Therefore, you need to choose an interesting unsolved topic. seniors are racing to testing centers last minute to gain extra points on their ACT and SAT scores. It’s important that students understand this crucial difference, especially those choosing between the SAT and ACT tests. Seniors applying to schools must write essays, worry about grades, gather every last extracurricular activity to pad their resumes and last, but definitely not least, take standardized tests. For students who want new opportunities to get a degree, a test optional college may be the right choice. Personally, taking a test will give me anxiety knowing that I may not get into my dream school. Hiss says that by eliminating the testing portion of the college entrance process, the playing field is leveled for all types of students from all walks of life. The prompt makes clear that it is not interested in the student’s personal opinion, but rather in the student’s ability to generate an argument that accurately targets the crux of the main conflict or problem posed in the prompt, establishes the student’s own perspective, and puts this perspective in conversation with the given three perspectives. The trend is continuing to grow and that opens up brand new opportunities to incoming college students everywhere. In conclusion, weight gain and fat is the result of excess calories and not a result of the added chemicals, preservatives, and MSG that are added to food. The truth is that a higher education is vitally important in most career fields. © 2020 Compass Education Group. Argumentative Essay Example #2 Are Tests Like SAT and ACT an Effective Assessment of Learning? 2021 Listed below are the four main parts that need to be included in every argumentative essay and later there will be examples of argumentative essays. Lastly, you need to be able to draw pros and cons from the opposing side and refute their viewpoints. These writing assignments appear at the end of each test and are optional. Good ways to locate reliable sources are libraries, Google Scholar, and research from other schools. Topics should debate an ongoing issue that's currently going on in the world. A college degree is so important, but low test scores are interfering with many high school student’s ability to create the life they want. Science has proven that a calorie is a calorie no matter what food source it comes from. Other people would argue that the SATs and ACTs do accurately represent one's ability to learn. If you are a current high schooler or have ever been to high school, you probably already took this test. By presenting the arguments of the opposing side, you end up making your point stronger because you're acknowledging that there is another existing viewpoint. To make a strong argument, you're going to need evidence and facts that prove that your side is better. In America, there are multiple different tests that students have to undergo to prove that they are getting the education that they need. While the ACTs and SATs can be used as an excellent guide to help gauge where students are in comparison to the average student population, they don't give an accurate representation of one's ability to learn. If you want to convince your audience that your standpoint is the right one, you're going to need substantial evidence to back it up. You will later explain which angle you've taken in your essay. ne+er *a+e to ta%e aan9 Stan"ar"e" te$t$ !ac% n, T*ey bot* are "e$ne" n t*e $ame #ay 5u$t a$ a!! Write about a topic you're passionate about and that your fellow students would be interested in debating. !$ t*ey am to, pre"ct t*e $ucce$$ o) a $tu"ent beyon" t*e $tructure o) t*e ** $c*oo! Not only are SATs and ACTs not accurately representing a student's ability to learn, but they also don't test students on a wide enough variety of subjects. The reality of the situation is that individuals are taking in more than just a few calories every single day, and this is leading to rapid weight gain. Does my writing contain errors in grammar or usage. Admissions Guide for International Students, School and Independent Counselor Partnerships. If you're still stuck on writing an argumentative essay, feel free to use our argumentative essay example as a guide. Debate about the process of getting into college continues, but this small study shows a clear advantage, both for colleges and high schools students, when it comes to being able to get into a university and work toward a degree. Earning a high Organization score will depend on structuring the essay into focused paragraphs. The opening paragraph is full of general examples—pick something mentioned therein and get specific with personal experience or current events. When students prepare for and take the SAT or ACT, they learn test-taking skills that will help them in college. Many government officials are working toward making going to college a more attainable goal for people from all walks of life. The whole goal of an argumentative essay is to convince someone that your standpoint is the best standpoint. There are lots of ways to study for these exams and get the highest score possible. We've chosen topics “Why are US citizens rapidly becoming more obese?” and “Are tests like the SAT and ACT an effective assessment of learning?”. In short, test scores are not the only predictor of whether a student could be successful in college. They're always trying to convince you to buy their product. I believe that many US citizens are overweight not because of the increase in junk food or fast food but because many Americans are eating more than they should in a day. The truth is that a higher education is vitally important in most career fields. Now that you’ve seen examples of what good argumentative essay samples look like, follow these three tips when crafting your own essay. Remember to never use unreliable resources to convince your audience, as this will make your essay look weak in general. And while some research points to this, other studies have proven that excess weight is gained from an increased intake of calories. How about receiving a customized one? These writing assignments appear at the end of each test and are optional. In this article, we will show you what key factors you need to include in your essay and give you two examples of argumentative essay. It's been reported that many of us go over our calorie intake by at least a few hundred calories a day. Did I analyze and incorporate each perspective into either the introduction or body paragraphs? You should be aware of what each test asks of students, since the tasks are quite different. Consider the following prompt featured on the ACT website: There is a fair amount of reading to be done here even before the student can begin to write. Also, facts matter—a fundamental misunderstanding of the text will count against the Reading score, so be sure to read carefully. $ $upport )or Stan"ar"e" te$tn- 8ccor"n to OA)or", !earnn $tan"ar"e" te$t$ “G+e $tu"ent$ a pcture o) t*er prore$$ 2or !ac% o)4 o+er a number, OA)or" 3earnn=4- By te$tn $tu"ent$ o+er topc$ t*at can, t*e on!y #ay to )ar!y 5u"e $tu"ent$- Stan"ar". !$ a $tu"ent #a$ tau*t, or $ re!e" upon, a $tu"ent $ tau*t n a manner t*at on!y t*e $core matter$ an" not t*e enera! The grading rubric is designed to award the highest points to an essay that demonstrates an accurate grasp of the prompt, each of the three perspectives, and presents a lucid and reasonable response with concrete support examples. Reasoning and examples taken from students’ personal experience in and outside of school, Rhetorical, stylistic, and logical reasoning from the passage itself. Now, these tests have new essay requirements and prompts that are more complex in that they invite students to think critically about how persuasive arguments are made. What the SAT does not want is your point of view or to hear the main argument of the passage. Each prompt presents its own particular … Are Tests Like Sat And Act Effective? Any high school student can relate the worry and stress of preparing for the SAT or ACT test as a way to gain entrance to college. Argumentative essays sound like they are easy to write, but you need to know exactly what points you need to make.

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