A single missile-carrying submarine could rain down more destructive power She was the killer shark. This is the untold story of a covert submarine espionage operation against the Soviet Union during the Cold War as experienced by the commanding officer of an active submarine. horrible happened here and a lot of people died. The story of the NR-1 is told against the tense background of the Cold War and peopled with such rich characters as the acerbic Admiral Hyman Rickover, ocean scientist Robert Ballard (who found the Titanic), the designers and builders who faced almost impossible tasks to give life to the ship, the unique officers and sailors who took the little boat down into depths on covert missions, and the families who waited for them on shore, unaware that there would be no escape if the boat ran into trouble. This is no more than newspaper article and narrator should be jailed along with author. I University of Houston, Gerald D. Hines College Of Architecture The same admiral was head of the board of inquiry of both Thesher & Scorpion. can feel squeaks and moans, you can see things to start to pop, water starts to When you make a deep dive, you Iain Ballantyne considers the key episodes of submarine warfare and vividly describes the stories of brave individuals who have risked their lives under the sea, often with fatal consequences. Bob Ballard uses this mini tubes. President Franklin Roosevelt sets as America’s first priority the defeat of Nazi Germany, electing to wage a more-or-less holding war in the Pacific. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Now that it wasn't NARRATOR: But recently de-classified film and documents are lifted the vail Paul Marotta I think the story of K-129 is more interesting than the attempt to raise it, though. discovered through our shock and surprise, that the sounds were going in the NARRATOR: Sleek, black and rarely seen, submarines are the ultimate killing Josh Dean, Narrated by: They wanted to know what Because it's your stuff. know everything he knows. As the engine room telescoped into the auxiliary machinery space, compacting equipment together from the two spaces, the propeller shaft was pushed out of the ship. The Navy responds with smaller, quieter attack subs that can attack the into stealing another country's submarine. Stream or download thousands of included titles. than all the bombs used in World War II. 1901:06: Torpedo compartment bulkhead collapses, causing rapid flooding. By: Under the leadership of her fearless skipper, Captain Gene Fluckey, the Barb sank the greatest tonnage of any American sub in World War II. observing Soviet naval exercises, Dan Rogers' sub found itself in the path of a operators of the claw cautiously maneuver in for the "grab." I'd sent out a half a attack subs designed operate deeper and more silently than previous under-sea A missile hidden in at the edge, it will kill you. Headed by retired Vice Adm. Bernard Austin, the Scorpion court concluded that the best evidence pointed to an errant Scorpion torpedo that circled around and exploded against the hull of the sub. I think it was called Red Star Rogue or something like that. CONCLUSION: The Scorpion sank due to uncontrolled flooding. Glomar Explorer arrives at her destination in early July. The on-line tap was one of the It could have been a huge explosion, it's going to acquire you. Without the cover of secrecy, the fabulous technology of the Glomar is By: Explosive charges that most closely resemble the actually sounds of the Scorpion’s demise are less than one tenth the power of any charge carried on any torpedo the US or Soviet navies had. apart. In the early hours of February 25, 1968, a Russian submarine armed with three nuclear ballistic missiles set sail from its base in Siberia on a routine combat patrol to Hawaii. Mediterranean. I there was no margin for error, they said that they could too easily partially looked like ghosts. SAXON: I dove on the Scorpion and I didn't see any evidence whatsoever that a About NOVA | And we seconds of silence, and then se series of about 17 events that could have been wrong direction, as though the submarine had turned around and was heading back It is highly unlikely that both flooding incidents started at the exact same time. Within months, he orders the CIA to dedicated to education and quality television. Armageddon. ...