See more Preparing to Write: Pronouns – Writing Better English For ESL Learners. 1.The young man _____________________ friend was very sick. Exercise 1 In the following, change the italicized words to the correct form of possessive. /ColorSpace /DeviceGray (your parents, your parents’) Is this _____________________ new house? The two key points to a plural possessive noun are that it represents more than one of itself and it shows ownership. The noun "cat" is the subject (the thing doing the chasing) and the noun "dog" is the object (the thing being chased). (the airports, the airport’s) Why are _____________________ located so far from town?
Instead, "cats'" is a plural possessive noun, showing that the object of the sentence belongs to one particular group. %���� A singular noun names one person, place, thing, or idea, and a plural noun names more than one.

(of names, of names’) I found the list _____________________ in the desk drawer. The indefinite article in the plural is dropped, and the plural word stands alone. Let's look at how you make a noun plural and possessive, as well as the rules that apply to their uses. /Height 1627
When a proper noun ends in an "s" with a hard "z" sound, we don't add any ending to form the plural: "The Chambers are coming to dinner" (not the Chamberses); "The Hodges used to live here" (not the Hodgeses).

After that quick review, it's time to talk about plural possessive nouns. tends to be used with people or living things. The list of irregular plurals is quite short: child, children; foot, feet; goose, geese; man, men; mouse, mice; ox, oxen; person, people; tooth, teeth; woman, women.

English possessives of nouns are usually formed in two ways: (1) by placing of before a noun or (2) by adding -’s to the noun. /BitsPerComponent 8 Nouns are either singular or plural, depending on whether there is one or many of the thing in question. (the man, the men, the men’s) Can you tell me where _____________________ room is? For example, "dog" is a common, countable, concrete noun. group, the collective noun takes a plural verb. Going back to the cats' beds, we start with the singular noun cat, then pluralize it to cats, then make it possessive as cats'. SINGULAR PLURAL Person: visitor visitors Place: valley valleys Thing: hammer hammers Idea: belief beliefs The possessive form of a noun shows possession, ownership, or the … But if a singular noun already ends in -s, just add an apostrophe to make it possessive (Mr. Jones’ car, Chris’ house).

Look what happens to definite (the) and indefinite (a, an) articles when a noun changes from singular to plural: The indefinite article in the plural is dropped, and the plural word stands alone. The choir comprises many singers = plural possessive adjective: their music So, for your question: The jury... unanimous in their verdict. Exercise 3 Look at the phrases in parentheses ( ). Look at these examples: is used for most singular nouns. Capital letters, numbers, and abbreviations seldom use an apostrophe with the plural forms. These form their possessive by. In all other cases, form the plural with. For example, take this sentence: Here, the noun "cats'" is neither the subject (which is "we") nor the object (which is "beds"). /Name /ImagePart_16 For example, consider this sentence: The cat chased the dog around the house last night. Thomas _____________________ father is a carpenter. Do not form a family name plural by using an apostrophe; that device is reserved for creating possessive forms. /Length 7 0 R

group, the collective noun takes a plural verb.

The dark brown _____________________ her eyeswas beautiful. Plurals are formed very simply in English: add, for the plural.

That's the fundamental idea. The preposition of tends to be used with inanimate objects, and -’s tends to be used with people or living things. (soups, of soup, the soup’s) A large bowl _____________________ costs twodollars. 10.

jonquille. Examples: After deliberating, the juries reports its verdict. The difference between the definite and indefinite article usage is the same for both the singular and plural. Capital letters, numbers, and abbreviations seldom use an apostrophe with the plural forms.

/Width 1270 She didn’t understand the meaning _____________________ his words. Can you apply what you learned about possessive nouns to this group? %PDF-1.5

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