According to a "ranking" system of the use of force, which is considered the least serious. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. A National Institute of Justice study that examined police response times in four cities revealed that rapid response times had virtually no effect on crime. he dives into his history book and finds that tye first organized police force was established in 1829. which federal agency is responsible for protection of the president, in medieval england. Which of the following traits is said to be found at all levels of policing? The blue curtain is a term used to describe: C. The secrecy and insulation from others in society that is a consequence of the police subculture. Which officer's style involves acting as problem solvers and is therefore well suited for community policing? Roughly how many metropolitan police agencies employ just one sworn officer? Rapid response. In Martin Innes' study of investigation techniques he found that police rely heavily on _________ that includes canvas of neighborhoods, interviews with friends/family and constructing victim/suspect timelines to solve a crime. Surveys of male officers show that ______ (of) officers tend to view policing as a masculine profession and do not think women can handle the physical requirements of the job. What term is used to describe those who aggressively misuse police power for personal gain by demanding bribes, threatening legal action, or cooperating with criminals? What was a result of the Kansas City Gun Experiment? Which federal law enforcement agency is the oldest and one of the most versatile. Which police style is associated with the preference to ignore issues of concern or treat them informally, unless the social or political order is being jeopardized? ____ created the first formal US police department in 1838, Which of the following is a branch of the DHS. Consent search where someone consents for an adult family member to be searched by officers, Over the years, minority officers seem to be as self assured as white officers, regardless of feeling _____ rates of job related stress and strain stemming from general police stressors. DNA profiling gained national attention because of the _____ trial. Community policing alongside approaches such as Problem Oriented Policing and Intelligence led Policing is a force-multiplier. ALL ARE: Changing Attitudes of Supervisors, Reorienting Values of the Police, Defining Community. What US Supreme Court decision set forth the "reasonable officer" standard for police use of nondeadly force? C. The United States is the only country with a DNA database. An officer approaches a group of teenagers drinking beer, she checks everyone's ID and arrests all who are underage. The technology that allows police to look at a complete picture of a crime scene in a 360-degree circumference is known as: Approximately _______ percent of all sworn officers in the nation's largest police departments are in units that don't allow the to make arrests (such as communications, administration, etc.). a year ago. he wants to find out if police were always the way they are now: those who protect the public, serve the community, and attempt to catch crininals. answer choices Which of the following is not a challenge of community-oriented policing? Changing attitudes of supervisors B. Reorienting values of the police C. Defining community D. Identifying hot spots of crime Justification of the use of deadly force via the "fleeing felon" rule can be traced to: B. in the pledge system, people were grouped into families of 10, called ____ and werr entrusted with policing their own minor problems. How do most municipal police departments determine promotion eligibility? the senior law enforement figure in a county was _____, who is today referred to as a sheriff. She checks them for gang symbols and calls into the station to ascertain if any of them have active warrants. This analyst would need to be an expert in? D. The hiring of bilingual officers to patrol ethnic neighborhoods. C. Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA). How do most municipal police departments determine promotion eligibility? After assuming their duties, new police recruits are automatically placed in the field to practice what they have learned in the academy and no additional training is required at that time. A. Which of the following police operations best exemplifies community-oriented policing? Oh no! ... a large portion of serious crimes are not deterred by which of the following? B. The number of patrol cars on the street and their visibility to citizens has little impact on the crime rate. what were the organized private police that patrolled 18th century england called? private policing focuses their efforts on public and private property, henry fielding operated his own monied police, referred as _____ which attempted to clean up earlier policing efforts by deciding which cases to investigate and which streets to protect, the forerunner of todays sheriff in medieval england was the constable, the first us police departments were created because of the need to control mob violence, which was common during the 19th century, english police officers are known as bobbies because, sir robert peel was responsible for their creation. Community Oriented Policing DRAFT. Regardless of the size of the policing organization, this person has general administrative control and sets policy for all of the department's operating branches. In the pledge system, people were grouped into families of 10, called __________, and were entrusted with policing their own minor problems. The demeanor of the offender is considered this type of factor? This example best typifies which officer style? mark is learning about the history of the police. Outside review boards or special prosecutors. Customs and Border Protection is primarily responsible for America's borders and points of entry but also encompasses what other area instrumental in that protection? B. D. Citizen attitudes toward the police improved. A forensic specialist is asked to come study footprints left at the scene of a crime. In early US policing which area of the country encourage individual initiative and offered rewards for the capture of felons and law breakers? based on research like the kansas city study, what is the prevailing wisdom on preventive patrols, more patrol cars on the street can deter specific types of crime such as motor vehicle theft and vandalism, the time in rank system used in police departments often discourages the, transfer of experienced officers to other departments, community policing is often exemplified by which of the following models, according to the broken windows concept, police need citizen cooperation, most police agencies are administratively conservative due to time in rank system, a national institute of justice study that examined police responses times in four cities revealed that rapid response times had virtually no effect on crime, the detective bureau is considered the backbone of policing, more than half the contacts the average police officer makes with citizens are for traffic related matters, community oriented policing links police effectiveness to, Productive interaction with the community being served, jurisdictions that encourage patrol officers to aggresively arrest and detain suspicious persons experience lower crime rates than other jurisdictions that do not practice _____ policing, supervisor attitudes can be one of the challenges of community oriented policing, the time in rank system is designed to promote stability and fairness and to limit favoritism, after assuming their duties, new police recruits are automatically placed in the field to practice what they have learned in the academy and no additional training is required at that time, which of the following is not a challenge of community oriented policing, evidence shows that targeting specific crimes through directed patrol has no influence on crime rates, thief takers were professional criminals that assisted burglars, private police are subject to the same legal constraints as public police.

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