She whispered. "I'm sorry Ashfur. “Why are you so cruel!?”. However, she couldn’t resist a small smile as she nuzzled her new mate, Ashfur. Firestar spoke with wisdom in his voice, and he flicked his tail towards to warriors' den. I hope Leafpool will pass down all she knows on to you.". Ashfur just stares slack jawed whilst she continues basically the same rant as canon but with obvious changes. Squirrelflight and Ashfur togetherForever Chapter 1 Asfur gazed sadly at Squirrelflight. "I love you Squirrelflight." You will be the mentor of Olivepaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to Olivepaw. "A kit. It singed his pelt. Ashfur licked her core and teased it with his tounge. She would be an apprentice today. A shiver went through Flamepaw's spine. After that, his hate for Squirrelflight grew, what will wait for him? I asked, my voice a bit scratchy from not talking so much. 'What shall we name them." The whole family had been broken up after Greykit died. Brambleclaw Thrust him self inside of her making Hazeltail yowl in pleasure. Ashfur came over and liked her cheek its ok. Squirrelfight nodded and purred. Brambleclaw purred "Perfect.". Letting a small grumble escape her mouth, she tucked further into her tail, attempting to fall back asleep. Tawnypelt nodded. I hope Brambleclaw will pass down all he knows on to you.". Squirrelflight DIDN'T choose him as her mate. "Cmon Flamekit. The next day, Poppypaw rushed into the nursery, eagerly talking to Olivepaw about last night, which woke her. Ashfur thrusted faster and faster making Squirrelflight moan and groan louder. Leafpool stood from her position next to Firestar, eagerly looking at her sister, Olivekit. Ashfur padded out of camp and toward the lake. Their other siblings, Molepaw and Cinderpaw, whined and begged to go too, but Firestar had already made up his mind. He purred. Hazeltail has been depressed. Olivekit was slowly recovering, and tried her best to cheer Flamekit up, but Flamekit could see past it, see the pain and anguish in her eyes. Amber eyes glared out from a bush, burning with rage. Flamekit turned to her dejectedly, knowing she was trying to distract her. Since Mousewhisker,her brother, died. !” She yowled to the sky. Rising to her paws, she let her father herded her back inside. "Flamepaw,Rainpaw, Silverpaw!" She dipped her head as they started to head back, coming back to see a crowd gathering. He was dead. Flamekit grumbled, her one dark eye opened slightly after being woken up by her sister, Olivekit. They need more moss.". (Severe AU) What if Squirrelflight chose Ashfur instead of Brambleclaw? They had decided to name the ginger tabby she-cat Flamekit, after his grandfather, Firestar, the mottled … THIS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. Squirrelfight let out a moan of pleasure. This is what I think might have happened if she did. Then, Flamekit tilted her head back, screeching as she fell to the dusty floor. "Hazeltail! "Attack!" Ashfur tore his claws' down Nightcloud's back, making her yowl in pain. Brambleclaw could feel the need to release his seed and he did, making Hazeltail screech in pleasure. Brambleclaw licked her neck and Hazeltail rubbed her tail along Brambleclaw's now exposed member making Brambleclaw moan softly. He saw Squirrelflight, pinned against a tree with a dark tabby tom raking his claws across her body, his burning amber eyes filled with hunger. They had decided to name the ginger tabby she-cat Flamekit, after his grandfather, Firestar, the mottled pale grey tabby Greykit, and the unusually fluffy tortoiseshell Olivekit. Brambleclaw casted an Ice cold glance at ashfur, Squirrelflight on the other hand glared at Brambleclaw and returned Ashfur's gaze with love in her eyes. Squrrielflight went into a depression so deep, Ferncloud ended up having to take care of them, and although Ashfur was still sad at losing his young son, he tried his best to be a good father to her and Olivekit. The smell of Windclan wrapped its self around the Nursery, making Ashfur unsheath his claws. Olivekit bounced after her, her eyes bright. The two were happiest like this, and it wasn’t long before Squrrielflight was in the nursery, nursing three kits. "Windclan retreat!" Slipping to stand by her side, her heart shattered as she saw what was causing the fuss. Hazeltail licked his face. Brambleclaw saw a pair of warm amber eyes were staring back at him. She chose Ashfur instead. "Flamekit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. What destruction would Brambleclaw bring to the forest as jealousy overwhelms him? Flamepaw watched as Brambleclaw trained Olivepaw, and saw the gleam of bloodshed in her eyes with a concerned frown. "Thank you.". Ashfur is a young male who lives in Thunderclan, his crush, Squirrelflight ditched him because of Brambleclaw, he blamed. Flamekit raised her head slightly, listening to the last of the details. Flamekit was woken by Firestar's commanding yowl. She was trying to get their mother, Squrrielflight, to let her play with Honeykit, Molekit, Cinderkit, and Poppykit, but their mother was refusing, saying that they were too old, and she and Greykit were still asleep. "Olivekit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. They would think she was crazy. She noticed Ashfur pad inside the nursery. "What are we doing after this?" Greykit should have been here with them. Will he take revenge? The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Squirrelflight had a fierce expression on her face, but her green gaze gave away her fear. Maybe she wasn't meant to be a warrior after all. Ashfur licked her stomach and Squirrelflgiht gave him a look. Squrrielflight watched in concern as Brambleclaw stalked away, grumbling, his tail twitching with anger. Ashfur went faster and faster and on his final thrust he popped his seed into Squirrelfight and fell over next to her. Picking her way through, Flamepaw came to see a black kit standing underneath Leafpool, asleep. Hazeltail's ears pricked. Today, was her ceremony. Squirrelfight licked Ashfur's cheek. “I thought you loved me..” Flamekit slipped away from her siblings and behind the nursery sneaking out of camp. Mousewhisker. Ashfur finally made it to a small clearing, flanks heaving. Ashfur nodded and they split up. She sighed, collapsing beside Ferncloud, curling up. Brambleclaw went faster and soon Hazeltail was bucking back with the same force. Her eyes stuck to the ground, and she only looked up after Ashfur wrapped his tail around her, giving her a silent smile of comfort. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Flamepaw. One was a brown tom with amber eyes, and the other was a white she-cat with gray spots on her. Hazeltail announced. Onestar's yowl rang in the air. "we should hunt." Sneaking outside, she was greeted by mournful cries and her mother wailing, grief-stricken. Lost in her thoughts, she had not noticed the ceremony ended until her father called her softly. Rainkit and Silverkit look like Ashfur as Flamekit looks like Squirrelfight. Brambleclaw flipped over and tustled with Ashfur until Ashfur bit Brambleclaw hard enough to send him screeching into the river being swept away by the river. Squirrelflight turned over and Ashfur went down to her neck and then her stomach. Hazeltail wailed in grief.

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