InstallationInput Director official download link, Download the file and install it. Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. The application supports only keystrokes, so nothing else will be recorded in the process. It does not matter which one you choose at the beginning because configuration can be modified along the way, and master systems can become slaves and vice versa in an instant. Then, a window will pop up where you can enter various information. If you have multiple Windows computers and want an easy way to control them all with one keyboard then definitely check out Input Director. It is very very very good. Input Director solves the problem by allowing you to control multiple Windows systems with only one keyboard and mouse on the Master PC. The only fix we found to this was to re-install the application after each computer reboot. This setting is for example when the slave monitor is on the right side of the master PC and when it reaches the right end of the slave monitor, it goes to the left side of the master PC. With remote control software, you also see on your monitor what is on the PC you're controlling. Instead of simply launching the application with Windows the program displayed a nasty error saying that Input Director cannot start because its background scheduled task is not running. Perhaps it is a feature that the public will never use. would not work at all as a slave. Note that 'Input Director' does not work with other versions. REALLY free. Finally, these are the features you can set in the Global Preferences tab. I had used Synergy for many years, until the development team started pursuing obscure feature updates at the expense of basic functionality. Now that the basic settings have been completed, there can be a lot of inconveniences to use. There are some criteria that must be checked when using this keyboard and mouse interface program. If you check 'Run Input director on Startup' in 'Startup options' from the top, it will run automatically when Windows starts and it is on by default. After all, Input Director is free, and that's hard to pass up. If you check 'Input Director is enabled as a master' on the master PC and you check 'Input Director is enabled as a slave' on the slave PC, it will be automatically turned on and run as your own role. And, uniquely, there is a linking system and a macro function! The keyboard increases the likelihood that a typographical error will occur and that it will not be a proper input, and a mouse that needs to perform precise coordinates may be thrown into the real world. Now return to Master PC and select 'Enable as Master' in the 'Main' tab. 최선을 다해 직접 만든 콘텐츠만 공유합니다.We share the best content we have created. Installation runs swiftly and it is not fragmented by unnecessary stops. There are a variety of functions, but I will only introduce useful and essential functions. This is also the place where you can define the slave systems by typing in their name or IP or to set the communication port to be used. to move from one to the other, the free Input Director may be First, run the input director on the computer to be used as a slave PC, and select 'Enable as Slave' in the 'Main' tab. If you check 'Do not center cursor when switching back and forth using hotkeys', when you return to the original screen using hotkeys, the default setting is to place the mouse pointer in the center of the screen, I will go back. Doesn’t seem to be any development for Input Director and installation is similar to Synergy. Affiliate Link Policy, Advertise with us Instead of simply launching the application with Windows the program displayed a nasty error saying that Input Director cannot start because its background scheduled task is not running. Keyboard Ninja’s … notice the customizable Hotkeys you can set up as well. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. If you count the extensive FAQ section on the developer’s website and the tutorials available one should have absolutely no problem working with the program. I’m not talking about moving to a different desk, but actually having the systems on the same table and moving to a different mouse and keyboard. I hope that those who have chosen Input Director as a program that will share keyboards and mice on multiple computers will benefit from this article. When checked, the allowable time is set on the right side, which is a function to double tap within the allowed time. I've used Input Director to share a keyboard and mouse between as many as four computers and laptops without issue. The application works by a simple principle: one of the computers is the server while all the others are the clients. This isn't quite the same thing as remote control software. Personally, I've used it for a long time, and moving the monitor using this double-tap feature has been the least efficient and uncomfortable situation. With Input Director, you can share a single keyboard/mouse across a set of computers. From the keyboard of a single PC, you can Except for the drawback mentioned above and which has been recorded in very rare cases, Input Director works like a dream. I only want to say thanks to Eric, you the man. This can be flaky. I've used this application with up to 4 computers and 8 screens. Although not fully developed, recording macros with Input Director and then playing then back on an assigned target is a simple task. The application is free of charge and can be used freely in home environment. The IP address to use hereGKKmon's 'My IP Address Confirmation Page'If you run the input director, you must use the IP address in the 'System Information> Primary IP Address' section at the bottom of the 'Main' tab. Add the other machines in Slave Configuration by entering in the hostname or IP address of the ones you want to control. Ultimately this laptop has achieved everything I would hope for in a laptop for work, while fitting that into a form factor and weight that is remarkable. If the operating systems of the PCs to be linked are all the latest version like Windows 10, or use the same version of the operating system, it is usually necessary to install the latest version. However, it seems that Input Director is a Windows-only application. First, 'Setup hotkeys to jump left / right / up / down between systems' function is created with ambiguous buttons in the middle of 'Transition Options' menu.

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