27 at his position. Look at these monster AAU stats: Five rebounds and five assist per game with 1.1 blocks and steals with solid scoring? My target list of recruits is looking dire going into the next week. A player’s interest is measured on a scale that goes up to 100 percent. It speaks to how popular and well-regarded College Hoops 2K8 was, and how eager people are to cash in on a defunct series. Personally, I’ll keep hunting for a deal on College Hoops 2K8 on PS3. PG #3 could shoot. Much like NBA Elite 11, copies of the game had been completed and were ready to hit store shelves, and those thirteen out of a total of 192 cartridges found their way into the hands of the public. My man hit 40 percent three-pointers on the AAU circuit, so I’m thinking he could possibly play three different positions for me if I get him. The game generates a ton of new recruits every year. That draws me a first round matchup with IUPUI in the conference tournament. 84 point guard. I lose out Gooden. Although NBA Live 10 was better-received, sales didn’t improve, and EA sought big changes. While the SEGA Genesis version was released and readily available in the US, the PAL version was cancelled due to in an ability to secure international licensing rights. 28 comments. I have a 360 and a USB drive. The delay was infamously announced five days before the release date, and with its eventual cancellation, never officially hit store shelves. It's been so long without one and I just love the feel of recruiting and the basketball environment over the nba games. It would be really cool to own an NBA Jam arcade cabinet, though. It features the likeness of Stephen Curry as a sophomore on Davidson, Derrick Rose as a freshman on Memphis, Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook on UCLA, James Harden on Arizona State, and Tyler Hansbrough on North Carolina. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Year one is over. I’m using all my flying points on Richards right now. The nice thing about power forwards is that you can typically switch them between the 3-4-5 without losing too many points on their overall rating. Let’s begin with one of the most obvious examples: NBA Elite 11. Also, Meyer gets an offer from another school who was already above me in interest, so I drop out. Just wondering if anyone still plays from time to time. The real gold mine of College Hoops 2K8 is found in career legacy mode, where you start off as a poorly-rated coach with the choice of only low-major schools to take over at the start of a … Every player has more interest in a bigger school after one week than they do in Western Illinois. It can be assumed that this was a knee-jerk response to the series’ decline in sales, as NBA Live 09 finished behind NBA 2K9 in copies sold. Here’s what left him empty-handed. He’ll be good. There are also JUCO players and international players rated on the same scale. We end up offering another center, Vasilis Scheer, No. Fortunately, I have four open scholarships to work with. 168 overall recruit, in Aurora, Colorado. Oh yeah all the time, first legacy was with Princeton after 2 seasons was able to scrape by and get a 4 star Shooting Guard Odie Plavich I mean what a name right and he was lights out, Haha nice! A game doesn’t have to be unreleased in order to become an expensive collectable. Hoping I can sneak in come spring if neither have an available scholarship for him. Are there any other rare or expensive hoops titles that you can think of, and would like to own? NLSC Podcast #346: And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors, The Friday Five: 5 Things NBA Live Doesn’t Get Enough Credit For, Wayback Wednesday: The Instant Replay “Cheat” in Old Games, https://media.blubrry.com/nlscpodcast/p/www.nba-live.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/NLSCPodcast347.mp3. The other priorities — feeling wanted, being close to home, getting good coaching, getting playing time — could still work in favor of a school like WIU, depending on the circumstances. There are four basic options on how to recruit: visiting a player, scouting a player, calling a player and sending an email to a player. Learn how your comment data is processed. That's why I moved the layup sliders up to like 70-80 and don't feel bad about it lol. For elite programs, coaches can get in five visits or scouting trips per week. However, given the expense of the boards and cabinets, as well as those of its sequels such as NBA Hangtime, I’d suggest that emulation is how most gamers will experience the arcade version in their home. That’s another achievement point. Oh yeah. I bought a used PS3 copy on Amazon for around $10-15. Meanwhile, I beat Youngstown State and ride into conference play at 5-3. Well, hell: Sommerville gets the Miami offer and signs with the Hurricanes at the end second week of signing period. The missed layups can be frustrating but the game is still awesome in general. I have to hope they don’t offer him all year and I’m able to land him in the spring. Woo! College Hoops 2K8 has Greg Oden on the cover. Just completed another full legacy the other day. 32 at his position. The Bears’ wide receiver was ejected after throwing two punches at the head of a New Orleans Saints’ defensive back. I have a legacy that I play where I was at Arkansas Pine-Bluff for a two years and then went to Western Michigan where I am in my fourth season with them. My final scholarship offer now goes to Elijah Meyer, a 6’ shooting guard out of Savannah, Georgia, ranked No. This week’s Five lists five of the most expensive basketball games that collectors can buy. Damn, I was just about to post a thread about this. I've seen my local Gamestop have copies for around $10 as well. There’s an incredible amount of detail packed into this game, from shooting lines before tip-off to a studio show hosted by Greg Gumbel to impressive game play that stands the test of time more than a decade later. A win over Radford makes it 3-0 heading into signing week. We’ll worry about the outside shooting later. The rosters alone would make this a fun time capsule of one of the strongest college basketball seasons in recent memory, but the game itself is so much deeper than that. That’s devastating. You’re better off buying the NTSC version and an NTSC-to-PAL cartridge converter, if you’re hunting for this classic. Dope. College Hoops 2k8 vs NCAA 10. Bronson has significantly more interest from Wyoming, while Richards has both Northwestern and Iowa State in front of me. How much? 133 overall and the No. Around the same time, a PAL copy of Lakers vs Celtics for the SEGA Mega Drive – one of thirteen that have surfaced – was found in England. I also get an achievement point for going a full season without an unhappy player. Typically, that ends with you taking a job like North Carolina or Kentucky or UCLA. I decide to use that scholarship offer on Marvin Cisse, a 6’5 shooting guard out of Roanoke, Virginia, who is ranked No. Monday Tip-Off: Do We Take Basketball Gaming Too Seriously? Low-major programs get the fewest recruiting points. Is it still possible to get them with them taking the servers down? After finishing fifth in the A-Sun regular season, I went on to win the A-Sun tourney and somehow made an incredible run (beating Baylor, Texas A&M, and Auburn) to the Elite 8 losing by 1 to a Blake Griffin led Oklahoma team. For the serious collector, retro video games can be an expensive hobby. In 2012, the price was observed to be dropping, though a 2013 article reports new copies as being listed at (and possibly even selling for) around $20,000 USD. I’m choosing to put all of mine into charisma, because that’s the category that helps you land recruits. Instead I fly out to see Ferdinand Thompson, a 6’8 power forward out of Atlanta ranked No. Of course, the most widely released NBA games usually aren’t expensive to track down and acquire, unless they’re in mint condition. For example: “get hired by a larger conference team” and “get hired by a power conference team” are both automatically off the table.

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