Models include C116, C10164, C11664DD, CF654210, and TK. The chassis is ex American army with a superior REO Gold Comet 6 cylinder petrol engine and Syd-Woods body with rare rounded aluminium panels and Westinghouse air brakes. × Truck rolls easy, nd has good tires. (Chassis & Engine numbers are often also important) I personally rode in this awesome sounding beast as a kid in the mid 1970s as it powered up Razorback mountain overtaking modern trucks! In the book The Power of the Dod by Thomas Savage, the Burbank's brothers drives a Reo. While Ned Jordan is credited with changing the way advertising was written with his "Somewhere West of Laramie" ads for his Jordan Playboy, Reo's Flying Cloud——a name that provoked evocative images of speed and lightness——changed the way automobiles would be named in the future. Original Gold Crown Engine & 100% complete mechanically. (NOT the Central Coast).

Speedwagons are light trucks more like pickups. [12] The final REO model of 1936 was a Flying Cloud. are the initials of 'Ransom Eli Olds' of Oldsmobile fame in the USA! Ransom E. Olds was an entrepreneur who founded multiple companies in the automobile industry. Brown, the automobile included a drop-down sleeping extension, a built-in gas range, and a refrigerator. Watt Bros body. Nothing against Reo. 1948 MACK BUS, Good condition for age $8,000. Beverly Rae Kimes, editor of the Standard Catalog of American Cars, terms the Royale "the most fabulous Reo of all".

REO WHEEL Rims. REO Speed Wagon Radiator Emblem Medallion … Or $15,000. and some REO Parts.

[14] White then merged REO with Diamond T Trucks in 1967 to form Diamond Reo Trucks In 1975, this company filed for bankruptcy and most of its assets were liquidated. PO Box 35 (Was used on the Sydney-Newcastle Expressway to tow broken down trucks) Heavy Duty Chassis. i have seen few late 60’s GM F bodies mated to ’90’s structures. High CHROMIUM NICKEL and they are also a WET-SLEEVE design. Very Good condition for age. I can’t see beyond more than $7k, but an REO lover may feel it’s worth double that…. In 1971, Francis L. Cappaert of Birmingham, … This was spotted behind the Ypsilanti Auto Heritage Collection museum in Ypsilanti, Michigan on June 6, 2009. Upload or insert images from URL. Page 1 of 1. It needs a fuel pump and battery cables to run. Deceased Estate of Peter Andersen, the late 86 year old "REO Man". This is the upper GVWR end of the Speedwagon line post WWII. With USA ALL-STEEL USA Cab. I agree with you, Howard.

Over here in western Pa there is a contractor that every winter rebuilds his Diamond-Reo dump trucks. Eml: As a huge fan of older trucks, it pains me to see someone do this to such a rare truck. Period REO advertisement.

....................................................................... ** REO vintage Vehicles**  I can email more pictures iof asked, but its a solid truck in great shape for its yrs, I DOUBT you will find an all original like it again in this condition! when you are up to your armpits in alligators. It has good tires and should be ready to haul. or a Custom Chopper/Cruiser motorbike (Absolute Minimum Size 750cc) but it would need to be in excellent and reliable condition as I don't have time for any more projects*, ***********************************************. Valves in-head. truck has just 28485 mile's on it, a clean title, contact us. There are numerous items to be completed like turn signals and glass. Vintage REO /"Oldsmobile" BUSES AND TRUCKS for sale in Country NSW Australia! 1948 REO Truck. A seller on Hemmings a few years ago claims, less than 200 REO pickups were made in 1948, of which, less than 20 are around today. Both he and the truck will be much happier for it. Then we will check stock & availability, packing specs, delivery costs etc, and will email you back with full details to process your order once we have sorted your parts. This enhances durability because the consistent wall thickness of the sleeve allows for consistent heat transfer, ensuring the cylinders stay round during thermal expansion. Safety Exhaust Brakes! Ex-Towing Wagon from O'Neil's Bodyworks Newcastle NSW. -Matching White Front Axle assembly with spider wheels, hubs. Chassis width 35" inches outside. Eml: That said, we have no indication of what was going on with this when the conversion was started. You can post now and register later. With a Continental engine, artillery wheels, and a different pattern of horizontal radiator louvers from the Flying Cloud, the Wolverine was made until 1928.[13]. ALL vehicles are Super RARE, original and historically significant!! Hardly suited to today’s roads.

It was parked overnight prior to display in the Orphan Car show on June 7. The owner has driven this 15,000 miles since completing it, so it must be somewhat sorted. Actual tyre patch area approx 5 Mtrs x 2 Mtrs and 2.28 outside at rear.

On the Andy Griffith Show, Episode: Citizen’s Arrest. But shouln't this be posted under the forum heading "Other Truck Makes?". Fair condition $4,000. AIR BRAKES AND PNEUMATIC DOOR! This beautiful truck is one of only about 200 built in 1948 and is believed to be one of only 20 in existence today! Olds had 52 percent of the stock and the titles of president and general manager. CONTACT: While there are some who have viewed trucks that way, they are far fewer and farther between. Our family have been AUSTRALIA'S LEADING REO EXPERTS! Olds then changed the name to his initials. Have just been turned off and then sat for a while.

Includes original doors, Dash Cluster, Headlight surrounds, and windscreen and rear glass are all still fitted. Rare window of opportunity What use do you think the new owner will make of this truck?

I kinda like what’s been done…would be fun for a backwoods hunting truck, ain’t no trailer-queen or show truck and ain’t that stylish.
1955 reo civil defense truck parts 1948 reo sd wagon tougher than the 1955 reo civil defense truck parts 1928 reo sdwagon truck parts con 1955 reo civil defense truck parts 1930 reo sd wagon df tonner flatbed.1928… Read More » I went down, spent 2 days changing it out and it was back on the road. The Model 8-31 was priced at $2,145.
ENGINES, GEARBOXES/TRANSMISSIONS, FRONT AND REAR AXLES, WHEELS, CHASSIS, BRAKE DRUMS ETC! (Includes some original magazine page ads of these!). Can you imagine showing up at a swap meet or car show with your treasures perched on this thing? Mtrs. REO F Head 6 cyl engines. [10] During 1925, however, Scott, like many of his contemporaries/competitors, began an ambitious expansion program designed to make the company more competitive with other automobile manufacturers by offering cars in different price ranges.

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