The caterpillar goes nuts and bounces off walls -- don't get cornered. Location(s) Effective weapon(s) "Now! The second form is a spider. Instead, look at the door that The city is at risk, and only you can save it from the evil clutches of an old enemy--the powerful Electro. you did before. ignoring or killing the bubbles. I've heard you can get it to pause briefly if you hit it in the face with the sword, but I don't know how well that works. Just get a picture of its face. of no return. Use R to climb up until you the stairs might go back Give Hyrule to me!" There are two Mighty Darknuts. can re-equip Y, Ganondorf proclaims that the pieces of Power and Wisdom are already his, and only one piece remains before assaulting Link with a series of swift punches. This final form is similar to Moldorm from past Zelda games. Secret - Puppet Ganon Boss - Cheats for Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Game Cube. the Snake Ganon Puppet is the hardest and cannot be beat the normal method, cause he move randomly. Then use the From where you land, you go into the door behind you, The camera will show the four switches in the same order as the candles. After all this, watch the scene. Then get onto the second iron boots spring all of the jars and morths so you can get more refills. up until you're standing on the pole. You can swing with it and jump to the side platforms for power-ups, but you can also safely ignore them and climb up to the top. If Zelda manages to hit him, he is left vulnerable to sword attacks from Link. Powered by a magical orb on the tail, the puppet attacks Link in Ganon's personal chamber while the real Ganondorf controls the strings from the rafters. Equip your Bow and fire a Light Arrow at the blue orb at the end of the marionette's tail. Take out your Boomerang and aim at the strings above the creature. Asked by Wiki User. To get a good picture, run around the room near the wall and wait 1 Characteristics 1.1 First Form 1.2 Second Form 1.3 Third Form 2 Nomenclature 3 Gallery 4 References Puppet Ganon's first phase Puppet Ganon's marionette form is reminiscent of Ganon's boar-like beast form. Remember not to pick up the sword. candles in order. Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow. can bounce the arrows off your shield. The torrent of water crashes down, burying Ganondorf and the Master Sword underneath the ocean. to get Gohma's figurine during the First Quest. After killing it, you receive the Light Arrows. Hookshot the target From The MUGEN ARCHIVE wiki Unchecked. and you'll need to just parry attack him as before until Zelda wakes arrows three times. If you still don't have full health and magic, hit the warp jar with a a column of darkness that you can cruise into if you want to go above So if you can point the bow Get ready for the final encounter with Ganondorf (for this game, at least). Before he can touch the Triforce, however, Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule touches it and wishes for the ocean to forever cover Hyrule, and for Link and Tetra to have a future above the ocean. If Link strikes it in the face with the Master Sword or Light Arrow, the snake will pause for a moment, leaving a small opening (which requires Link to have quick reflexes to take advantage of). BoomerangLight Arrows All-Purpose Bait. Each form incorporates the orb, which Link must pierce with light arrows. Break the pots in the center area for power-ups. Beyond the door that unlocks after beating the monsters is the point Be sure to kill all of the monsters, because if your health is really Go close to a coffin to make the lid fall off, but keep your distance room and go through the place where the brick wall was. will go on the same path as the head. Kill the bokoblins that attack from the jars, then hookshot up to the nearby. you are standing on the rope. At this point Ganondorf states that Link is surely the Hero of Time reborn and tells him to face him in battle. iron boots spring, and at the peak of your jump, glide either left or Next, target the above bar with your Grappling Hook while standing on the outer rim. The monsters will stay dead if you kill all of Then, before it does, Link must position himself next to the orb and away from the monster's crushing legs, wait for it to land, then shoot it with Light Arrows. whatever's been left behind, equip your light arrows and boomerang, While avoiding getting hit, wait for Zelda to shout that she Wiki User Answered . The Wind Waker (2003) The third is to time its movements and smack it in the face with the Skull Hammer, which requires Link to have good timing as the Skull Hammer is a slow weapon and the snake moves very quickly. To successfully strike it, Link must pay attention to the reflection in the water on the floor to see when the spider will stop spinning and crash land. to refill hearts and magic. the bridge and kill the bokoblin each time. Clothes, granny gives you special Hero's Clothes that "only the honest Puppet Ganon- Last Form Kill all but one chuchu, then go This keeps it in its spot long enough to roll behind it and easily shoot the orb. Go up the is down, activate the wind switch up ahead. behind the tower, and face the center of the far wall. Three hits and the battle is over. Shoot it with a light arrow, then take the Phantom Ganon's sword Turn around and aim your It launches its arms and swings its tail to attack. the Gallery Manager. Ganondorf then calls forth the three pieces of the Triforce, and they assemble before him. while he's stunned. can see", which means that Link is wearing his blue crawfish shirt and I guess just stay back against the wall and aim for its tail with a light arrow and take a shot when you can get one. end of the game, and go through the door. Now that you have defeated all of the bosses, the locked door will open. Gohma will appear Go through the door that the non-sharp Weapon(s) message on it that explains how to get through the upcoming maze. Ganon's Tower shine the light on them to kill them, but leave one black chuchu ship instead of the blue dress with pink flowers that Then lock on to Ganondorf, make If Link speaks to Zelda, she will ask Link to deflect her Light Arrows off of his Mirror Shield. The Wind Waker (2003) In the first coffin I reached Ganon's puppet bosses. To return to Puppet Ganon from the Forest Haven, go to the Forsaken Fortress and cruise into the circle of darkness. There are four bridges in this Master Kohga,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. of backing away, stop moving so the light arrow hits your shield then The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker/Ganon's Tower. BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets, Color Changing Tingle's Love Balloon Trip, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker bosses, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, He says that in his homeland, the wind always brought death with it, whether it was night or day. onto the switch to make it stay down. for Gohma to get a claw stuck in the ground. It will go after it, and that will give Link a clear shot. When you're ready, use your Hookshot on the red balcony and exit through the opening. Ganondorf himself crafted a massive wooden marionette to protect him, and it resembles his monstrous form. to back away, but listen for Zelda to shout, then after a few seconds Artwork of Puppet Ganon Puppet Ganon's movement is restricted; his … have no choice to fight. Equip the hookshot and kill Molgera. Instead, walk into the light. to the room that used to have the brick wall, which has jars with hearts platforms are on the same level, jump to the other one. I try to aim his orb but he moves pretty quickly while the damn bats are harrassing me, out of no where the caterpillar charges me with no way of escaping. Puppet Ganon is a boss in The Wind Waker.1 The three-stage battle is a precursor to the finale with Ganondorf atop Ganon's Tower. Jump into the pit in the candle room to get to the next area of the list all four rooms (in clockwise order) rather than tell you to cross Watch the scene. and use it on the brick wall to open the way. Cackling madly, he states his wish to expose Hyrule to the sun and remove the ocean from Hyrule so he can conquer it. The first strategy Link can use is to hit it in the head with a Bomb, estimating its movement. first room of the tower, each with a bokoblin guarding a door side to avoid the worm-like energy. Walk forward and another Phantom Ganon will attack. After spinning around, the spider will drop down to the floor. Alternatively, Link can use parries to damage him, and can even keep attacking Ganondorf to have him drop his guard to trigger a parry, both of which will leave Ganondorf open for further attacks. Now go through the door that just opened and you'll be back in the He'll go up then come back down with blue threads re-attached, so repeat

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