her head in puzzlement. We can only live in peace if someone takes care of the dirty jobs.”, “There is a way to solve this at a fundamental level…or at least I feel there is. Oh, that was hilarious. Korone had a point, so Junko was not sure how to respond. Bouichirou then let out a short breath just before he let loose another high speed strike. By the time he took out a third, a ring of demonic beasts had formed around him. You may have gotten a bit stronger, but I doubt that strength has gone far enough that I cannot handle you with a proper weapon. “Don’t jump to conclusions. Akuto grasped the situation and stroked Fujiko’s head. The media had arrived before the knights or the troops from the Hattori family and other groups. Bouichirou lifted his sword up in one hand. He has defied the gods. “I can feel power welling up within me. The final dot was in the very back of a row of advertisement tents. Akuto’s headless body had stood up and circled around behind him. When she saw her red eyes in the mirror she gave a miserable smile and muttered, “I am such an idiot.” It was only when a knock came on the sliding door to the bathroom that she realized something was wrong. “If I called it a dimensional slice, would that explain it for you? —Wh-wh-what am I supposed to do? “Th-that’s right. “Wh-what do you need at this hour?” asked Akuto. I will remain by your side until you can forget it,” said Bouichirou gently. Hiroshi sighed and Yuuko smiled in embarrassment. Have you never seen Brave? Akuto held the stump of his severed left arm with his right hand. “F-fine! I suppose at your age, you will need tea instead. “One of those friends you mentioned is that stupid redhead, right?”, “Ah ha ha ha! With the troops in place, Eiko only needed to give the instructions for the operation. She took it so seriously!”, “Then what do you want with me? He often has a bit of a displeased look, but today of all days, it seems he should act a bit embarrassed when teased. The openly available information was enough. It could be anything. If this is fate, then it is doing an excellent job of leading me around. And once you draw it, you can do whatever you want. Even after becoming high priest, he had directly ended people’s lives more than just once or twice. The door slid open and Junko was kneeling on the ground. A dull light appeared on the suit’s left hand. He then stood up on trembling legs. Do you know when your birthday is, A-chan?”, “Well, I was an orphan. That’s right! “Is that so? She was short and had a gentle look on her face, but she had managed to approach the two of them without making a single noise. When he saw her, he gave a silent bow and walked toward her. “Is she popular?” asked Akuto who was fairly ignorant about such things. “S-sorry. Now, move. Bouichirou pulled a sword from that circle. Even so, she had regained her energy when she heard they would be fighting the demon king. She was a short girl wearing a stylish hat. What are you after? “Give it a rest! He slowly approached Keena’s legs. Now apologize to god!”. He has looked about the same age for around 100 years now.”, “However, his occupation and position have changed frequently. I think what the Teruya family is doing is wrong,” said Eiko in the tone of someone begging for her life. In fact, you shocked me enough the first time we met,” said Akuto with a shrug. So did the previous demon king leave them here?”, “Yes. He carefully read the portion concerning the mana canceller. Akuto’s anger rose to the surface. He was only standing there and his expression was gentle. He simply needed some reason he could give here. I just have to go, right! If it had not been with that exact timing, everyone might have ignored it altogether. This Sai Akuto Detector pinpoints his location as the dining hall.”. He recalled what Bouichirou had said. This was not her usual expressionless look. This is the first time this has happened in my artificial life. Junko cut across the dining hall while stepping extra loudly to make sure he noticed her. Finally, he began to pull his right hand out. She moved her face away and began cheerfully walking once more. Unlike most other secret techniques, the illusion technique was made to be shown to one’s enemy ahead of time. She began speaking while sobbing. “N-no, that isn’t true. They were potato chips. This Demon Harem Manga and Anime Series follows Akuto Sai, who is a badass transfer srudent into the Constant Magic Academy, where he befriends a virtuous ninja clan member, Junko Hattori. It was unclear if that should be seen as showing her determination or her easily carried away personality. Feeling relieved, he waved back. “It’s your fault for not catching on to Suhara’s plot!”, “Yes. Several other thinner tentacles and two antennae with eyeballs on top also extended from the shell. Even if the person has yet to do anything, they will be killed if they are putting together a plan to rebel.”, “That’s all the more reason for me to dislike the Teruya family.”.

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