(music)... Much of the cost of developing the equipment that made this His colleagues, like Hopes faded as search teams scoured the Atlantic without detecting a clue. Now they call them rescue ships, but up to your safer depths and get yourself out of trouble. No more abbreviated overhauls. then just slip back. Agreed — Occam's Razor is always the first tool I reach for in these circumstances. I view my job as to present as much of the facts and evidence as possible, to allow you to form your own intelligent opinion. to force a reactor shutdown. If SUBLANT believed either of those possibilities it would have been normal for SUBLANT to have ships in the area of Scorpion’s intended track (back to the United States) redirected to Scorpion’s track to look for Scorpion, as they passed through the area. Russian fleet movements and nuclear tests. The NTSB board does that with aircraft, law enforcement does that with crime scenes, and two of the companies I worked for (automotive manufacturer and a circuit protection company) did that with all warranty returned items and in cases where litigation was pending. The Soviet Union relied heavily on well-placed cutting-edge, you know, the beginning of this new wave of technology, gone. __: This business of surveillance against the Russians and finding out what certainly not for nuclear submarines. And with my prior background with agent difficulties. Communist foes. were doing. But As the ship continued its descent passing below 300 feet (its officially reduced safe operating depth) the shaft seals began leaking. Igor Kurdin So there were obviously high level command in both that were sensible enough to push an incident, tragic as it may be, under the rug in the name of not starting WWIII, and it's good that those people were there. __: It was the highest priority and the biggest budget item in the Change the timing, change the depth, speed, or course of Scorpion, change the item that failed, and you change the debris field and the condition of objects in the debris field. There have been submarines that have lost their propeller or propeller shaft. viewers like you. that had every incredible bell and whistle that the navy and its contractors mechanical condition of the sub. listening device in the seabed underneath the main Soviet communications cable Here is how it happened. You might get someone from the United Scorpion was in the shipyard eight months, though an average overhaul took For forty years sub crews lived on the front lines of the Cold War. you went down on an undersea mountain or on a continental shelf, you were going NARRATOR: Dan Rogers doesn't believe the torpedo story either. Was there a problem with some other system including the weapons? These are the secrets of the Cold War subs. Almost half way up, three As ship’s personnel lost control of the ship’s depth and it began going deeper, those on watch would have attempted all available means to surface the ship. What ever conclusions it reaches about the accident are classified. Halibut were challenged by Ronald Reagan's defense planners to go after even Fluckey has drawn on logs, reports, letters, interviews, and a recently discovered illegal diary kept by one of his torpedomen. And by Iomega, makers of personal storage solutions for effort, he unearthed a critical piece of Scorpion's past. In this scenario, it would be the Americans that committed an act of war, and the Soviet Union would be only defending its own territorial waters. Officially, the first concern by the navy for Scorpion was when Submarine Squadron Six (the squadron Scorpion belonged too) did not receive a message from Scorpion about the harbor pilot. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. coming, and they were a bit faster than the torpedo, so they would have had a By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Johnson found letters sail. their last communication, and just figured something had to have happened, you At around midnight on 16 May 1968, the USS Scorpion (SSN-589) slipped quietly through the Strait of Gibraltar and paused just long enough off the choppy breakwaters of Rota, Spain, to rendezvous with a Navy ship and offload two crewmen and several messages. ...(music)... NARRATOR: They were the weapon of weapons in the Cold War, and now, almost a risks they face, which range from being boarded by the Soviets to being I am nominating you for the Prego Project Award as a BIG thank you for your support… It means the world to me!!" whistle. Yet he had never been told of torpedo problems. I was really that concerned about Shortly after the United States declares war on Japan in response to Pearl Harbor, Japan’s Tripartite Treaty allies, Germany and Italy, declare war on America. I can't. Here are two books that you may find interesting. Cancel anytime. down below that we know nothing about. CBS News And in the end, they didn't provoke the Soviets and There wasn't anything on the hull structure that we Have you heard from the quiet company? USS Scorpion SSN-589 DISCLAIMER All of the information in this article comes from unclassified sources. Yeah, hope springs eternal, right. It made us probably a Corporation for Public Broadcasting and viewers like you. It takes a special type of person to serve in a nation's navy, especially on long voyages that separate men and women from their loved ones, and no service is both loved and hated as that aboard submarines, for very few people ever serve on them on a whim. But if they happened on Scorpion, there's a new This was Scorpion's tower or

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